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WH Correspondent Joe Williams to Leave Politico

Joseph Williams, the White House correspondent for Politico who was recently suspended for some questionable tweets and comments he made on television about Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, is leaving the publication.

The following is a memo sent through Politico‘s newsroom just after dawn from Editor-in-Chief John Harris:

“After some cordial discussions, Joe Williams and I mutually decided
that the best step for him is to begin a transition to the next phase
of his career. Joe is an experienced and respected journalist, with
keen insights into politics. After nearly 30 years in the business, he
has the authority and is ready to give voice to his insights and
conclusions in a new setting.

“He’ll be on leave of absence during this transition, and he’s got my
gratitude for the contributions he made here, both as reporter and
editor. I have told Joe—and it’s a sentiment others who worked closely
with him here share—that he’ll have my support as he prepares for what
I expect will be a good and prominent next chapter in his career.


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Politico’s Joe Williams: The Phantom of Twitter

For the second time since the fiasco began, Politico‘s suspended bad boy White House Correspondent Joseph Williams has shut down his Twitter account, or “Tweeter” as he likes to say. First he was public, then he made it private and then ceased tweeting and deleted the account. Then he resurrected himself, but made it private. Earlier today he reignited his account to comment on the heightened Supreme Court decision on healthcare. And now, the account has been deleted for a second time. Williams closed it approximately three to four hours ago.

His new nickname: The Phantom of the Tweeter.

“I am on a roller coaster of emotion,” one reader wrote in.

You’re not alone, dear reader. So are we. Our guess is that either Politico, with whom he’s supposedly working things out, or his lawyer shut his ass up.

Williams was suspended last week after making racial comments about Mitt Romney on MSNBC and further comments perceived as distasteful on Twitter. The Free Beacon pub first broke the news of his MSNBC appearance, followed by repeated stories by and The Daily Caller revealing what they deem is his liberal bias.

Technology sources tell us that you can “delete” your account, but it doesn’t really delete it. It just hides it so it looks like it’s gone, and then, of course, whenever you’re ready you can reactivate.

We fully expect Phantom’s return.

BREAKING: Politico’s Joe Williams Resumes Tweeting

We realize that a bold “breaking” headline may be over the top. But the controversy surrounding Politico‘s resident bad-boy White House Correspondent Joseph Williams has reached cliffhanger proportions: Will they or won’t they fire him?

In the meantime, Williams has resumed doing what landed him in hot water in the first place: tweeting on the “Tweeter” as he calls it. It’s more sparring with those attacking him and thanking well wishers. Naturally he’s weighing in on the Supreme Court decision. He gets all sing songy, saying, “Get up, stand up… stand up for your rights.” More seriously, he says, “ACA upheld – damn right.”

We just hope Williams has learned the finer art of DM and that making dick jokes on Twitter about Mitt and Ann Romney and calling your own pub a racist “shitburger” may not be such a great idea.

Here’s a sampling:

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“First @CNN liveshot of the day at #scotus . This is the scene in front of the 44 marble steps.” — CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin.

Boybander says ‘vagina’

“6-3 that transvaginal ultrasounds are NBD#otherSCOTUSpredictions” — TPM‘s Brian Beutler in an apparent attempt to be cute on the day of the heightened Supreme Court healthcare ruling. One reader thought it was in “bad taste.” But considering we did an entire feature called “Vagina Journalism” we’re not here to judge.

‘Wish me luck!’

The Atlantic‘s editorial meetings may be about to get a bit livelier. Atlantic Magazine Editor Scott Stossel remarked on Twitter this week, “My son (5) has, unaccountably, started gleefully yelling ‘Wish Me Luck!’ every time he breaks wind. Whole family now adopting the practice.” Our suggestion: Anyone who runs into Stossel today should say the phrase … repeatedly.

Understatement of the Day

“Probably more traffic today than in SB’s first 5 years, combined. So grateful; a little scared. #teamlyle #dontcrash” — SCOTUSblog.

Journo braces for bad hair day

“I have a contingency plan for nearly everything today, but not a power outage at my apartment. Are you ready for my good hair day, SCOTUS?” — Rebecca Berg, NYT political reporting fellow.

Politico publicist has a bad day

“Horrible end to a bad day. #RIPStella” — Politico‘s Olivia Petersen on Wednesday. (Might that have had something to do with Politico‘s suspended bad boy Joseph Williams appearing on The Bill Press Show seemingly without the pub’s knowledge or approval?)

Speaking of Williams…“One thing’s for sure,” noted lefty Bill Press on this morning’s radio show. “The right wing blogs are out to take Joe Williams down or me down or anybody down who gives any indication that they are liberal. Of course they don’t have to guess about me, man. I put it out there everyday.”

HuffPost‘s Jon Ward wonders why NYT’s homepage forgot today’s ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court

Most of Ward’s comments were directed to NYT’s Jim Roberts, Asst. Managing Editor of the NYT, just before 7 a.m. At the time, Roberts was telling followers about a newly created Chinese-language site by the NYT. He never responded to Ward. At 8 a.m. he directed NYT readers to this story on the Supreme Court ruling. At 9 a.m. there was still no indication of the Supreme Court ruling on NYT’s homepage minus a small print blurb at the bottom.

1. “Nothing on NYT front page about #healthcare ruling?” 2. “idk, seems like there should be something: a recap, a rehash, etc. im sure there’s still lotta people tuning in for first time.” 3. “As my old editor used to say, even if you’ve written a story before, there were people who didn’t read it, so write it again.”

Want a friend in London? Forget the dog

“Odd conversation o.t. day: Woman to her dog: ‘You really don’t give a shit about me, do you?’” — Sarah Lyall, a London-based NYT correspondent.

Politico’s Suspended Scribe in Morning Hot Seat

Sure seems fitting that Politico‘s suspended White House Correspondent Joseph Williams will appear on Current TV’s “Full Court Press” with Bill Press Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. He will appear live on the program for 30 minutes. FishbowlDC will live tweet the show. Follow us at @FishbowlDC.

So far Williams has not been officially fired, but his Twitter account has been shut down. He has declared himself “done” with Politico and then retracted that to say he was still “in limbo.” Hopefully this program will allow the Washington media and beyond to finally get answers. Williams was suspended last week after making racial comments and tweets against presumed GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and penis jokes about his wife Ann.

According to a late-night release from Current TV, Press will question Williams about his future with Politico, if he stands by his original comments and why he deleted his twitter account.


Politico Reporter Goes Deeper Underground

In today’s episode of “As The Politico Turns”, their suspended White House correspondent, Joseph Williams, has deleted his Twitter account. His tweets have been the source of major headache for the publication. His frequent tweeting about Ann and Mitt Romney got him slapped with a suspension. While on suspension, Williams took to Twitter to announce that he was “done” with Politico, only to tweet moments later that he was still employed with them and everything was still in limbo.

What does the deletion of his account mean? Has his fate been decided? We’ve reached out to Politico for comment.

Bill Maher Jumps Gun on Politico Firing

HBO comedian Bill Maher may want to get his Washington facts straight. During his opening monologue on his program Friday, he said: “Politico fired a reporter yesterday because he said Mitt Romney was only comfortable around white people.” He joked, “Mitt Romney fired back. He said, ‘That could not be more wrong. Some of my best friends employ black people.’”

Maher was referring to Joseph Williams, Politico‘s White House Correspondent, who was suspended late last week after making offensive comments about Mitt Romney and his wife Anne on MSNBC and Twitter.

Williams’ fate at Politico remains uncertain. On Friday he tweeted that he was “done with Politico” after which he wrote that he was “still in limbo.” We’ve reached out repeatedly to Politico for the latest. Still no word.


Politico’s Suspended Reporter Says He’s ‘Done’

Joseph Williams, the White House Correspondent who was suspended by Politico for offensive remarks he made about Mitt Romney on MSNBC and Twitter, has announced that he’s done working for the Rosslyn publication.

joseph williams (@jdub321)
6/22/12 4:34 PM
@JillEBond. I’m done @ politico. Dtails to come

UPDATE: Turns out Williams is confusing his rapt audience. To a woman named @JillEBond he says he’s done with Politico. But in subsequent notes to his “tweeps” he tells another story, namely that nothing has has been decided and reports of his exit are “premature.” Hmmm….fishy indeed. So by “done” he really meant nothing has been decided. Stay tuned…and see below.

Suspended Politico Scribe: HACKED!

Joseph Williams, the White House Correspondent for Politico who has been suspended for offensive comments he made on MSNBC and Twitter, is having a rough 24 hours. First, the suspension. Now he has another problem: His Twitter account, which is now under “protected” status, has allegedly been hacked.

joseph williams (@jdub321)
6/22/12 12:59 AM
tweeps: been suspended from Politico and my account has been hacked. gonna lay low for a bit. be back soon. how soon? I should know…soon

‘Unacceptable’: Politico WH Reporter Suspended

Politico has suspended its White House correspondent Joseph Williams for public comments he has made about Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney.

“When [Romney] comes on Fox & Friends, they’re like him, they’re white folks who are very much relaxed in their own company,” Williams said on MSNBC yesterday. For a site like, this is their bread and butter, and they are relentlessly pushing the video along with a series of tweets by Williams making jabs at Romney’s wealth. See the report.

The Free Beacon was the first to highlight Williams’ comments on MSNBC, which was linked by the Drudge Report.

Politico‘s media reporter Dylan Byers published an internal memo from Executive Editor Jim VandeHei and Editor-in-Chief John Harris. “Regrettably, an unacceptable number of Joe Williams’s public statements on cable and Twitter have called into question his commitment to this responsibility,” said VandeHarris. “His comment about Governor Romney earlier today on MSNBC fell short of our standards for fairness and judgment in an especially unfortunate way.”

More from the memo…

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