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Atlantic Snags Marketing V.P. from HuffPost

Atlantic Media Company President Justin Smith announced today that Taylor Gray will join as Vice President of Global Marketing for Atlantic Media’s new global business brand, Quartz, which will launch later this year.  Quartz can be found online at

Gray was formerly V.P. of Marketing and Social Media Strategy at HuffPost Media Group.  At Quartz, he will oversee brand, advertising, custom content, and social and live events marketing.

“Taylor boldly left one of last century’s most prominent traditional media brands to join the front lines of disruptive digital media,” said Smith. “Across his career, he has distinguished himself as a world-class brand builder and marketing innovator.  Atlantic Media and Quartz are delighted to welcome him to our leadership team.”

Hartman Named Prez of Gov. Exec. Media Group

Atlantic Media president Justin Smith announced today that Tim Hartman has been named President of Government Executive Media Group. Government Executive is an information platform for federal agency leaders.

Hartman shifted to President after being Group Publisher for the past year and, prior to that, General Manager. “He has played a critical role in leading Government Executive through an extraordinary period of growth and innovation,” states a release.

Hartman joined Gov. Exec. Media Group in 2007.

AtlanticLIVE Gets an Editor-in-Chief

Atlantic Media Company president Justin Smith announced today that Steve Clemons has joined The Atlantic as Editor-in-Chief of AtlanticLIVE and Washington Editor-At-Large for The Atlantic. Clemons comes to The Atlantic from the New America Foundation, a think tank he helped create. He will continue to be a Senior Fellow there.

He was one of Washington’s early political bloggers, publishing the Washington Note, which will now be included in the family of blogs at

We’re including a quote from Smith because it doesn’t sound too horribly canned. He says, “Steve is one of those individuals who can best be described as a ‘force of nature.’ He is an entrepreneur and an impresario. Steve is an original thinker, with a huge appetite for ideas, and a knack for framing them intelligently in print, online and in live settings.”

WHCD: WaPo and CBS/Atlantic Media Receptions

CBS News has partnered with The Atlantic and National Journal for this year’s pre-dinner reception.  CBS News Washington Bureau Chief Chris Isham, Atlantic Media President Justin Smith and Atlantic Media Chairman David Bradley will be mixing and mingling with guests in the Heights Courtyard and Garden from 6.00 – 7.30 pm.  At the same time,  Lally Graham Weymouth and Marcus Brauchli will be holding court in the Jefferson Room for The Washington Post’s pre-dinner fete.

Goldstone Joins Atlantic Media Company

Publishing executive Peter Goldstone, previously of Hanley Wood, LLC and Cowles Business Media, has taken a new job as president of Atlantic Media’s Government Executive Media Group.

In the press release, Atlantic Media president Justin Smith called Goldstone “a powerhouse, with an impressive track record of innovation and growth.”

Goldstone said he was “excited to join such a top notch team” as the one at Government Executive, which he called “the leading media, event and marketing portfolio for federal government thought leaders.”

Atlantic Media also publishes The Atlantic and National Journal.

Atlantic’s Prez Justin Smith Turns Heads

Atlantic Media Company‘s President Justin Smith has captured the wonder of min online. They’ve named him among their “Top 21 Most Intriguing People.”

Others on the list include Jann Wenner, Editor/Publisher, Rolling Stone and Dennis Crowley, Foursquare.

The qualifications: “The 21 Most Intriguing People in Media went above and beyond the clarion call of duty within the last year to create a lasting mark in their sphere of influence and, most importantly, inspire us to the ask the question—what are they going to do next? They are comprised of consumer and b2b magazine executives, digital media leaders and media agency and advertising executives who work closely with magazine brands.”

NJ Parties Like the Pink Panther

It was Night 4 of NJ‘s flurry of launch parties at the rented space on E St. Thursday night was thought to be the mother of parties so far. The room was packed. So much so, that partygoers periodically slipped out into the cool air when they couldn’t take the crowding. Or, when they hoped to flee the towering wine-drinking man in blue linen who pawed some female guests (he wasn’t with NJ and appeared to be a straggler who wandered in off the street. At least one woman pushed him away).

Guests enjoyed cocktails, fancy hors d’oeuvres and the sounds of a live jazz band. They complained of too few bathrooms and a sweltering indoor temperature.

The dimly-lit warehouse space was enveloped in red velvet curtains. NJ Daily Editor Jason Dick loosely bragged that he had attended party after party and wasn’t tiring of it.”This is how we roll,” he joked. “I take my cues for living from the old Pink Panther movies with the martinis.

“It’s a little bit more fun than I anticipated,” he said, referring to the new web site launch and subsequent parties. “We started this back in February and it was hard to see where it was going. We’re all working as hard as we ever have. There’s a lot more steam in our strides.”

NJ brass did their best to squash talk of a NJ-Politico rivalry. But partygoers chattered about it. “For me, Politico is a start, but I’m not going to get a lot of substance out of it,” said a guest. Others felt the party logo looked too much like Politico. Dick dismissed the so-called feud, saying there much less animosity and more friendship than people know. “I have a lot more friends than enemies at Politico,” he said. He laughed, saying people had tweeted earlier in the week about whether NJ and Politico were going to “meet in a parking lot with knives and guns.”

Fournier said he was “excited” about the launch but just as excited to make it an early night and get home to his wife and child.

Many a journo turned up. Find out who and see more pictures after the jump…

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Atlantic Media’s Newly Created Digital VP

Atlantic Media Company President Justin Smith announces the new position of Scott Havens in an internal memo Thursday.  Havens will be V.P. of Digital Strategy and Operations. He has worked at the company for 18 months in a digital/business capacity. He moves to the eighth floor.

The internal memo:

Dear Colleagues:
I am pleased to announce that Scott Havens will effective immediately
take on a broader set of responsibilities as VP–Digital Strategy and
Operations for Atlantic Media Company.  In this newly created role,
Scott will work across our three business divisions (The Atlantic, National Journal Group and Government Executive) to lead and implement our “digital-first” corporate and business unit strategies. Scott joined The Atlantic 18 months ago after a NY-based career spent entirely in digital media working for Conde Nast, Yahoo! and other VC-backed start-ups.  In his short time here, he has partnered with James Bennet and Bob Cohn and Jay Lauf’s marketing and sales team, to drive to record levels of digital traffic and revenue.
His digital knowledge and experience in the areas of audience
development, technology, and digital advertising operations have proved

Though Scott will move to the 8th floor, he will continue his hands-on
oversight of The Atlantic’s business-side digital strategy and take on a
similar role with the National Journal Group’s management team.  He will
also advise Government Executive’s GM Tim Hartman on GE’s existing and
future digital initiatives.  In order to ensure a net increase in
digital management focus, he will also be tasked with building out
additional business-side digital positions as needed within the business

Atlantic Media’s future will be determined by how successful we are
transitioning our brands, content and business models to digital
platforms.  Over the past few years, The Atlantic and Government
Executive have outpaced their competition in the digital arena and in
turn delivered exceptional financial results.  I am confident the
digital transformation underway at National Journal will position it for
strong growth in the years ahead.

Please join me in welcoming Scott to this new role.
Justin B. Smith
Atlantic Media Company

Atlantic Media Stops the Presses on Business Website

Atlantic Media has stopped work on its business-news Web site, the site that Editor Michael Kinsley was supposed to edit, until he took himself off the project, FishbowlDC has confirmed through a spokesperson. Adam Pasick, the editor left in charge of the project, has left to take a job with New York magazine.

Atlantic Media President Justin Smith commented on the situation to in a story late Wednesday, saying: “Yes, it’s on hold for now but we are still committed to doing it, possibly pushing it to next year,” Smith told the publication via e-mail. “The honest reason is that a lot of management bandwidth (me, David Bradley) has been eaten up by the upcoming relaunch of our National Journal brand, so we’ve put it on the back burner for now.”

NJ Going Through Major Revamp, Layoffs, Buyouts, and a Search for an Editor-in-Chief

Major changes are happening at National Journal Group today. Some will be favorable – a shift to the web with more positions specializing in topics such as health care, White House, Congress and energy. And for others, this will be a hard pill to swallow.

This is especially true if you’re among the eight people who will be let go when all is said and done. There are 106 editorial employees at the publication as it stands and 98 will remain.

Here are the big points:

1. NJ is in search of an Editor-in-Chief to oversee all operations – NJ magazine, the Web Site, The Hotline and CongressDaily. Charles Green, who currently serves as Editor of National Journal, will shift into the number two spot.

2. Today at three meetings, reporters from each part of the company will receive packets with detailed information of taking buyouts should they so choose. They will be given a list of newly written reporting positions they must apply for to remain at the publication. All reporters must reapply for their posts. Those with the highest salaries will see pay cuts if they stay.

3. Columnists Stuart Taylor, Clive Crook and Jonathan Rauch are out, unless they decide to stay on and write in other capacities for NJ Magazine. Their columns have been scrapped. “Hopefully they will continue to have a presence in the magazine,” said Green.

In a phone interview this morning, Green told FishbowlDC: “We’re going to be adding positions for reporters who are more web oriented, and subtracting positions for some of the more print focused reporters. We are going to put a lot more emphasis on digital. We’re still going to maintain the quality of our print publications, but like everybody else, we recognize the future is in digital and we need to enhance our presence there.

“Everybody realizes that the media landscape is changing very quickly. We need to adapt to it.”

Green said he wasn’t nervous about the difficult meetings before him and the long day ahead. “Sure, shaking up a newsroom and reorganizing things isn’t easy, particularly when you’ve been a part of it for a fairly long time,” said Green. “But while it isn’t easy, it’s exciting to be trying to do some new things and meet some new challenges. There’s a lot of enthusiasm on my part to try to position our newsroom better to meet the challenges we’re facing to serve our readers better, and be more visible in Washington.”

He didn’t anticipate the situation to turn ugly today. “I don’t expect the meetings to get hostile,” he said. “That’s not the culture here.”

Still, doesn’t he feel slighted about not getting the number one post at the publication? “I think they felt it was helpful to bring in someone new and fresh and add to the editorial team we have,” he said. “I completely understand their thinking.”

Three months ago, owner David Bradley stepped in with Justin Smith, now president of National Journal Group, and created task forces to come up with solutions for improving the publication. Recommendations from those task forces (comprised of reporters and editors at NJ) are the basis for what is happening today.

Green said his responsibilities have increased over the years, but he explained that he has never been Editor-in-Chief of the entire operation of National Journal Group. He insisted that he would not step down. “I’m committed to making this unified newsroom work,” he said.