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Mark Levin Calls Ana Marie Cox ‘Dumb’ After She Calls his Book ‘Boring’ and Insane‘s Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro ran a bread and butter post today in which conservative radio personality Mark Levin calls Guardian‘s lefty writer Ana Marie Cox “as dumb as it gets.” He throws in an “anal sex aficionado” descriptor just for fun.

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Daily Caller Tip Sheet Lumps Ginni Thomas With Other Conservative ‘Clowns’

This is uncomfortable.

Ginni Thomas, a contributor at The Daily Caller, was grouped with other conservative “clowns” yesterday in a daily morning tip sheet written by The DC Senior Editor Jamie Weinstein.

The item by Weinstein linked to a story by his colleague Will Rahn involving a letter drafted by several movement conservatives defending the conservative Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell. Republican consultant Jonathan Collegio reportedly referred to Bozell as a “hater” on a local D.C. radio program this week. To that, other conservatives along with radio host Mark Levin and Thomas drafted a letter calling for Collegio to be fired from his job at the American Crossroads Super PAC.

Weinstein called it “a clown letter that embarrasses clowns.” More from his tip sheet… Read more

A D.C. Soiree for Rush Limbaugh’s Little Bro

Have you been invited? Jeff Carneal of Eagle Publishing and Marji Ross of Regnery are gathering Washingtonians to celebrate their NYT bestseller, The Great Destroyer, by David Limbaugh, younger brother of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh. They will host an early evening book reception at their offices on July 10. Limbaugh will attend.

Limbaugh is a conservative political commentator and lawyer who specializes in entertainment law.

If the comments on the back of the book are to be believed, you need to stop breathing and whatever else you deem important and read the book immediately.

“My friend David Limbaugh has written the best book about the worst president in American history. If anyone reads this book and still votes for Barack Obama, he should have his head examined.” —Mark Levin, nationally syndicated radio talk show host.

“A modern ‘Midnight Ride of Paul Revere,’ The Great Destroyer is not only a must read, it is a must read right now. Sharp, engaging, and right on the money, the White House and Team Obama are going to absolutely hate this book.” —Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Black List.

“In The Great Destroyer, David Limbaugh shows how Barack Obama has plundered our nation’s finances, dismantled our defenses, trampled on our Constitution, and punctured the American dream. A must-read book on the Obama administration’s shameless pillaging of America.” — Sean Hannity, host of FNC’s Hannity’s America.

When a Twitter Alias Comes to Real Life: FNC Sean Hannity’s Hair Sits Down for a Chat

Somewhere between Washington and New York lives FNC’s Sean Hannity‘s Twitter alias, who goes by the handle, SHannitysHair. Hair, the name I usually call him, showed up for CPAC last week and was, in some respects, the bell of the ball. He signed in as Theron Cal, a racist white hater, as a joke and a way to hide his real identity. He somehow secured a media badge, a mysterious feat, but not so surprising at the exquisitely disorganized CPAC where wifi working was a fantasy.

Speaking of which, somehow when a Twitter personality shows up in real life, it can have an elusive, surreal quality. Like is this even real? On Thursday night, Hair and I exchanged several pleasant Direct Messages on Twitter and we agreed to meet the next day inside the hotel. When Friday came it took him several hours to return a message. I panicked, thinking, is this guy even real? Online you imprint everything you think a person is, what they look like, sound like, and everything you want a person to be. In real life? There was BigGov’s Andrew Breitbart complimenting him for his tweets. Who “he” is remains a mystery — he never shares his real identity. “I’m surprised at how well known I am,” he said. “Coming to CPAC this week, I met Breitbart yesterday and Dana Loesch and they were very much aware of me. And the fact that little old me, they’re aware of me? Breitbart even said, ‘I love your tweets.’ To me, that’s a thrill.”

To be sure, Hair felt overwhelmed by all who wanted to meet him in the flesh. “I’m freaking nobody,” he told me, reiterating his sentiment. “I guess on Twitter I’m somebody.” In the end, he gave us the “exclusive” interview on Bloggers Row — others were vying for it. We can’t show you what he looks like because he wouldn’t allow us to photograph him. Suffice it say, he’s not the 20-something we thought he might be. His hair is thick and silver. His demeanor is exceedingly normal.

Even so, Hannity in real life hasn’t always been jazzed about this guy — who claims to be an ordinary, conservative, married, father and employee who has taken a fancy to Hannity’s hair. In fact, at one point, when Hannity wasn’t manning his own Twitter account, whoever was blocked Hair. But three weeks ago that all changed. Now that Hannity is tweeting for himself, Hair is unblocked and on the loose. His Twitter count holds steady at 5,100 followers. We sat down with him to comb for more details.

When and how did you start tweeting by the handle SHannitysHair? About a year and a half ago. I have my own personal Twitter account it and used it to talk mainly about sports. When I inserted politics into the discussion, people started attacking me. I learned whoa, I might not want to talk politics on this account. We might agree on sports, but politics is a whole other animal. So I started Sean Hannity’s Hair. I just wanted to come up with a unique handle. At the the time, Blagojavich was in the news and I was very close to creating Blago’s hair. I knew he wouldn’t have staying power so I chose Hannity’s Hair. I am a huge fan of his, always have been. It’s rare that I ever disagree with anything he says. We’re about the same age, actually. He’s a few months older than me and we just have a lot of things in common. I also consider myself a Reagan conservative.

Why the hair thing? He has unique hair. He often gets teased about whether it’s real or not. If hairs could tweet…it’s clearly one of the things he has been teased about, whether his hair is real or not. So I figured why not?

The Hair hasn’t always been received well. Tell me about that…

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With Friends Like David Shuster…

…Who needs enemies at Fox News?

Over the weekend Current TV’s feisty substitute anchor David Shuster took a caveman’s club to the Fox News commentators who moderated the most recent GOP presidential debate. He aired his grievances on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” in a tirade he says wasn’t meant to be angry even though the shouting blasting from the TV sounded like he was trying out for The McLaughlin Group. “If I need to smile more, I’ll take that critique and work on it,” the Emmy-award winning anchor told FishbowlDC in an email interview this week, punctuating his sentence with a smiley emoticon.

But even more striking than Shuster’s sharp jabs at Fox News anchors Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace was what came long before he dismissed them as idiots. “I still have a lot of friends there [at Fox News], too” he made a special point of saying when host Howard Kurtz announced that he once worked at the network.

Shuster said his comments stemmed from recent conversations he’d had with those “friends” at Fox News. “Speaking to a few of them on Friday/Saturday is what inspired me, in part, to bring up Brett [sic] and Megyn on Sunday.  Several people in the Fox DC bureau were embarrassed by some of the questions in the debate.  Furthermore, there seems to be a strong sense that Fox News has lost a lot of credibility/watchability with Brit Hume‘s semi-retirement.”

Fox News PR did not return a request for comment.

But a “Friend of Fox” told FBDC, “He may be right about Megyn but not about Brett. Ratings wise Brett does better than Brit did. Of course, Brit has been around Washington for a long time and has a great deal of institutional knowledge. But Brett will get that. Megyn seems to talk to pundits more than newsmakers, that hurts.”

But are Shuster’s attacks credible? “I think David Shuster is a hack who went over to MSNBC and sold whatever credentials he had in order to get a job over there. So my guess is a lot of this is sour grapes,” said right-wing radio host Mark Levin, who is based in an undisclosed location in the Washington area, possibly a bunker. “But he has ceased being a journalist in my eyes long ago, so who cares what thinks about Fox or anyone else?”

Others also sense the irony of a Shuster critique on Fox News. “It’s kind of funny that a guy who was fired for a lack of credibility and honesty with his former employer at MSNBC would feel comfortable commenting on the credibility of others. But a lack of credibility and self-awareness have always been Shuster’s calling card,” said TownHall columnist and WMAL radio host Derek Hunter. “He’s a perfect fit for Current TV – no one cares what he thinks and no one watches that network. It’s a match made in wherever matches no one gives a damn about are made.”

Jeff Poor, TV writer for The Daily Caller, said “Shuster has been going around talking down Fox News and how he has inside info for a few months — since he had the leash taken off after departing MSNBC.” Poor’s referencing Shuster’s recent call for FNC’s Bill Sammon‘s firing. “I mean, take that for what it’s worth as far as his motivations for attacking Fox News – a [guy with an] association to MMFA and fill-in host for Keith Olbermann.”

In the days following Shuster’s fiery performance on “Reliable Sources,” press hits began rolling in. Both favorable and damning. While HuffPost reported a straightforward account of what happened on CNN (Shuster praised them for it on Twitter), BigGov tweaked him, calling him “barely employed” in a banner-like headline.

Shuster was nonetheless grateful for the attention. He told FBDC, “Actually, I thought that was funny. And it was great to see Andrew Breitbart pick up and run the segment. Given the soft and humorous jab at my employment (I’m fully employed, thank you) I suspect Andrew also thinks the debate questions could have been/should have been sharper. In any case, I’m always thankful for Andrew’s attention.”

Did someone say attention? “Shuster, like his pal-in-career failure Olbermann, loves talking about his ‘conversations’ with ‘friends’ ‘inside the network’ as ways to justify whatever lunacy he comes up with to get someone to pay attention to him,” said a Washington journo on condition of anonymity. “I’ve yet to meet anyone who calls either ‘friends’ and even if these conversations did take place, talking to one or two employees is hardly indicative of the overall consensus within a large news organization. But I’m glad someone’s paying attention to Shuster. It must be a nice change of pace for him.”

More Shuster…

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Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin: The Three Best Friends Anyone Could Have

ATH.jpg “It’s Rush, it’s Sean, it’s Mark – they have an amiable exchange.”

Bob Tyrrell, editor-in-chief of The American Spectator magazine, could go on and on about how he believes conservative journalists ought not snipe at one another or cut one another down. And he does in his new book, After the Hangover: The Conservatives’ Road to Recovery. He adopts a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ attitude. In his book and in his interview with FishbowlDC, he takes a variety of sharp digs at MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, a former conservative member of Congress.

Let’s review: Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, FNC’s Sean Hannity and conservative radio host Mark Levin: GOOD GUYS. (Rush Limbaugh’s a funny man. They don’t deny the existence of one another.”)

But MSNBC’s Scarborough? “Scarborough is one of those superficial figures,” Tyrrell told FishbowlDC. “He has no deep conservative roots. He was a lawyer who got lucky in Florida and got himself elected. He’s an opportunist, too. He’s another one who has gotten his way diminishing conservatives.”

Tyrrell’s thoughts on FNC contributor and former GOP V.P. hopeful Sarah Palin: “I think she’s awfully pretty. ‘How’s that hop-y chang-y thing working for her?’ I thought that was a clever line. Put her in Bartlett’s [Quotations]. I take her as a spokesman [SIC] for conservative principles.”

Tyrrell, thankfully, forges on.

“The whole debate over whether she is going to become president of the United States shows you how infantile American media is,” he said. “It’s a silly discussion. For serious people who know anything about the history of politics,” to say a less than one-term governor is going to be president, “they really got to be smoking something illegal. I know a lot of attractive women and they don’t have to be president.”

That’s not to say Tyrrell couldn’t imagine a female president, even one dubbed the ‘Iron Lady’. “I accepted Lady Thatcher as Prime Minister. I encouraged her to start a second career here. I like Joan of Arc. I like a woman on horseback.”

Onto the purpose of his book.
Tyrrell said during the President Bush years that Republicans “spent like drunken sailors (and I mean no offense to drunken sailors) and they got just what they deserved.”

Tyrrell, not surprisingly, gives high praise to Fox News, and says it’s more profitable than all other networks combined. “Now we have a counter culture in this country led by Fox News,” he said.

But does he watch Fox News? No chance in hell. In fact, he barely watches any TV. He deems reading and writing higher, more sophisticated, higher intellectual ways to spend one’s time. “I don’t have to watch a lot of television to know about it,” he said. “I don’t have to jump off a building. Don’t tell me I have to sit in front of a television set all day to know what’s flickering on it.”

Tyrrell concluded, “I don’t expect television to live up to the standard of serious writers. I’m just telling you my hierarchy of values.”

Read the nasty stuff Tyrrell writes in his book about Scarborough after the jump…

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