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Copy Thief on the Loose

Memo to DCRTV Dave: We know you’re going to steal our copy and that of most other media outlets around town. But the least you can do is get the information right. The other stuff, like thought process and ethics, could come later.

Here’s what happened: Once again, a Dave Hughes special in which he lifts copy, doesn’t cite and gets it WRONG. As we reported Monday, the American Spectator‘s Philip Klein is coming to work for the Washington Examiner‘s Commentary section and Mark Tapscott is remaining where he already is. Imagine that, at the Examiner as the Editorial Page Editor.

Hughes’ mistaken copy:

(No links for thieves.)

Philip Klein to join Examiner’s Commentary Section

Washington Examiner Editorial Page Editor Mark Tapscott sent out an internal email to staff on Friday announcing that Philip Klein will be joining the Commentary section. Klein most recently worked for the American Spectator. He starts March 28.

See the letter…

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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Prayers and well wishes for Lara Logan

“Prayer time: Please respect CBS News’ correspondent Lara Logan’s privacy. She suffered “sexual assault and beating” last Friday in Cairo.” — Left-wing Pundit Donna Brazile in a Tuesday tweet.

“Sickened by the news of Lara Logan being assaulted. So glad to hear she is safe and recuperating.” — The Daily Beast‘s D.C. Bureau Chief Howard Kurtz in a Tuesday tweet.

“It’s easy to forget how courageous the journalists doing work from places like Egypt are. Prayers for Logan — and gratitude for her work.” — WaPo’s liberal blogger Ezra Klein in a Tuesday tweet.

Invited and uninvited

“OK, come on over if you still can.” — Washington Examiner‘s Mark Tapscott late Tuesday in a bizarre email inviting FishbowlDC once again over to the Examiner newsroom after inviting and uninviting all in a 24-hour span. It took several emails to get Tapscott to offer a straight answer on a recent CPAC panel he appeared on with ex-TWT colleague George Archibald. Archibald wrote about Tapscott’s involvement with a male prostitution sex ring in 1989 that culminated in Tapscott’s resignation from TWT. He has denied the charges and is publicly denouncing Archibald’s upcoming book. More comments from Tapscott on this topic momentarily…

Who calls him ‘Larry?’

“Larry O’Donnell is on Morning Joe right now looking like he just crawled out of bed.” — Human Events Editor Jason Mattera in a Wednesday morning tweet.

Stewart admires congressman’s body

“Dude you’re 46? Where do you find the time?” — The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart on his program Tuesday night regarding Rep. Chris Lee (R-N.Y.), the shirtless congressman. Stewart was admiring Lee’s muscular physique.

Fake Jim V. wants access to Bo

“Ugh, WHY won’t Carney make Bo available for comment on Westminster?!!” — @FakeJimVandeHei in a Tuesday tweet. He’s referring to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and Bo Obama (the prez’s dog). The real Jim VandeHei is Executive Editor of Politico.

Gingrich adopts Politico lingo

“Wait a minute…Newt’s group is called “American Solutions for WINNING THE FUTURE” ???” — The Daily Caller‘s Chris Moody in a Wednesday morning tweet. He’s referring to former House Speaker New Gingrich‘s organization, which is called “American Solutions for Winning the Future.” Soon Gingrich will be telling people he’s “winning the morning.” Sigh.

WaPo reporter admits his diligent ways

“Did I really create a spreadsheet to take notes on my own work, for next year’s WaPo self-eval? Just shoot me now.” — J. Freedom du Lac in a Tuesday tweet.

Tapscott Cancels Meeting; Asking Q’s Like Pulling Teeth

Yesterday we wrote about what had to be a really painfully awkward CPAC panel in which Washington Examiner‘s Mark Tapscott sat alongside George Archibald, his old TWT colleague that wrote about him being involved in a male prostitution sex ring in the late 80s. At the time, he denied it.

Tapscott declined to comment for FishbowlDC on Monday, but instead made a big point of inviting this writer over to the paper for a meeting. He asked, wouldn’t I prefer that to a “mere” answer? Sure, I would, I told him, adding that I preferred even a “mere” answer to no answer. Only today when finalizing plans (or so I thought), Tapscott wrote an email with the subject line, “On second thought…” and added, “..I’m not going to comment except to say George’s book has multiple inaccuracies in it, I asked him to correct them, and he declined.”

Tapscott wouldn’t say why he canceled the meeting that he initiated. He also wouldn’t initially respond when asked the simple questions of “Why are you canceling the meeting?” and “When did you ask George to do this?” Instead, he sent the above quote three times.

Finally, finally, finally, finally, he wrote: “I only learned of his book about three weeks ago. Neither he nor his publisher ever talked to me pre-publication for fact-checking purposes. I asked him after the panel if he would correct the inaccuracies and he said to send him “a punchlist.” On Saturday, I sent him the same list I’d read at the panel. He said no on Sunday.”

Thanks Tapscott.

Archibald did not return an email request for comment.

A Panel to Remember (Or, er, Forget)

What’s it like bumping into someone who once wrote a story charging that you were involved in a male prostitution ring?

We have no idea. But the Washington Examiner‘s Mark Tapscott does.

On Friday Tapscott was on the same “Shining Light into Dark Places” CPAC panel as ex-TWT colleague George Archibald. Archibald, listed as a freelancer, wrote the 1989 piece that named Tapscott as among those who had “procured male escort services” in a prostitution ring. Tapscott resigned as Assistant Managing Editor of TWT shortly thereafter. Though his resignation was accepted, Tapscott denied involvement.

Others on the panel: Lee Pitts, WORLD Magazine, Les Sillars, Patrick Henry College. The moderator was Mindy Belz of WORLD Magazine.

We sought comment from Tapscott and Archibald.

Update #1: Tapscott didn’t care to comment today, but he invited me over to the Examiner newsroom tomorrow so I can get more than a “mere” comment. Hopefully he’ll be wearing interesting shoes.

A Media Reporter’s Guide to CPAC

The agenda for CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference happening in D.C. this weekend, has been posted, and journalists and media types are invading.

  • Tucker Carlson, editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller will speak at an event sponsored by Accuracy in Media on Thursday and, later that night, will serve as Master of Ceremonies for CPAC’s Presidential Banquet honoring Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute.
  • S.E. Cupp, a Daily Caller columnist, will sign her book, Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media’s Attack on Christianity, on Friday before taking part in a Saturday panel for students on how to become a columnist. Also on the panel: The Weekly Standard‘s Fred Barnes and Andrew Ferguson, and NYT‘s Ross Douthat.
  • BigJournalism’s Andrew Breitbart will speak in the main ballroom on Saturday morning, and he’ll be introduced by Townhall‘s Guy Benson.
  • Dana Loesch, also of BigJournalism, will participate in a panel on new media activism along with Matt Sheffield of the Washington Examiner on Thursday.
  • More from the Washington Examiner: Mark Tapscott will be on a panel on Friday morning, Tim Carney will be on another on Friday afternoon, and Michael Barone will be on one Saturday evening. Also on Barone’s panel: John Gizzi of Human Events and FNC contributor Margaret Hoover.
  • Conservative pundit Ann Coulter will speak to CPAC students Friday night along with FNC’s “Red Eye” gang: Greg Gutfeld, Bill Schultz, and Andy Levy before taking the main stage on Saturday, following National Review‘s Jonah Goldberg.
  • Also on different panels (so, so many panels): Human EventsJason Mattera, WaPo‘s Julia Duin (as a moderator. Need a refresher? We had dinner with last week), Quin Hillyer of TWT (also as a moderator), Andrew McCarthy of National Review, and WSJ‘s John Fund.
  • CNN contributor and Red State managing editor Erick Erickson will be the guest of honor at a student luncheon on Friday.
  • CPAC’s 2010 Blogger of the Year Ed Morrissey of HotAir will present this year’s award to Javier Manjarres of The Shark Tank.

FishbowlDC has obtained a press pass, but it doesn’t come with many perks (other than free admission). They’re holding our badge at the Media Check-In desk, so that’s nice of them. Credentialed press “do not necessarily have access” to the CPAC Bloggers’ Lounge according to their e-mail, and we’ve requested several interviews with speakers using CPAC’s guidelines for doing so. No word yet. Stay tuned…

Hemingway Moves to The Weekly Standard

An internal memo about a man named Hemingway would be nothing short of devastating if it were anything less than dramatic.

The Washington Examiner‘s Mark Hemingway has taken a job as Online Editor for The Weekly Standard. In an effusive internal memo, Editorial Page Editor Mark Tapscott remarks that Hemingway has been a “tremendous asset” over the past year. He calls him a “gentle giant of a man” who he says he intends to work really hard in his final days, “in an effort to wrench that last drop of sweat from his furrowed brow!” Hemingway’s final day at the Examiner is next Thursday.

Best of luck to Hemingway.

See the memo…

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Surely He Forgot Something About Shirley

The Washington Examiner‘s Editorial Page editor Mark Tapscott recently penned a story on Craig Shirley’s dispute that the late President Ronald Reagan‘s showed signs of Alzheimer’s Disease while in office. Peculiarly missing from his story is that Shirley’s company, Shirley & Banister, does PR for the Examiner. Yes, Tapscott, that Shirley.

Tapscott has written glowingly on Shirley before — sometimes mentioning the publicity aspect to his relationship with the newspaper, sometimes not.  In April 2010 he described him as the “author of two of the best books on Ronald Reagan’s rise to the White House.” No mention. Later in the piece, he deemed the books as “excellent.” But that wasn’t the first time that Tapscott cooed about Shirley. He wrote about him in November 2009. In that piece, he acknowledged that Shirley’s company handled publicity for the newspaper.

Tapscott met Shirley in 1980. We get it. That’s a multitude of years to respect and admire a man.

Better still? One of Tapscott’s areas of expertise is transparency…

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Examiner Column Goofs Up Entire Premise

A question we should all ask ourselves: WWGD?
(What would Goofy do?)

In a column published Thursday afternoon about journalists not getting their facts right and “sifting facts from fiction,” Washington Examiner Editorial Page Editor Mark Tapscott completely goofs on who wrote the WaPo piece on the impending sale of TWT. It wasn’t WaPo media columnist Howard Kurtz who wrote about the rumored reporting process of the TWT sale, it was WaPo‘s Ian Shapira for the “Story Lab” feature.

Tapscott links to Shapira’s story, while saying it was by Kurtz. He also refers to “Kurtz’s last sentence” and mentions the word “stupid.” The sentence is, in fact, Shapira’s last sentence.

“But Kurtz’ last sentence points to the key point missed by so many conventional journalists – growing legions of readers would indeed prefer to see the “raw material at first blush” because they long ago stopped trusting what they get from “news organizations that make the calls and do the checks before publishing.” Or to put it in a more Clintonian fashion, it’s the transparency, stupid.

Separated at Birth: Ververs and Tapscott

vaughn_ververs.jpg Mark Tapscott.jpg

Though Politico’s Vaughn Ververs and Washington Examiner’s Mark Tapscott differ in hair color, they otherwise pass the twin test.