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The Many Looks of Matthew Boyle

The Daily Caller‘s Matthew Boyle is the subject of an office prank that began this weekend when a colleague switched his Twitter avatar to an old picture of Boyle in a fake tux. The publication’s TV media writer, Jeff Poor, says he refuses to change his picture back to his own until Boyle removes his current avatar, although he concedes he will grow tired of seeing Boyle’s picture every time he tweets. “We advised him not to use a screen shot from TV as his avi (seems douchey) and he did it anyway,” Poor told FishbowlDC, explaining the joke’s origin.

Boyle, meanwhile, isn’t having his life hijacked by his coworkers. He’s holding fast to his new avatar, a picture of an appearance on Fox News.

You Be the Judge: We’ve acquired other options for Boyle and we’d like you, dear readers, to cast your vote on which he ought to use. Send the corresponding number to or Explain your choice. We’ll print the best answers.

1. This is the photograph that Poor is currently using as his avatar. Immature? Maybe. But it’s his expression of outrage. The picture (at left) is front and center in Boyle’s parents’ living room. It’s Boyle at the tender age of 18 in a fake tux prop the photog used for the shoot. He’s now 23. Poor has been getting all kinds of reaction, including, “You’re looking rather boyish this morning.” He replied, “Thanks for noticing.”

2. Boyle’s new avatar (at right) was taken from a screen shot of a recent appearance on Fox News.

3. A shot of Boyle (at left) with background faces cut out for no explicable reason. Legal maybe?


4. A dressed to impress but blurry Boyle (at right).

5. Here Boyle dons a Matt Drudge-style Fedora. Halloween costume? This is our top choice. We like that it allows for a glimpse into his closet.

UPDATE: Boyle would like the following photograph to be added for consideration.

6. Boyle with a cigar. Maybe he’s trying to join the ranks of famous people who’ve smoked cigars, including Winston Churchill, Mark Twain and, of course, Jack Nicholson.




Daily Caller and ATR Bask in Breitbart

Apparently Ann Coulter isn’t the only one who sends her book covers to Matt Drudge for approval.

Last night, at a party for Andrew Breitbart‘s new book “Righteous Indignation” hosted by The Daily Caller and Americans for Tax Reform, Breitbart admitted to doing the same.

Drudge told Breitbart he looked “like [he] went 10 rounds and won.” He also sought the advice of former Daily Caller columnist S.E. Cupp of, who said, “You look like Rip Torn when he got caught with his D.U.I.”

In brief speeches at the soiree, ATR’s Chris Butler said the book was “wonderful” and that he’d “devoured it,” while Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson called the night an “opportunity to bask in the glory of Andrew Breitbart.”

Breitbart then took the mic. Some of the best quotes:

  • After cursing a few times: “My enemies are those who wouldn’t allow these expletives at a conservative party.” Carlson shouted “Fuck yeah!”
  • “I know you’re supposed to be polite in this town.”
  • MSNBC’s Martin Bashir “planted the seed of suicide in Michael Jackson‘s head.”

The party, at ATR’s downtown office, featured an open bar and free copies of Breitbart’s book, which he signed: “Fight the man!”

Among the hundreds of guests: Politico‘s Mike Allen, HuffPost‘s Jon Ward, Weekly Standard‘s Stephen F. Hayes, Republican pollster and CNN contributor Kellyanne Conway, NMS’ and formerly Washington Examiner‘s J.P. Freire, Cullen Murphy of the Atlantic, Human EventsJason Mattera, Tony Blankley, CNN contributor Amy Holmes, recent Daily Caller hires Ginny Thomas and Publicist Kurt Bardella, ATR’s Grover Norquist, and Washington Examiner‘s Byron York, Tim Carney, and “Yeas & Nays” columnist Nikki Schwab. Also in attendance were TWT’s Liz Glover and Wonkette‘s Riley Waggaman, who were hoping to speak with Breitbart about the recent Wonkette controversy over a story the site published mocking Trig Palin.

We hope they made it home safely.

UPDATE: Waggaman emailed to clarify that Glover was there representing TWT, not Wonkette, and that her editors had other questions for her to ask Breitbart. He also said he had no plan to ask Breitbart about the Wonkette story. “When I am at an event with Breitbart, my primary objective is to get a silly photo with him, or maybe even let him squeeze my ass,” he wrote.

Coulter Talks Maher, Wonkette and WHCD

Conservative pundit and frequent TV commentator Ann Coulter spoke at GWU Wednesday night to a large crowd of Republicans, a few Democrats, and at least one angry Libertarian, who gave her the finger when she told him she wasn’t a gay marriage supporter. The speech was usual Coulter fare, but one quote stuck out.

Asked by one student about marijuana legalization, Coulter said she was going to have to disappoint most of the room. She’s opposed. Primarily this is because men who start smoking pot early tend to have a “sunken chest” and wind up being about as tall as Bill Maher.

After the speech, Coulter spoke with a small group of reporters. She addressed one question about why her new book, Demonic, due out June 7. It doesn’t feature her mug on the cover as most of her past books do. Beside the fact that the title wouldn’t fit with her “smiling face”, a sample cover with her photo didn’t get the Matt Drudge seal of approval.

“I sent the cover to Matt Drudge and he hysterically said, ‘No, no, no! Just the title, just your name.’” Coulter didn’t think her publisher would be cool with it, but asked anyway. “I tried, and they accepted it, and we all loved it,” she said.

Coulter said she’d happily come as a guest to some fancy schmancy WHCD parties, but there was a catch: “Will it help me sell books?” Fishbowl promised 10,000 books sold if she’d come. Whoops.

In other Coulter news you won’t want to miss…

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Curl Reunites with TWT

He’s back!  Joe Curl, FishbowlDC’s favorite silver fox, has reunited with his byline in The Washington Times.  The former White House correspondent and “Political Theater” columnist is jump starting the TWT revival by penning a weekly column for his longtime employer.

You may recall that Curl resigned from the chaotic rag in May of 2010 to join Matt Drudge as an editor for the Drudge Report.   An added perk for the paper: Curl’s column comes complete with its own Drudge perma-link.

Check out the debut of Curl’s new column here.

All Brent Budowksy Writes About Is His Drudge Crush

Sealed With ANOTHER Kiss. Come on, Bud. Really?

Back in June of last year, we wrote about The Hill columnist Brent Budowksy kissing Matt Drudge‘s ass. At the time, he wrote a column praising Drudge, saying he “may be the most influential media figure today.”

Well apparently Budowksy still thinks that. Earlier this week he again wrote about Drudge which, naturally, Drudge linked to (hence writing it in the first place, a fairly timeless formula.) This time, it’s “Drudge defines the debate.” It’s Budowksy telling it like it is: “The blunt truth is, Matt Drudge has probably had more influence deciding the political narrative in Washington than any individual in America…”

Budowksy has a long history of these oddly glorifying articles about Drudge. This is getting embarrassing already.

Read here, here, here, here, here, and here.

We’ve requested comment from Budowsky on this matter.

UPDATE: Budowsky responds. It’s verrry long, so we’re putting it after the jump and highlighting the gist just in case reading the whole thing in one sitting gives you hives.

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Monica Lewinsky’s Drudge Anniversary

Monday, January 17, 2011, was Martin Luther King Day. But in a completely unrelated bit of salacious Washington history, it also marked the 13th anniversary of the day that Matt Drudge broke the Monica Lewinsky story on The Drudge Report.

The story on the White House intern who had a sexual relationship with former President Bill Clinton was the onset of Drudge’s fame. In that item, he reported that Newsweek had initially turned the story down.

Curl’s Secret Gig with Drudge

First on FBDC: Despite what you may have heard, Washington Times senior White House correspondent Joseph Curl did not set sail for Bali after mysteriously submitting his resignation to the floundering paper back in May.

FishbowlDC hears that the former author of the Times’ “Political Theater” column has kept a thumb on the DC political scale by teaming up with Matt Drudge to edit the Drudge Report.  Sources tell FishbowlDC that Drudge lured his longtime friend away from his TWT gig this spring and Joe’s been working for the famed conservative news site ever since.

We contacted Curl for confirmation but he would not comment on his employment status, instead saying only that he was “working on my golf game, learning how to hit a power draw.”

Breitbart Blasts Todd for Being Biased Journalist’s Andrew Breitbart went after NBC’s Chuck Todd late Tuesday with a vengeance, accusing him repeatedly and relentlessly of being biased. He made the accusations sarcastically and over Twitter. Breitbart wrote several messages directed at Todd, including this one:”Unbiased @chucktodd at event in honor of REAGAN’s GE relationship rips right wing media – avoids MSNBC/HuffPo/DailyKos criticism.”

In most messages to Todd, Breitbart began with the word “Unbiased.” In his flurry of messages, he accused the MSNBC journo of saying “very unflattering things” about former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin at an eco event and for “ripping into” well-known conservatives Matt Drudge and Rush Limbaugh.

Two hours ago, Breitbart had more to say on Todd: “Shocking that NBCNEWS @chucktodd legitimizes Leftie citizen journo publishers Arianna & Markos on MTP, yet ignores/marginalizes Right ones.”

Todd replied Tuesday with a single question to Breitbart:  @AndrewBreitbart were u actually in audience?

It’s clear there is no love lost between these two. Todd had no comment about Breitbart’s accusations.

WaPo’s Weigel Lets Loose With Scathing E-mails on Liberal Listserv


FishbowlDC has obtained e-mails written by WaPo‘s conservative-beat blogger Dave Weigel, that the scribe sent to JournoList, a listserv for liberal journalists. (Read up on JournoList with Yahoo! News’s Michael Calderone‘s 2009 story that he wrote for Politico).

Seems Weigel doesn’t like (and that would be putting it mildly) at least some of the conservatives he covers. Poor Drudge – Weigel wants him to light himself on fire.

Weigel’s Words:

•”This would be a vastly better world to live in if Matt Drudge decided to handle his emotional problems more responsibly, and set himself on fire.”

•”Follow-up to one hell of a day: Apparently, the Washington Examiner thought it would be fun to write up an item about my dancing at the wedding of Megan McArdle and Peter Suderman. Said item included the name and job of my girlfriend, who was not even there — nor in DC at all.”

•”I’d politely encourage everyone to think twice about rewarding the Examiner with any traffic or links for a while. I know the temptation is high to follow up hot hot Byron York scoops, but please resist it.”

•”It’s all very amusing to me. Two hundred screaming Ron Paul fanatics couldn’t get their man into the Fox News New Hampshire GOP debate, but Fox News is pumping around the clock to get Paultard Tea Party people on TV.”

Weigel says he “happy to comment” to FishbowlDC but it seems he’s tied up on the phone. Will bring you his remarks as soon as he provides them.

UPDATE: Rather than responding to our inquiry, Weigel posted an apology to his readers on WaPo here.

SWAK: The Hill’s Columnist Gives Big Smooch to Drudge

kiss.jpg Who doesn’t love Matt Drudge?
More importantly, what journo doesn’t love getting linked by Drudge?

In today’s column in The Hill, columnist Brent Budowksy goes on a praise-filled mission of Drudge, declaring that Drudge “may be the most influential media figure today.” He says he disagrees with Time‘s Mark Halperin for suggesting that Drudge appeals to racism among some readers.

Budowsky goes on to call HuffPost‘s Arianna Huffington and MSNBC’s Ed Schultz “media beachheads,” and clumps MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow in with them too.

By “beachhead,” he means (I asked): “Keith and Rachel have built a good beachhead for more liberal television…” Budowksy says he’d “rather see MSNBC with more bite and toughness … and more willingness to challenge Obama when he’s wrong while supporting him when he’s right…I think this builds far more audience and in the end is far better for Obama and Democrats, though they are so thin skinned they do not agree.”

Read the entire column here.
Info on Budowksy: He’s a former aide to former Democratic Sen. Lloyd Bentsen and Democratic Rep. Bill Alexander, former Chief Deputy Majority Whip of the House.