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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Hey Boybander: Go on vacation already goddamn you!

“Well, @United 1736 into IAH is delayed. Someone better make sure @United 53 is held so I don’t miss my honeymoon transfer.” — Slate economics reporter Matt Yglesias, who is apparently going to annoyingly tweet his entire “vacation.” Over the weekend, he tweeted nonstop in Buenos Aires. His poor bride.  He even felt the need to tweet this: “Vacation day! Step one: coffee. Step two: figure out how to set out-of-office email mess.” This was probably the worst of it: “BREAKING: They have really good steak in Argentina.”

Schieffer’s ultra-polite farewell

“Mr. Basham, I want to thank you for coming on. I wish it could have been under different circumstances, but perhaps there will be time down the road when we’ll have happier things to talk about.” — CBS Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer to former Secret Service Director Ralph Basham on Sunday’s program.

NYT reporter razzes HuffPost

“HuffPost Hill chasing greatness.HAPPY BP OIL SPILL ANNIVERSARY(?) It’s been 2 years since Unbridled Capitalism vomited in the Gulf of Mexico.” — NYT‘s Mark Leibovich, whose Twitter presence has been picking up as of late.

Reporter wants washer/dryer advice

“Anyone have stackable washer/dryers they particularly like or loathe?” — Politico‘s Reid Epstein. FBDC’s Peter Ogburn asks, “WTF is this, ‘This Old House’ or Twitter?” Meanwhile, we still want to know how the week-old new home owner injured himself and wound up in the ER. Anyone with information on this urgent matter please email us at or

Bathroom trick

“Am I the only one who pretends to talk on my cell before patronizing a restroom at a bar/restaurant where I’m not actually a patron?” — RealClearPoliticsScott Conroy.

Writing trick

“A good way to increase suspense in your writing is to change all instances of ‘obviously’ to ‘ominously.’” — The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball.

Breitbart Editor gets pretty personal

“Don’t tell the wife but intentionally mispronounce Spanish words cuz it’s kinda sexy when she corrects me.” —’s John Nolte, Editor-in-Chief of Big Hollywood.

A Question to Ponder…“Is saying you’ve endorsed Mitt Romney on a Sunday talk show different from a ‘formal endorsement’?” — Roll Call‘s Ryan Teague Beckwith in reference to Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) on ABC’s “This Week.”

Journo is anti-Earth Day

“Don’t forget to take an extraaaaaaa longgggggg shower today! #EarthDay.” — Ex-Human Events reporter Jason Mattera.

Spotted: Politico‘s Jedd Rosche eating a box of fried chicken strips outside a bar on U St. Friday night. The bar wouldn’t allow him to enter with his meal.

Barfworthy: “I was moved by this video, as I’m sure you all will be, as we think of our own mothers and what they have done for us.” — Ann Romney this weekend in her 11th tweet, otherwise known as Milking the Mom Issue Expedition stemming from RosenGate, which she called an “early birthday present.” Watch the video here.

Eddie Scarry and Peter Ogburn contributed to this report.

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Whoa! Yglesias does what?!

“Additionally, he enjoys eating his own waste products and is said to have lost his virginity to his own father.” — Slate‘s Matt Yglesias tweets the sentence and provides a link to his Wikipedia page in what has been immense blowback to his gloating of Andrew Breitbart‘s death.

Travel woes

“Early morning flight to NYC meant 2 things. Exhaustion and stuck on the shuttle runway for 45 mins behind a big Trump airplane. #letsGo” — CNN Commentator and SKDKnickerbocker’s Hilary Rosen.

Are you there PETA? It’s me, Stossel

“I was awakened this morning by my cat when she threw up a hairball ON MY FACE. Someone get PETA over here before I do something I regret.” — Scott Stossel, Dep. Managing Editor, Atlantic Magazine, in a relatively recent tweet.

NPR journos weigh in on good writing

Michele Norris: “A well-written sentence has a certain cadence much like a tight musical score.” Southern U.S. Bureau Chief Russell Lewis: “Once you finish your story, read it out loud.”

Rep. Frank gets busted for breaking House Floor rules

“Rep. Frank (D-MA) had words taken down. Comments will be stricken from Congressional Record; can’t speak for remainder of day.” — Ric Anderson, U.S. House Press Gallery staffer. He explains that Frank “characterized Rep. Hensarling’s statements as ‘the most hypocritical and dishonest statement I have heard in this House.’”

Follower insults TWT reporter

“@KerryPicket sucks to be a biotch and work for WTimes. #OldSchool” — #pUNkBoyInSF to TWT‘s Kerry Picket, who retweeted the news. This comes on the heels of actor Alec Baldwin, who remarked on his hatred for TWT on Super Tuesday.

Editor notices disturbing bumper sticker

“Just saw an awesome bumper sticker, ‘I’ll pay for your contraception if you pay for my ammo.’ Deal?” — News Editor and writer Katie Pavlich.

Meanwhile, a Convo Between Two Journos

Today’s conversation is between ABC Entertainment Reporter Sheila Marikar and ABC News Political Director Amy Walter.

Marikar: “How do y’all feel about ‘meanwhile’ as a transition?”

Walter: “It’s a crutch that I lean on A LOT.”

Blogger Battles the Ghost of Andrew Breitbart

If you follow Slate’s Matt Yglesias on Twitter, you have seen his relentless tweets about his new book, “The Rent is Too Damn High.” It’s an e-book available online. As soon as it hit Amazon yesterday, Yglesias found himself facing the wrath of the legacy of Andrew Breitbart. On Thursday of last week, when Breitbart passed away, Yglesias tweeted “”Conventions around dead people are ridiculous. The world outlook is slightly improved with @AndrewBrietbart dead.” There was an uproar over his comments, but the anger seemed to cool off as we started a new week. But, not so fast. HuffPost reports that reviewers are leaving scathing reviews of the book. Here are some of our favorite quotes:

- Same ol’ same ol’. Please for the love of your god, get some new material.

- The world outlook is slightly improved with giving this book 1 star.

- If you purchase this book, you’ll be putting money in the pocked of a ghoul who revels in the deaths of people he disagrees with politically. Of course, if this is your intention, you’re no better than he.

- I’m sure Matty meant well, but unless you want to read a frustrated, confused teenager’s journal about his latent homosexuality, I’d go ahead and skip this drivel.

- None of Matt Yglesias’ opponents would be glad if he died.

- Andrew Breitbart passed away leaving a wife and 4 small children. You said “The world outlook is slightly improved with @AndrewBrietbart [sic] dead.”
Very nicely done. I’m sure Andrew’s wife and kids are consoled by your concern.

So it seems that even in death, Breitbart still throws a mean punch… Read more

Breitbart Grief Porn: The Unusual Phenomenon

Over the weekend, associates unveiled a brand new website. Longtime Breitbart business partner, Larry Solov, wrote that this was what Andrew Breitbart “dreamed and planned” before his sudden death last week. Solov says, “Andrew’s battle – our battle – has only just begun.”

But that isn’t all that has begun. It seems there is a strange online phenomenon, an explosion of Breitbart grief porn happening one click, one avatar at a time.

The battle, at least on the newly unveiled, begins with a piece posthumously filed by Breitbart titled “The Vetting.” Just weeks before he died, Breitbart warned that he would lead the charge to vet President Obama and warned that he had videos. In this latest piece, Breitbart exposes that Obama took part in a panel that occurred following a Chicago production of a play called “The Love Song of Saul Alinsky.” While it seems a thin start to the vetting the website promises, you can bet that there’s always something brewing in the Breitbart camp.

To us, that’s the legacy of Breitbart. You never knew what was going to happen next. Each story and stunt seemed more outrageous than the last. We’re happy to just leave it at that.

But, others want to take it further. Rolling Stone‘s Matt Taibbi infamously called his remembrance of Breitbart “Death of a Douche.” Which led to Slate asking the question, “When Did Douche Become an Insult?” Have we really gotten there in the Breitbart debate? Does Slate really need to go that far off the map to keep the Breitbart topic alive? And this came after allowing writer Matt Yglesias to gloat over his death on Twitter.

Twitter isn’t any more sane when it comes to Breitbart’s death, but it is telling. While co-workers and friends offered up remembrances of the man and relayed personal stories, there was a bizarre race to prove who knew Andrew best. There is an online movement for people to change their Twitter avatars to pictures of Breitbart. It appeared to begin with The Daily Caller‘s Jim Treacher, whose avatar is Breitbart on that yellow-hued piece of toast. (Can we just say how weird it is to scroll through Twitter and see dozens of Breitbart faces in various poses and frames staring back at us?)

There’s even a hash tag called #armyofandrews trying to convince the masses to change up their picture. Pundits were racing to see who could get the best picture of them with Breitbart as their avatar. Big Journalism Editor and CNN Contributor Dana Loesch quickly (and rightfully, he was, after all, her boss) changed her avatar to a picture of her and Breitbart. Actor Adam Baldwin, a contributor to Big Hollywood and a conservative pundit, also changed his avatar to an image of him and Breitbart. Over the weekend, he tweeted this out as a message from beyond.

Other online conservatives followed suit. Like @KamaainaInOC, who posted this picture of her and Breitbart… Read more

Weekly Standard’s Labash Pricks Slate’s Yglesias

In what is likely the most poetic reaction to Slate‘s Matt Yglesias‘s distasteful comments on Andrew Breitbart on the day he died, The Weekly Standard‘s Matt Labash declares him a “prick” in a late-night story that is making the rounds.

The focus of the story is hardly Yglesias. But the lines are a comical aside. He wrote: “(Well done, Matt! Perhaps you could pass your thoughtful sentiments on to his fatherless children, since they likely don’t follow you on Twitter. Prick.)”

In this story, Labash takes the reader on a journey — into a bar with Breitbart, on a trip to Chicago and on a plane with the conservative pied piper. The plane ride is a telling anecdote. Labash thinks he might get sleep on the plane ride back from Chicago. No such luck — Breitbart finagles it so that seatmates can swap and he and Labash can spend some quality time together. Rather, Breitbart could perform a one-man act and Labash could enjoy the show.

The end is eerie. Once in baggage claim, Labash asks if he can read a poem at his memorial service. Breitbart agrees to allow it. An excerpt:

Several years ago, when Breitbart was in the middle of one skirmish or another – I don’t even remember which one – I told him that I didn’t know whether I should encourage him, but that he made me laugh, as always. I asked him when someone finally shot him, “Can I read a poem at your memorial service? ”

“I think I should stop,” he admitted of his latest caper. “But it’s so fun and the hate mail is something to behold….And of course you can read my favorite poem, William Carlos William’s ‘Little Red Wheelbarrow’ at my wake.”

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“I just said something nasty to someone on Twitter. I should not have done it and I apologize.” — Peter Roff, U.S. News & World Report Contributing Editor.

What else could he say?

“Condolences to Andrew Breitbart’s friends and family today. He was a force of nature and a passionate foe.” — MMFA’s Eric Boehlert only tweet from Thursday.

Slate‘s Yglesias gets called c-word

“Look up cunt in the dictionary, and there’d be a picture of someone other than Yglesias. Because Ylglesias gives cunts a bad name.” — Anonymous journo Thursday to FishbowlDC after Slate‘s Matt Yglesias wrote this in response to Breitbart’s death: “Conventions around dead people are ridiculous. The world outlook is slightly improved with @AndrewBrietbart dead.” We received numerous reactions from Washington journalists to Yeglesias’ comment, including this one: “Should Slate fire him? This is beyond bad taste.”

AnonyMASS Tipster

“Your work product this afternoon is reporting that Ezra Klein is a smug douchebag and Gretchen Carlson wears short skirts. gotcha. Please, folks, I mean this … try harder. Your site used to have real news! Sad to see it in such a state of decline. Thanks.” — Thanks AnonymASS, you’re a real charmer! Your comments after reading one item are always appreciated.

Some journos initially thought Breitbart news was a hoax

“The ‘I didn’t believe Breitbart news until a REAL news org confirmed it’ talk is hilarious. REAL news orgs didn’t get the Weiner story.” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel.

In Memoriam…

“If there’s a Twitter in the afterlife, @AndrewBreitbart is retweeting every asshole thing being said about him.” — Mediaite White House scribe Tommy Christopher.

Convo between Two Journos

ReutersJack Shafer: “What does it say about Breitbart that the Twitterverse is skeptical about his death?” PJMedia’s Vodka Pundit Stephen Green: “It says that he was just 43. #Asshat.”

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Big Ball of WHAT? FNC’s Greta Van Susteren remarked: “We spotted one of our colleagues crossing the street in Manchester but what really caught our attention is the car right behind her….just WHAT is on top of that car?” See item on Gretawire blog here. Guesses include: hairball, dung, weed etc..Alas, it’s a big ball of hay.

Bloomberg‘s Joshua Green:  “Greta interviewing the @jon2012girls in my hotel.”

“And of course, of course, the media and the other candidates have jumped on Mitt like Newt Gingrich on a younger, healthier wife.” — Stephen Colbert.

Birthweek bulls%$#: The Daily Caller‘s Michelle Fields celebrated her birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Michelle! (h/t Michelle Fields) Her fans also had wishes for her, like this lowlife Bill Price (a.k.a. @Fireballil) who has Fishbowl Peter screaming for feminism: “Michelle Fields, too bad there’s no #RedEye tonight. Wear that dress in the #legchair and watch @FishbowlDC’s head EXPLODE.” Another F.O.M., a politically aware conservative Christian from Milwaukee, remarked, “Happy Birthday Michelle. May you have a wonderful & less attacked year.” She replied (after she RT of course): “Haha, thank you!” Of course she ran this picture of — guess who? — herself with the Fox News makeup woman, saying, “It’s my birthday and my Fox News make-up artist’s birthday! #TheBirthdayGirls.”

From the Road

“Protesters shouting ‘are you going to fire the baby’ as Mitt awkwardly holds an infant.” — Bloomberg political reporter Lisa Lerer.

A journo’s wish.

“What I wouldn’t give to see Chris Farley do Chris Christie just once on SNL.” — NYT‘s Mark Leibovich.





Twitter Nastiness has Happy Ending (Not that kind of Happy Ending)

The Players: Labor Journo Mike Elk and Slate‘s Economy reporter and Boybander Matt Yglesias.

The fight begins here.

Yglesias: “The activities of individual business executives have no relationship to the level of economy-wide employment.”


Elk: 1. R u an idiot? 2. How does @mattyglesias make a living – the man produces nothing of value & doesn’t understand Econ 101. 3. Can someone name a shitkicking piece @mattyglesias has ever written?

Boybander lawyer steps in.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: “Mike Elk, I think different people should write about different things. #everyoneistoastoncetheplanetmeltsanyway.”

Yglesias befuddled.

Yglesias: “He has some problem with me whose nature I don’t quite understand. I think the issues I’ve been writing about this week do impact workers.” Elk: “Point is @mattyglesias claimed actions of individual executives have little to do w/ overall econ, people cover workers know its not true.”

The apology.

Elk: “My apologies for calling you names @mattygelsias, that was wrong, but go cover some strikes, lockouts, organizing drives, raids etc.”

Necessary Tweet of the Day

“I hope my jet blue flight doesn’t only have sad movies available. I don’t want to get emoticonal on the plane ;-) ” — MSNBC Contributor and Daily Beast Columnist Meghan McCain. Earlier in the week she told MSNBC that the Obamas deserved an “emoticon” of privacy in regards to NYT’s Jodi Kantor‘s new book on them.

Wolf gets ‘pumped’ for primary

“I got a good night’s sleep. I ran five miles on the treadmill. I ate some healthy yogurt and fruit. I’m strong, ready to go. I’m pumped!” — CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to Access Atlanta’s Radio & TV Network before the New Hampshire GOP primary. Read the full story here.

From the Dept. of Bragiculture…

“Jim Lehrer told me I’m off to a good start. Win!” — PBS’s Christina Bellantoni, the new Politics Editor for Newshour.


Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day


“Just saw Callista sign bunch of autographs with first name only, #madonna-like” — NYT‘s Mark Leibovich.

Blogger witnesses double trouble aboard train

“Elderly twin sisters board the Acela and sit next to me. Except they meant to board regular Amtrak. Emotions are running high!” — American Enterprise Institute’s Columnist and Blogger Jim Pethokoukis.

The Traveling Boybanders

“Oy. Long delay in ATL, America’s dullest large airport.” — Slate‘s Matt Yglesias.

You’ve been warned…

“Headed to IA in 26 hours, to write stories like ‘In Iowa, it’s up for grabs’ & ‘Republicans want to try to win this election’” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel.

Memorable Metaphors

“Listening to @MichelleFields preach about journalism on @cspan is like Chef Boyardee talking about fine Italian cooking.” — FBDC Washington-based reader Eric Wilkens.

“Loved the news today. Michelle Fields is changing the face of journalism and I’m so happy she’s the Christ that has risen! — FBDC reader who signed his note, WWMFD? Anonymous.

Want to intern for PBS’s “Washington Week” with Gwen Ifill? Read more about it here.

HuffPost or BuzzFeed?

“The top 10 animal news stories of 2011.” See here.  — Answer: HuffPost.

Isn’t it ironic? Just back fresh and rested from a ski trip, BigGov Founder Andrew Breitbart engages us in a Twitter battle royale Tuesday on sexism and fairness in covering conservative journos. What we learned from him: He thinks much of the free world (except those who write for his sites when they’re not busy digging up pictures of 4-year-old girls to use for pedophilia accusations against other conservative journos) is sexist and biased when covering conservative media. But  Breitbart wears blinders when it comes to the sexist pig in his midst. In the middle of all that, I get a reminder from LinkedIn about my invitation from former TWT Editor Rich Miniter, who was involved in a domestic violence dispute last summer and subsequently cleared of the charges. Still, Miniter isn’t the bell of any ball in Washington. An FBDC reader who knew of the Miniter invite writes in, “You’re a toilet today, shit flying at you from all over. And this one is a literal piece of shit.”

And now a word from a Breitbart goon: LastBrainLeft: “@FishbowlDC Bitch, your entire twitter feed is an exercise in progressive, liberal partisanship. The more you tweet, the deeper the hole.” And a note for FBDC’s Peter Ogburn from damning “Darcy”: “You’re kind of a dick. And jealousy is…well, you’re a dick, anyway.”

Three Views of the Michelle Fields’ C-SPAN Video

“How low does the bar have to be for her to clear it? Her biggest accomplishments in journalism are getting knocked over while being where she shouldn’t have been in Occupy Wall Street and having Matt Damon swear at her. Next stop: Pulitzer!” — Anonymous conservative male D.C. journo.

“I’m a conservative woman and I sure as hell don’t look to her for anything other than hair tips. Andrew Breitbart is off the mark here by like a a continent. The lack of oxygen at the ski resort is making him confuse a two-bit dimwit for a serious female conservative political leader. And I’m quite sure that Palin, Bachmann et al don’t want to be lumped in with this child.” — Anonymous conservative female D.C. journo.

I don’t understand where all this vitriol towards her is coming from. She’s done bold work; if only other young people were as driven as her. Agree or disagree with her politics, she’s done bold work” — Jeff Loveness, Michelle Fields’ boyfriend, in comments on FishbowlDC.

James O’Keefe is a big Fields supporter

“CSPAN interview w/ video journalist @MichelleFields. DC reporters could learn things from her.” — O’Keefe in a Tuesday tweet. O’Keefe considers himself a “community organizer of citizen journalists.”

Convo Between Two Politico/Media Types

GOProud Founder Jimmy LaSalvia: “Hey Prince Charming, call me. I need to tell you where to find me New Year’s Eve.” Slate’s Weigel: “You have my number.” LaSalvia: “Dave Weigel did you just come out?”


Slate Hires Liberal Boybander Blogger

Think ProgressMatt Yglesias has accepted a job at Slate. Just moments ago he wrote on Twitter, “Non-ironically-breaking: I’m leaving @ThinkProgress for an exciting new job at @Slate.” He wrote about his departure in a post on Think Progress calling it an “Important Programming Announcement.”

He wrote, “I’ve got an important announcement to make. I’ve been offered, and have accepted, an exciting new job opportunity with Slate where I’ll be blogging and column-writing (columnizing?) about economics, business, and economic policy as the latest incarnation of Moneybox.”

We hope his new job description does not include “columnizing.”

Yglesias begins his new position on Nov. 21.

Correction: Indeed, I did mistake Wired‘s Spencer Ackerman for Matt Yglesias. Apologies. And relax, Sara Libby. Will all be okay.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

CNBC’s Eamon Javers gets swallowed by Kermit the Frog background:”Rehearsing for tonight’s #cnbcdebate in front of the biggest dang green screen I’ve ever seen.”

Editor gets pounded by mall doc on weight

“Christ, even the eye doctor at the mall is telling me to get more exercise. STICK TO THE EYES, DOC” — Gawker Political Editor Jim Newell. We’re not going to even ask why you’re eye doctor is at the mall.

Chelsea Handler on the Welsh Rugby player who woke up gay after a freak gym incident: “I love how he wakes up and he has to become a hairdresser. Like there’s no other job for a gay man. Like you could become an interior designer. You could become a Republican senator. There are many, many options.”

Journo questions Hardball host’s verbal skills

“Does it annoy you, @grovernorquist, that it’s pathologically impossible for @hardball_chris to pronounce your name correctly? #hardball” — Newsbusters’ Ken Shepherd.

Pre-Presidential debate trash talking

“Romney’s the only remotely sane one, & he’s the guy who drove 500 miles with his dog on the roof of the car.” — WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten.

WCP employees lash out at fire alarm

“Once again, @wcp fire alarm defeated simply by people yelling at it. Now just hope there isn’t actually a fire.” — WCP Managing Editor Mike Madden.

Boybander loses marbles over Chili’s Too

“Chili’s Too is truly a sad, pale imitation of Chili’s. I want my baby back ribs!!!” –  Think Progress blogger Matt Yglesias. Correction: We confused Yglesias for his friend Spencer Ackerman and have taken out the banana wisecrack. RELAX SARA LIBBY.

Ambinder wants Eddie’s gig

“I am available to host the Oscars.” — NJ‘s Marc Ambinder after comedian Eddie Murphy drops out.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“DILEMMA: I want to eat this chewy granola bar, but it has a picture of a Jonas Brother on it.” — Roll Call Editor Ryan Beckwith. Then, inexplicably, the granola bar Twitter handle confronts him. “@quakerchewy: @ryanbeckwith We can assure you, it’s delicious. Which flavor are you snackin’ on, Ryan?” And he responds, “PB & Jonas.” Beckwith should be banned from ever conversing with a granola bar during work hours. If he wants to stay up late into the night chatting away with quakerchewy so be it. But it should be frowned upon.