In the midst of heated coverage of the Sandy Hook shootings this weekend, some journalists got hammered in ways they least expected.

For example ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper began tweeting out the names and ages of the children murdered in Connecticut. (An example: “Charlotte Bacon was six.”) He separated them out into 20 different tweets for dramatic effect. And that he got. “Please stop,” said ClearChannel‘s Colby Hall, formerly of Mediaite. Another male follower wrote Tapper, saying, “Please don’t tweet. Give them peace. No more death porn from the media¬†@jaketapper.”

By far the hardest hit amongst journalists was and CNN Contributor Dana Loesch, who took a stunning verbally violent hit last night when she announced on Twitter that this was not the time for President Obama to insert politics into his speech at the Newtown, Conn. vigil. “This is really in poor taste,” she wrote. “It’s a prayer service. In front of the families. They need consolation, not your politics, Mr. President.” And subsequently, her Twitter picture last night was her at a gun range. (See the photograph after the jump…)

In response, she was called a “cunt” and told to perform fellatio on her gun.

Loesch tried her best to push back against the onslaught of hate coming her way. “I expose the hate,” she wrote. “If you dislike you’re free to unfollow.” … “I seriously cannot keep up with all the ‘c*nts,’ ‘burn in hells,’ ‘all your fault’ Tweets from progressives.”¬† And this one: “No irony at all in being told to shoot yourself in the head by people angrily claiming to be anti-gun.”

See the vicious things that mostly strangers said to her…

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