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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“The @DCCC is selling shirts with a crying @SpeakerBoehner that say: ‘Weeper of the House’” — USA Today‘s Susan Davis.

Office partying gone awry

“Interesting to come back to one’s office, after entertaining one’s colleagues there for drinks, to discover someone’s belt on your desk.” — The Atlantic‘s Washington Editor James Bennet.

Huntsman daughters give up Politico

“Us girls have decided to give up for lent.” — Jon2012girls.

From the Dept. of Bad Ideas…

“I wish CPAC were on a cruise ship.” — Keder.

Journo hesitates on ‘vaginal penetration’ politics

“Old rule of politics (I think it was coined by Dirksen): if your bill can be described using words ‘vaginal penetration,’ best not to pursue.”– The New Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza.

DCRTV Dave can’t distinguish his ass from his elbow

In this disturbing video, DCRTV’s Dave Hughes (i.e. Washington’s biggest thief of a blogger) gets confused by his own thoughts about FBDC’s recent party. Observes FBDC’s Peter Ogburn: “Seriously.  He can’t even keep up with his bullshit.  In the same breath, he says no one with any credibility went to the party and then talks about how great WaPo‘s Erik Wemple is.  F–k him a million times.” Peter later mumbled something about the way Dave puts on his socks at the beginning of the video. We think we heard this: “Looks like he’s just cleaning up after dismembering an underage prostitute.”

FishPoll: The Results. Was Politico Dave Cantanese‘s middle finger silver ring a hit or a miss at last week’s FishbowlDC party at Lost Society? A resounding 41.33 percent of you declared, “Yes, love it!.” A close second at 40 percent was, “No, rings should only be worn on a ring finger.”

Our resident ABC’s “The Bachelor” expert Emily Miller asks, “Did Kacie B lose the Bachelor over the dad who doesn’t drink, mother who wont let her live together before marriage or frizzy hair?” The Huntsman Daughters: “We wish we could tweet about The Bachelor right now. #nowords”

FNC’s Bret Baier lasts 48 hours minus tweeting

“Have a great weekend everyone! I am going to try to NOT tweet this wknd-let’s see if I can do it. Psyched to hang with the fam all wknd!!” — FNC’s Bret Baier, who was back on Monday to retweet moronic followers like this one: “My 4th tweet! Can I get an RT or reply so I can brag to the wife?” Bret obliged.

An Evening Swim in the Fishbowl

On Thursday night we welcomed upwards of 160 guests to Lost Society on U Street for a party so full of waves that some may never forget it. Journos climbed two super steep flights of stairs to reach the rooftop, which was filled with candles and drenched in rose petals. Notable guests in the crowd: Bloomberg‘s Margaret Carlson, The Daily Caller‘s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson, USA Today‘s Jackie Kucinich, NJ‘s Major Garrett, GOP Consultant Ron Bonjean, TWT‘s Charlie Hurt, The Weekly Standard‘s Matt Labash, ABC7′s Stephen Tschida, WaPo‘s Erik Wemple, Capitol File Editor-in-Chief Kate Bennett, The Hill‘s Editor-at-Large Al Eisele and Managing Editor Bob Cusack, and CNN and former FishbowlDC Editor Matt Dornic. There are too many names to mention, but reporters, editors and publicists from the following news outlets showed up to down Belvedere Vodka cocktails and eat fish and chips, chicken waffles and bourbon s’mores: TPM, Politico, The Daily Caller, The Hill, Washington Examiner, ABC7, CNN, USA Today, HuffPost, Roll Call, NJ, Bloomberg, WaPo, TWT,, Thrillist, Breitbart’s Big Journalism, Yahoo! News, Washingtonian,, RCP, Q&A Celebrity, DCist, WaPo Express, Metro Weekly and The Times of London. FBDC favorite, Slate‘s Dave Weigel, unfortunately didn’t show — he was home with a cold. Conversation topics swung wildly from NYT Mark Leibovich‘s upcoming book on incestuous Washington, a mini-debate on male facial hair, journos doing stories on bras, stupid intern behavior, thin skinned journalists, a newsroom recently instructed to not site a publication that never sites them, The Drudge Report, The Daily Caller’s Media Matters series , the two speeds of The Daily Beast‘s Howard Kurtz, a hypothetical weed sale and whether “getting f–ked” is a good thing or an insult. No party is complete without Raptor Strategies’ David Bass. FBDC’s newest writers Peter Ogburn and Eddie Scarry were on hand to say hello to journos — well, most of them, anyhow. Peter spent the evening avoiding a certain editor whose name rhymes with Rucker Rarlson. He wasn’t the only one who feared coming face to face with Rarlson. Eddie, meanwhile, plotted his way into free vodka shots. Publicist Dannia Hakki, of Moki Media, organized the event. She has the patience of a saint.

Hollywood on the Potomac blogger and publicist Janet Donovan, who unfortunately didn’t make it into the party because she forgot her ID and the big, burly bouncer wasn’t taking chances, has a funny take on the evening here. Photo Credit: Dave Phillipich.

The Fishbowl trio: Peter, Betsy and Eddie.

Meghan, Nick, Dornic, Ballard

Carlson and Company…

Margaret Carlson and Stephen Smith

View more party pictures…

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Washington Examiner Hires Cinderella

Well that was fast.

Last week the Washington Examiner announced the departure of Yeas & Nays columnist Katy Adams. Yesterday they announced the hire of Jenny Rogers of the distinguished TBD. In her Twitter avatar, she’s inexplicably dressed up as Cinderella. Nothing everything weird about that. She joins Nikki Schwab on the gossip desk.

Though Rogers’ new boss, Stephen Smith, introduced her with an ominous mistake in her internal memo, we’d like to think of it as a premonition of good things to come. He wrote that Jenny graduated from Rhodes College in Florida. That would be Memphis. Smith quickly issued a correction, lamenting that he’d lost street cred in the newsroom. “Rhodes College is in Memphis, not Florida,” he wrote. “Editors can’t get their facts right.” We can only hope this whisper of self-deprecating humor means the column will pick up.

As a culture writer, she learned absolutely nothing a tremendous amount at TBD. In her bio she writes, “As TBD’s most tech-challenged reporter, I’m proud to announce my conversion to Twitter. I hope to understand how to use my smart phone by 2011.” To get an idea of what we might expect from Jenny, we checked out her recent exposé on cupcakes. The headline: “Cupcakes will never go away.” She refers to the cupcakes as “little guys” and brashly tells those who are down on cupcakes to f&@k off: “Well tough cookies, haters. The cupcake trend is no trend.”

Jenny’s tastes vacillate between “The Wire” and “The Bachelor.” She draws, paints and is apparently a pretty mean ping pong player. We’ve already encountered the sharp-tongued Jenny when she bashed FishbowlDC’s Peter Ogburn over a certain Daily Caller reporter’s skimpy TV attire. See the warfare here.

See the internal memo…

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CBS News Hires Tillman as Dep. Bureau Chief

CBS News has announced that Thomas Tillman will be the new Deputy Bureau Chief. He has been filling in for Jim McGlinchy for the past seven months. Higherups like that he does his job well — and apparently with a smile. Is this allowed in Washington? Hardly a newcomer, Tillman has worked at CBS for 22 years.

The news came in an internal memo from Bureau Chief Chris Isham.

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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day — Behind the Curtain in Des Moines

The Rachels: RealClearPoliticsScott Conroy says on Twitter, “What they’re watching at Santorum’s party #iacaucus.” The Rachels tortured us early Wednesday morning with a very special episode of “Up With Chris Hayes” at 1 a.m.

Fishbowl Des Moines (Adios, Mike Allen, we’re taking back the night.)

Luntz’s puffy coat

“Frank Luntz on Fox News has the biggest, puffiest down jacket I have ever seen in my life.” — Zach Wolf, ABC News Political Unit. (Photo credit: Yahoo! News’s Chris Moody.)

Confusion on the campaign trail

“Ron Paul staffer gets confused thinks I work ‘the times’ instead of ‘in these times’ asks if I want to speak to the Congressman.” — Labor journo Mike Elk.

Journo loses his belt; disaster averted

“At the lovely Capitol in Des Moines to join @BretBaier. Fortunately we’ll be seated so my lost belt shouldn’t result in YouTube hilarity.” — ReutersSam Youngman.

Birthdays: “Happy 1st birthday to Wee-Bey, the dog. The one year old goldendoodle will be celebrating by licking his balls.” — FBDC’s Peter Ogburn. (h/t Ogburn and h/t Mike Allen for h/t) Asked about presents, Peter remarked, “I did get Wee-Bey a present. The exciting new E-Book from Politico, The Right Fights Back.”

The Beauty Experts

Sarah Palin‘s half-beehive is back!” — Politico media writer Keach Hagey. (Photo credit: Business Insider’s Glynnis MacNicol.)

“Loser or not, Michelle Bachmann looks fabulous.” — HuffPost‘s Christina Wilkie. Wilkie also observed Ron Paul‘s wife, saying, “Carol Paul is rocking a fur collared coat. A big one. Indoors. At a campaign event. Thoughts? #iacaucus.”

“First time a presidential candidate’s on-stage surrogate has EVER has a neck tattoo. #iacaucus” — WaPo‘s Aaron Blake.

Lizza lets loose

“Can we all agree the Iowa Straw Paul is f*cking stupid now?” — The New Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza, who also wrote, “I picked a terrible night to be on deadline for a 10,000 word piece not about GOP politics.” But our favorite Lizza from the night is by far this: “What’s on Marcus’s lips?” (In reference to Michelle Bachmann’s hubby, Marcus.) On another note entirely, what the f$%# was Marcus doing buying their dog, Boomer, sunglasses in Iowa?

Tapper pays Busey a compliment (wink! wink!)

“I cannot understate the importance of the Gary Busey endorsement, then withdrawal of said endorsement, of @NewtGingrich.” — ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper.

Spotted: Journos being  journos

“Spotted in Des Moines, midnight Central: A bunch of reporters who thought they would be drunk and/or in bed right now.” — The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball.

Watch out. Harwood’s caffeinated.

“Modern media life: Up 4 am in Iowa. 19 hours of live shots. Charter flight to NH. Arrive hotel. Now, coffee…then more live shots.” — CNBC’s and NYT‘s John Harwood.

Arianna cracks on CNN’s John King

“Waiting for John King to get sucked into his Touch Screen Map, Poltergeist-style.” — HuffPost/AOL Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington.

And back in Washington…

The weather outside is frightful

“NEVER GOING OUTSIDE AGAIN and also other irrational things because it’s just so so cold.” WaPo‘s Lindsay Apple.

An evening in

“Leftover palak paneer? Check. Bottomless iced tea? Check. Power outlet? Check. Bring it on, Iowa. #caucus” — NPR’s Andy Carvin.

The TV Critics

“Fox News discussion hours before the caucuses: Are reporters who tweet full of themselves?” — Tribune‘s Mike Memoli.

Bret Baier back on this ‘guy in a truck’ thing…what the hell? Enough already.” — The Times of London‘s Matt Spence.

“I thought it was odd when Sanford signed off his Fox News interview with, ‘Tienes los ojos más bonitos del mundo.’ — National Review Online‘s Jim Geraghty on former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford‘s punditry appearance on FNC last night.

“Gingrich translated: ‘If the truth hurts, fuck you.’” — Metro Weekly Co-Publisher Sean Bugg.

Marcus Bachmann would have made a lovely first lady. #iacaucus” — Crooks & Liars’ Tina Dupuy.

“As Ron Paul speaks, Rand is standing behind him looking like he’s at a funeral.” — The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball.

“I think we can all agree that Boomer Bachmann getting new sunglasses was more interesting than this speech.” — FNC Democratic political analyst and Daily Beast columnist Kirsten Powers.

Teeth brushing or Romney speech? That’s easy.

“How captivated was I by Romney’s stump/victory speech? Half-way through, I ran to brush my teeth.” – Roll Call’s Shira Toeplitz.

Why Santorum? Well, for one thing…

“I am rooting for Santorum to win because, as far as I am aware, he has not strapped a dog to his car while driving long distances.” — Activist and former DCist writer Dave Stroup.

Hawaiian Pool Duty comes to a close

“Just checked out of my room in Hawaii. The president’s vacation is over for him and now for me too. I’m relieved.” — Politico‘s Jennifer Epstein.

Makeup lady on Roland Martin

“Doing @rolandsmartin makeup. He’s bringing some soul to the makeup room!” –  Stevie Martin.

Boybander pledges quality

“My pledge to you: writing on a short deadline does not give me license to mix metaphors. Danger Room: Where Quality Is Job #1.” — Wired‘s Spencer Ackerman.

Tracy gets racy

“No, I will not be CAUCUSING tonight. Sounds a bit perverse.” — Cheoff Geoff Tracy, husband to CBS Chief White House Correspondent Norah O’Donnell.

Holy S#%t! Tschida’s got rats

“So exterminator confirms I have very SMART rats. They dodge the traps and gorge on bananas. Just realized… I’d prefer ghosts.” — ABC7 reporter Stephen Tschida.

Convo Between Two Journos

The Guardian‘s Ana Marie Cox: “Fox News turning out to be a really good source for news about the bottom four candidates.” Lizza: “Future on-air talent.”


“I won’t do a ‘Must Credit BuzzFeed.’ But please do credit BuzzFeed. We’re a fragile young thing.” — BuzzFeed Editor Ben Smith on their exclusive that Sen. McCain plans to endorse Romney today.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“I hate politicians who say they aren’t politicians. Even if they’re wearing a super-cute blue blazer.” — Metro Weekly‘s Mr. Bugg. Congrats Bugg! You’ve won back your crown.


Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day


“Just saw Callista sign bunch of autographs with first name only, #madonna-like” — NYT‘s Mark Leibovich.

Blogger witnesses double trouble aboard train

“Elderly twin sisters board the Acela and sit next to me. Except they meant to board regular Amtrak. Emotions are running high!” — American Enterprise Institute’s Columnist and Blogger Jim Pethokoukis.

The Traveling Boybanders

“Oy. Long delay in ATL, America’s dullest large airport.” — Slate‘s Matt Yglesias.

You’ve been warned…

“Headed to IA in 26 hours, to write stories like ‘In Iowa, it’s up for grabs’ & ‘Republicans want to try to win this election’” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel.

Memorable Metaphors

“Listening to @MichelleFields preach about journalism on @cspan is like Chef Boyardee talking about fine Italian cooking.” — FBDC Washington-based reader Eric Wilkens.

“Loved the news today. Michelle Fields is changing the face of journalism and I’m so happy she’s the Christ that has risen! — FBDC reader who signed his note, WWMFD? Anonymous.

Want to intern for PBS’s “Washington Week” with Gwen Ifill? Read more about it here.

HuffPost or BuzzFeed?

“The top 10 animal news stories of 2011.” See here.  — Answer: HuffPost.

Isn’t it ironic? Just back fresh and rested from a ski trip, BigGov Founder Andrew Breitbart engages us in a Twitter battle royale Tuesday on sexism and fairness in covering conservative journos. What we learned from him: He thinks much of the free world (except those who write for his sites when they’re not busy digging up pictures of 4-year-old girls to use for pedophilia accusations against other conservative journos) is sexist and biased when covering conservative media. But  Breitbart wears blinders when it comes to the sexist pig in his midst. In the middle of all that, I get a reminder from LinkedIn about my invitation from former TWT Editor Rich Miniter, who was involved in a domestic violence dispute last summer and subsequently cleared of the charges. Still, Miniter isn’t the bell of any ball in Washington. An FBDC reader who knew of the Miniter invite writes in, “You’re a toilet today, shit flying at you from all over. And this one is a literal piece of shit.”

And now a word from a Breitbart goon: LastBrainLeft: “@FishbowlDC Bitch, your entire twitter feed is an exercise in progressive, liberal partisanship. The more you tweet, the deeper the hole.” And a note for FBDC’s Peter Ogburn from damning “Darcy”: “You’re kind of a dick. And jealousy is…well, you’re a dick, anyway.”

Three Views of the Michelle Fields’ C-SPAN Video

“How low does the bar have to be for her to clear it? Her biggest accomplishments in journalism are getting knocked over while being where she shouldn’t have been in Occupy Wall Street and having Matt Damon swear at her. Next stop: Pulitzer!” — Anonymous conservative male D.C. journo.

“I’m a conservative woman and I sure as hell don’t look to her for anything other than hair tips. Andrew Breitbart is off the mark here by like a a continent. The lack of oxygen at the ski resort is making him confuse a two-bit dimwit for a serious female conservative political leader. And I’m quite sure that Palin, Bachmann et al don’t want to be lumped in with this child.” — Anonymous conservative female D.C. journo.

I don’t understand where all this vitriol towards her is coming from. She’s done bold work; if only other young people were as driven as her. Agree or disagree with her politics, she’s done bold work” — Jeff Loveness, Michelle Fields’ boyfriend, in comments on FishbowlDC.

James O’Keefe is a big Fields supporter

“CSPAN interview w/ video journalist @MichelleFields. DC reporters could learn things from her.” — O’Keefe in a Tuesday tweet. O’Keefe considers himself a “community organizer of citizen journalists.”

Convo Between Two Politico/Media Types

GOProud Founder Jimmy LaSalvia: “Hey Prince Charming, call me. I need to tell you where to find me New Year’s Eve.” Slate’s Weigel: “You have my number.” LaSalvia: “Dave Weigel did you just come out?”


Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day


“Had pleasure of meeting Christopher Hitchens at a dinner party. He told great stories, holding the fullest glass of wine I’ve ever seen.” — NPR’s Ben Bergman, a producer for “Morning Edition” in Los Angeles.

“Hitchens, someone I greatly admired, then no longer admired, had the honor to argue w/, bitterly. All said, he lived a very big life. RIP.” — TPM Editor-in-Chief Josh Marshall.

“It’s selfish, but always dreamed of one day being the kind of person about whom Hitchens would say, ‘That guy’s all right.’” — Former White House speechwriter Jon Lovett.

“Hitch is dead. Glad I’m at a bar. I think he’d be glad his fans are at a bar.” — WCP‘s Ben Freed.



“My fat ass is wishing I still had leftovers from Matchbox… Another time I suppose.” Washington Business Journal designer Timothy Wong.

What long, boring story does Washingtonian suggest that you read on your commute home? “A #longread for your commute home: As Dulles hits 50, it’s time to look back.” See the story here.

Journo Hate Mail

“Apparently Fishbowl would rather @MichelleFields wear a burqa when reporting. Appalling post.” — The esteemed Jenny Rogers from the esteemed TBD. Read here. And yes, all clothing worn on TV generally must meet Peter Ogburn‘s standards. Jenny wrote Ogburn on Twitter, saying, “Her retweeting a compliment isn’t nearly as weird as your post was. You’re just not going to win this one.” Did someone say winning? Fields retweeted some 46 compliments about herself after a recent appearance on FNC’s “Red Eye.” Idiocy isn’t required in everyday journalism, Jenny.

From the GOP Presidential Debate…

“Ron Paul probably has no clue what the Gchat noise is from.” — NJ‘s Ethan Klapper.

“Bachmann’s eyelashes? Used to be Ron Paul’s eyebrows. #iowadebate.” — NY Mag’s John Heilemann.

“When candidates go over time, should have Gilbert Gottfried yell ‘Just shut up. Please’. I mean, he can’t be busy right? #iowadebate.” — WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza, who scarfed down Oreos while watching last night’s debate.

Michele Bachmann needs to fire her make-up person.” …”Lighting on Megyn Kelly is horrible.” — The Daily Caller‘s Michelle Fields, an obvious beauty expert.

“Perry just mentioned ‘getting it on’ with President Obama. Uhhh, awkward. #iowadebate.” — The Hill‘s Howiella Kurtz (a.k.a. Judy Kurtz).

“Brett Baier: And a topic that has not be raised in any of the debates so far: bestiality.” — The Daily Caller‘s Jamie Weinstein in a reference from a White House briefing Thursday in which ABC’s Jake Tapper complained about not being called on in the proper order.  Weinstein was inspired by Baier’s pre-commercial tease. He said when they come back they’d have a question yet to be brought up at any of the debates.

“Is Newt a just bit more condescending to women? Or is he an equal opportunities patroniser?” — Times of London reporter Nico Hines.

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

NPR’s Fresh Air Gives the World the Middle Finger

“To people who write in and say we’re dumbing the show down when we air TV interviews, you have the option of turning us off.” — @nprfreshair in the most refreshing tweet of the day.

Perino brags: ‘I knew more’

“DANA PERINO on DC press corps: ‘I always knew more than they did.’” — NY Mag’s Gabriel Sherman of the former Bush White House Spokeswoman and Fox News Political Analyst.

Why a reporter loves his job…

“Another reason I love this job: Desk just told me I have to go to New Orleans for a story. Tonight. Scrambling for flight now! #neverdull” — CNBC’s Eamon Javers.

Boybander goofs off while working

“Getting a really good recording of the college kids in front of me who are flirting instead of listening to the strategy session.” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel, who, er, clearly wasn’t listening either?

Major Brownie Points

“1:22 PM, at home with my beloved Annie. Married life is a blessing.” — NJ‘s Yochi Dreazen.

Bulimic journo on the loose?

“‘I’m going to have like nine slices. Is that okay?’ — famished journo vets his pro-gorging strategy before attacking Armand’s pizza buffet.” — Roll Call HOH Writer Warren Rojas.

But more importantly…

Bret Baier was in the Minneapolis Airport Tuesday and a follower had a great suggestion for him: “You should visit the infamous Larry Craig bathroom stall while you’re there!” The anchor replied, “I’ll pass on that attraction thanks.”

Hey! Where’s our fleece goddammit?!

“Big thanks to @HowardMortman for sending a @CSPAN #Campaign2012 fleece to keep me warm in Iowa next month!” — Facebook’s Andrew Noyes.

Birthday shout-out to… FishbowlDC’s new addition Peter Ogburn who didn’t BOTHER to tell us it was his birthday yesterday. What, no Playbook mention? Happy Birthday to Peter. (h/t Clearly an enemy.)

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“I am the world’s most talented procrastinator.” — Roll Call‘s Meredith Shiner.

Welcome to the Fishbowl

Dear Readers,

This week you’ll notice new splashes in the Fishbowl. After weeks of tryouts, we’ve chosen our contributors. You’ve seen some of their work already and in days to come you’ll see much more. They are Peter Ogburn and Eddie Scarry. Strangely, they are both South Carolina natives. Eddie was raised in Goose Creek, just outside Charleston. He swears that’s his real name and not one he dreamed up to make people fear him. He came to Washington in September 2010 after finishing school at Winthrop University. Before graduation, a well-known journo came to visit. “The Chicago Tribune‘s Clarence Page told me if I wanted to work in political news media, I should come here,” he told me. “So I did.” Peter, meanwhile, hails from Charleston. He’s been in Washington for seven years (which he claims feels like 50 in real time). He does a few triathlons each year. He collects antique radios and is a recovering comic book nerd. He wakes at 3:15 a.m. each morning.

Peter’s other job is as Executive Producer for the lefty Bill Press Radio Show and Eddie is a Washington writer for the righty New York-based online pub, The Blaze.

FishbowlDC covers right, left and everything in between. Posts will not favor any political leaning and sorry, Bill Press, you’re not out of the hot seat. We hear Amtrak hot dogs are delicious this time of year. Needless to say, Peter will not write about his boss and Eddie will not favor conservative journos.

Please welcome them to the treacherous waters.


FishbowlDC Management

Bill Press Show Now Like an Act of Terror

Nowadays lefty radio host Bill Press and “Team Press”, which consists of Associate Producer Dan Henning and Executive Producer Peter Ogburn, must be conscious of how they look as well as how they sound.

The Bill Press Show is now being live streamed, allowing listeners to watch the jocular all-male trio banter about the news and jab at one another. They encouraged readers to call in, even if just to complain about Press being “off the wall” or incessantly wearing a black tie.

“Look at your radio,” Press urged listeners. “If you see something, say something.” Ogburn (the blonde below) laughed. “We are just like an act of terror,” he said. In spectacular unison they declared: “If you see something, say something.”

Henning (at left) was somewhat discombobulated. “You awake Dan?” asked Press. Henning confessed,”I only have half my coffee this morning because I spilled it, I spilled it getting out of the car.”

“It’s a tough day,” Press cracked. “Go back to bed and come back.”

Press mentioned POTUS’s speech in North Carolina on Wednesday. The hall had no AC. “It was like a sauna,” he said. “It was steaming.” Ogburn wondered seriously, “Why would they have no air conditioning?”

But more troubling to him was the idea of CBS White House radio reporter Mark Knoller in a boiling room. Apparently Knoller had informed Press about the AC issue. Ogburn was beside himself. “I’m just saying, if there is one person I don’t want to get stuck with in a hot non-air-conditioned room it might be Mark Knoller,” he said. Press intervened, “Careful here.”

Obgurn snickered, “I like Mark. I’m just saying, he looks like he knows how to sweat, I’ll put it that way.”

Watch here.