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Clickbait: Free Beacon’s Next Top Model-American


Yesterday, Free Beacon’s Robert Charette graciously welcomed swimsuit model Anne Vyalitsyna to that one awesome country, that everyone likes, and has ranked #1 in freedom for over 237 straight years. That one. Yeah, that’s right! This one! She’s part of Team U.S.A. now! A stunningly beautiful swimsuit model from Europe became a naturalized American citizen, proving that our current immigration system ain’t all that bad (except in basically every other way).

Follow the jump for more about America’s impressive new catch!

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Afternoon Reading List 10.28.13


News network aimed at Hispanic millenials launches today: According to their story on ReutersLisa Richwine and David Adams report that Walt Disney Co’s ABC, in collaboration with the Spanish-language network Univision Communications Inc, will launch a new network aimed at a specific group of millenials. Fusion, the new network, will be an English-language channel, focusing on the fastest growing segments of the U.S. population: young Latinos and millenials.

Why you should read it: Fusion will “blend hard news, satire and pop culture,” using politicians, reporters, and hand-puppets. You know, to make the news more like an episode of the “Muppet Babies,” just with hard news and Latin flavor. ¡Viva Televisión! Read more here.

The NSA is at it again!: According to TWT news writer Cheryl K. Chumley, the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, is pretty peeved at the National Security Agency. The newspaper accuses the them of tapping over 60 million phone calls in Spain between December 2012 and January 2013. That’s 60 million telephones tapped in just that one month! Of course, it’s Edward Snowden‘s fault. El Mundo reported that the info came from Snowden’s leaks from May of this year.

Why you should read it: If El Mundo’s claims are true, then that means the government is way more competent and effective than anyone had thought or has ever experienced. Take notes, Department of Motor Vehicles. They’re making you look like a bunch of chumps! Read more here.

Which local newsperson is Free Beacon’s reporter of the week?

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Click Bait: Free Beacon’s Buff Babes

Yesterday, the Free Beacon‘s Associate Editor Robert Charette posted this article to their Editor’s Blog.  If you’ve ever wondered what giant women carrying large catfish actually look like in real life, check out the Free Beacon (because maybe they’re into that kind of stuff). Free Beacon is actually pushing for women here — they say females are just as good as males at Noodling, a sport in the south in which enthusiasts wrangle catfish with their bare hands.

Afternoon Reading List 07.03.12

What’s happening in Egypt? — Protestors in Egypt are turning out in massive numbers and now have the support of country’s military, leaving the Egypt’s president, Mohammed Morsi, on the verge of being overthrown. With the dramatic developments to the story in Egypt, television networks undoubtedly had live coverage and analysis of the events taking place, right? Well, not really. As HuffPost’s Jack Mirkinson reports, MSNBC, Fox News and CNN were covering the George Zimmerman trial all day and showed very little of the conflict in Egypt. The trial had ended by the time Morsi gave a live address to attempt to save himself from being ousted. Instead of airing the speech, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews showed some footage of the protests before going to commercial, returning with a segment on Michelle Obama and Laura Bush. Fox News covered a story about the Facebook page of a 19-year-old. On CNN, Wolf Blitzer mentioned Morsi’s address and said the network was “monitoring” it, noting that something “historic” was happening in Egypt before focusing on the Zimmerman trial. CNN did have segments from Blitzer and Anderson Cooper on the uprising and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was the lone anchor from his network to have extended coverage, devoting two segments to the conflict.

Why you should read it: You may have been one of the people forced to go online for updates on what was happening in Egypt.


Don’t plot me, bro — NPR and Buzzfeed recently tried to define what makes a bro. But Robert Charette, associate editor of the Washington Free Beacon, writes in a blog post that the two media organizations are themselves “not ‘bro.’” Charette credits NPR for their use of Venn diagrams to explain their bro theory, but criticizes Buzzfeed’s “X/Y Axis measuring between ‘high-brow’ and ‘low-brow’ and ‘mildly bro’ to ‘something-something-we’re-trying-way-to0-hard-bro.’ I made the last one up.” Whoa, bro. In fact, the X axis measures from “mildly bro” to “broier than cologne-flavored muscle milk” (well, Charette pretty much nailed it). Buzzfeed also in the chart, which shows books that bros supposedly read, labels bros as “hilariously overconfident dudes,” which Charette doesn’t appreciate. “Overconfident dudes make this nation great,” he argues after referencing Michael Jordan, Bill Gates and Bubba Watson. Charette also doesn’t appreciate the lack of context with the plotting of all the book titles, wondering what “makes The Great Gatsby ‘broier than cologne-flavored muscle milk.’” Charette said the ideal bro graphic would show that “bros either read ‘Bar Stool Sports,’ or ‘The Chive,’ or ‘Both Bar Stool Sports and the Chive.’” Don’t worry, bro, we made one that will make you proud. Just one question: is the Free Beacon anywhere on the radar of bros?

Why you should read it: Bro, besides standing up for true broism, it has not one, but two GIFs for your viewing pleasure.

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