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Gabe Sherman Feted by Liberal Group

Party people: PFAW and friends let loose.

Party people: PFAW and friends let loose.

People for the American Way (PFAW) hosted a little office-building soiree for Gabe Sherman‘s book, The Loudest Voice in the Room, the other day. And though Gabe received his due plaudits from the left-leaning crowd, the name on everyone’s lips was Roger Ailes.

In his introduction, Sherman and PFAW President Michael Keegan both spoke of meeting the Fox News President at an event hosted by The Hollywood Reporter in New York while Sherman was working on his book. While Keegan’s interaction with Ailes was genial (with Ailes complimenting PFAW’s work), Sherman’s, only a few minutes later, wasn’t.

Ailes insisted that Sherman “stop harassing [his] wife” and eventually blustered that “you’re only able to write your book because I’ve been protecting the First Amendment!”

PFAW Pres. __ introduces the man of the hour.

PFAW Pres. Michael Keegan introduces the man of the hour.

In a Q&A later, Sherman pointed to demographic trends as an existential threat to Ailes’ network. He also speculated that Ailes and Fox News still haven’t figured out how to cover the brewing civil war in the GOP, but “if people are shooting at each other, he wants them shooting on Fox.”

Other guests included Josh Keating of Slate, Asawin Suebsaeng and Patrick Caldwell of Mother Jones, Jim Newell of The Guardian, and Stephanie Green of Bloomberg.

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Greta Van Susteren: Anonymous Sources Are Full of S#!&

The thing to like about Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren is that she marches to her own drummer and doesn’t worry about who she might upset, including the volatile PR-wing of her company. Wednesday was no exception as she went on a fantastic rant about anonymous sourcing. Her show isn’t called “On the Record” for nothing. Guess what? She’s sick of it.

“At the risk of getting into trouble by sticking my nose into this…..I do think in a perverse way this stuff about Roger Ailes being isolated and Brian Lewis the #2 is all silly but it is another perfect example of why anonymous sources are so full of ****,” she wrote on her Gretawire blog. 

What are they full of sh-t about? Well, first off, Fox News President Roger Ailes being “isolated.” And second, in her view Brian Lewis is not #2 at the network. Whaaa?! Read more

Howard Kurtz Has History of Ripping Fox News

How awkward.

As first reported by Mediaite, CNN’s Howard Kurtz is jumping ship and landing on the Good Ship Fox News. Good for him, right? Especially after being canned by Newsweek/The Daily Beast. But what about all those times he’s crapped on FNC over the years? Water under the bridge?

Personally, we can’t wait to hear Kurtz use the “fair and balanced” catch phrase. But first, a little look-see at what Kurtz has said about his new home.

Take Nov. 28, 2012, when Kurtz wrote that “Fox should have let Rick speak” on This was a story about veteran military reporter Thomas Ricks, who went on Fox News and trashed the network for its Benghazi coverage. They cut him off. The segment ended 90 seconds after it began. Kurtz wrote, “Some of those who love to dish it out, it seems, aren’t very big on taking it.”

He went to say this behavior is not limited to Fox News, but conveyed that Fox News was wrong. “Was Ricks being deliberately provocative?” wrote Kurtz. “Perhaps he was, for controversy sells books. And maybe his criticism was overstated. But the fact remains that he was invited as a guest, was asked about the Libya attack and responded in a way that made Fox’s relentless coverage of the controversy part of the story. And that was deemed unacceptable.”

In late March of this year, he did a segment on Zev Chafets‘ book on Fox News President Roger Ailes. “Roger Ailes has built a powerhouse organization — no question about it. But it is probably the most controversial news organization on the air.” He showed a clip of Ailes saying there are no conservative voices on other networks. Howie opined, “That’s not quite true.” Kurtz pressed Chafets hard on the fact that it wasn’t an “authorized biography.” He asked him to name “one critical thing that troubles him ” about Ailes. He couldn’t. “Nothing troubles me,” said Chafets.

He’s also not likely to become bosom buddies with new colleague Sean Hannity anytime soon. Read more

Separated at Birth: Fox News’ Roger Ailes

The big guy over at Fox News — that would be Roger Ailes, not Bill O’Reilly no matter what he thinks — has an unbelievable twin out there. It’s the late suspense filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. Ailes is on the left, Hitchcock on the right.

Fox’s Roger Ailes Seizes the Moment

So you’ve been given a major award and you plan to graciously accept it with a speech about how you got where you are in life, the people who helped you along the way, how humbled you are to even have been nominated, etc., etc., etc. Well, you’re a fool.

Take a lesson from Fox New Chairman Roger Ailes, who knows exactly what award acceptance speeches are really for: shrewd attacks on political enemies, deft displays of one’s lack of self-awareness and boldly told, yet mostly discredited conspiracy theories.

Ailes was at the Kennedy Center last night to receive the Bradley Prize from the Bradley Foundation, a conservative group that honors those it thinks have most advanced its mission of limited government and free markets. After Ailes said he was donating the $250,000 that comes with the award to a charity for senior citizens, he got right down to business. Here’s the Cliff Notes version: American exceptionalism, immigrants, Benghazi, President Obama, election fraud (with poor people), immigration again, the IRS, healthcare, and some more American exceptionalism. Read on for a few choice selections:

Read more

Separated at Birth: CNN’s Ferrick, FNC’s Perino

We have a few lookalikes on the table today. They come from opposing networks. No matter. Even if Roger Ailes forbids it, they could still be sisters from the start. There’s CNN’s Deb Ferrick and FNC’s Dana Perino. Ferrick also looks like Betty Buckley, the actress who played “Abby Bradford” (the stepmother) on “Eight is Enough.”

Ferrick and Buckley

Here we have Ferrick with Perino with identical hairdos.


Dana Perino with actress Cameron Diaz

See more Perino lookalikes… Read more

Politico’s ‘Lifetime’ Ban From FNC; Was It Ben Smith’s Fault?

It’s well known that the staff at Politico is between the sheets with MSNBC and on the outs with FNC. An excerpt from the to-be-released An Atheist in the FOXhole published by Salon confirms that fact and provides a little more detail:

Sometimes entire organizations were given lifetime bans [at Fox News]. The website Politico wrote something a few years back that rubbed Roger the wrong way (we were never told what exactly the transgression was) and word went out to all the shows: No more Politico reporters as guests. Also, any anchors who mentioned the site on air had to use the phrase “left-wing Politico” — an absurd designation for a publication that usually played it down the middle.

A web search shows Politico has, in the past, been referred to as “liberal” or “lefty” at FNC. Those references seemed to take place exclusively on FNC’s morning show “Fox & Friends” and with particular zeal from co-host Steve Doocy.

It’s common knowledge that many current and former reporters at Politico (and a lot of different publications on Planet Earth) are on the outs with FNC and FNC PR in particular, with editors and scribes dealing with intense squabbles. But is Ben Smith to blame for the deep rift? Read more

Breitbart News Defiant in Attacking Gabriel Sherman’s Mental State

It’s a story that you almost have to read in a pitch-black room, huddled under a blanket with a flashlight.

On Sunday night Breitbart News published a massive hit piece on New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman, who is presently working on a book about FNC and its CEO Roger Ailes. The story appears under the byline “Capitol Confidential” and is mostly a chronicle of the seemingly contentious relationship between Sherman and FNC. But sprinkled throughout are several unsubstantiated “holy shit!”-level digs at Sherman.

One assertion is that Sherman’s book, previously scheduled to publish this past May, has had its release date pushed to next January because the publishing house found the copy inadequate. “In the book world, that’s not a good sign,” the story says. “Typically, it means the publisher deems the manuscript to be unacceptable.” The story makes the additional leap that “desperation is taking its toll on young Sherman’s mind,” as he searches for “new and juicier material.”

Aside from a separate, anonymously-sourced piece in Breitbart that alleges Sherman’s publisher “must be freaking out,” the claim is baseless. One person who works at the top levels of a national book publisher in D.C. told FishbowlDC that any number of reasons can lead to delaying a book’s release. “Most likely, the author missed the deadline,” he said. “That could mean a number of things but a writer needing more time is not uncommon (happens all the time). It could also mean that retailers have asked the publisher for a different date because of potential promotions that can help move the book.”

Asked about the claim and to explain the “Capitol Confidential” byline, Breitbart News provided a statement to FishbowlDC… Read more

Was Rivera Muzzled? A Tale of the Tape

One man’s cut is another man’s dip is another man’s “Sorry, I’m not hearing anything.”

On Monday NYT‘s Brian Stelter reported on a bit from an upcoming book by Bloomberg View‘s Jonathan Alter. The part in question alleges that just days before the 2012 presidential election, nearly two months after terrorist attacks on a U.S. consulate in Libya, FNC CEO Roger Ailes personally called one of his channel’s producers and ordered that Geraldo Rivera‘s mic be cut.

In the segment in which Rivera appeared, he criticized his colleague Eric Bolling for what he said was politicizing the attack. As the segment droned on for seven minutes, Ailes ordered the muzzling of Rivera, according to Alter’s book.

Stelter wrote that he sought comment from FNC, which never returned his request (not unusual for the channel’s illustriously choosy PR department). Instead, a spokesperson for FNC went to Mediaite and gave them their side: It was that FNC Executive Vice President of Programming Bill Shine, who called up the producer and ordered not Rivera’s mic be cut, but that the show’s hosts move on to another, less emotionally-charged subject. (The next segment was on immigration, not at all an polarizing topic).

Rivera denied Alter’s account in a tweet. Alter replied, asking why Rivera’s “office” didn’t deny the claim when he called to ask about it. “Specifically to Jonathan Alter, I like you mate,” Rivera countered, “but you never spoke with me about Benghazi and you never asked if Roger Ailes cut my mic.”

Mediaite‘s Andrew Kirell posted the full video from the segment in question, noting that “At no point during the segment is Rivera inaudible.”

Oliver Willis over at the anti-FNC Media Matters disagreed. He also posted the full video, claiming to hear “a change in Rivera’s microphone volume.”

What you can take away from watching and listening to either clip… Read more

Ask Piranhamous Anything

Here is this week’s installment of “Ask Piranhamous Anything.”  If you have a question you’d like “snarked to death,” send it to This isn’t an advice column. Piranhamous doesn’t know what the hell you should do with your life any more than you do — and worse, he doesn’t care. Try to keep your questions short — we want to keep this fun, simple, funny and insightful.

Why should conservatives go to Erick Erickson’s Redstate event if he didn’t go to CPAC this year?

I notice Erick wasn’t at CPAC, but I have no idea why. What the two events offer are completely different. If both suit your needs, then yes. Attending a conference isn’t a favor, or at least shouldn’t be. If it is, no one should attend it.

Does Roger Ailes deserve to have two books written about him?

Yes. The guy started and runs the most successful news organization in the last half century – he deserves a mini-series. It’s funny to me to see leftists complain about him and pre-praise a book about him when his only “sin” is to swim upstream. There was a time when liberals were all in favor of “speaking truth to power” and being rebels (and not just in the Civil War), but now they hate, just absolutely HATE, anyone who dares to question their orthodoxy. So yes, Ailes deserves two books, three books or as many books as people can write. The more we learn about a man willing to give the institutional media power structure the finger the better.

Our last questions pertain to WaPo‘s pay wall and Jonathan Krohn getting “bullied” at CPAC… Read more