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Palin, Cee Lo Create Spectacle @ MSNBC After Party

While attendees at another post-WHCD party struggled to gain admittance due to their host’s chronic and unapologetic guest list failures, MSNBC’s guests breezed though check-in and down a sprawling red carpet to the Italian Embassy.  Rather than watching celebrities make their way to an isolated VIP space, MSNBC’s guests rubbed elbows with the likes of Glee’s Jayne Lynch, SNL’s Andy Samberg, Valerie Jarrett, Meghan McCain, Eliot Spitzer, Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ), Bristol Palin with aunt Molly McCann and Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL).

Perhaps the weekend’s best event, MSNBC’s soiree drew a huge array of journalists – many from competitive networks.   CNN was represented by Ed Henry and Shirley Hung Henry, Edie Emery, Peter Hamby, Mark Whitaker, Sam Feist, Roland Martin, David Bohrman, and Christa Robinson.  We spotted ABC’s Rick Klein, Jim Sciutto and Polson Kanneth, as well as CBS’s Christine Delargy.  Fox News anchor Bret Baier was there.   And so was Greta Van Susteren who made quite an entrance when she and husband John Coale appeared with Todd and Sarah Palin.  The family Palin was swarmed by cameras and party-goers only moments before Cee Lo Green took the stage to perform a short set including his hit song “F**k You.”  As Palin posed for what seemed like thousands of photos, Todd, Bristol and Molly conversed with the hoards of guests who circled their table in the room’s far corner.

“We’re still getting used to this,” Sarah’s sister Molly admitted to FishbowlDC.  “I find it kind of exciting but I’m not around it all the time,” she added.

As we turned away, we nearly bumped into WaPo‘s Ezra Klein who was doing a drive-by “Mean Girls” impression.  The liberal blogger laughed out loud and rolled his eyes as he passed by Palin-palooza.  Back on the dance floor, another former governor was getting a different kind of attention from one Kiki Ryan.  The fearless reporter’s blonde ambition must have been in overdrive on Saturday because we hear she tried to persuade Eliot Spitzer to shake his groove thing.  He kindly declined:

From @burgerinfo:
@keeekster(@Italian Em):Mr. Spitzer,would you like to dance?
Spitzer: Dancings not really my forte
@keeekster:Thats not what I hear #winning

Besides our favorite celebrity bartender and TV host Rachel Maddow who spent the evening slinging drinks, NBCers like Luke Russert, Kelly O’Donnell, Domenico Montanaro, Phil Griffin, Tanya Hayre, Ed Schultz, Dylan Ratigan, Erika Masonhall, Betsy Fischer, Savannah Guthrie and Contessa Brewer were among the guests gifted Starbucks swag, a slice of pizza and bottle of Fiji as they left the fete in the morning’s wee hours.

Palin Sends Nasty E-mail to Time

Last week, US Weekly reported that Sarah Palin had called in to Fox News host Sean Hannity‘s radio show following Christina Aguilera‘s National Anthem Superbowl flub and called the singer an “airhead.” What US weekly hadn’t bothered to check was whether the story was even real.

It wasn’t.

The comment was made up by a satirical “news” site, Super Tuesday News. US Weekly has removed the post from their website.

Time magazine, meanwhile used the same satirical source to cite a quote in their blog post, claiming that Palin had said she wanted Aguilera deported. Glynnis MacNicol at Business Insider chronicles the whole saga.

Palin e-mailed Time‘s Jay Newton-Small for a correction:

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The Weekly Standard Kicks Dissing Sarah P. Up a Notch

The Weekly Standard, often credited with launching the stardom of Sarah Palin’s, did something unthinkable in right wing world over the weekend:  They took a whack at the former V.P. hopeful, Alaskan Gov. and now TLC reality TV star in their pages. Not that we haven’t seen major hints of the GOP tiring of her with Fox News Contributor Karl Rove’s recent dismissals of her, but the story by Matt Labash loudly and clearly knocks her in ways the magazine rarely has. Even the headline mocks: “R U Lovin’ Sarah’s Alaska?’

The story ridicules Palin for everything from her unsophisticated tweets to her “flippin’” way of talking to dragging the fam onto a “tacky reality show.” Will The Weekly Standard now be part of the “lamestream media,” as Palin puts it?

An excerpt:

Gravitas, it’s safe to say, is the enemy of freedom. And freedom is about motion—being in it, staying in it. On the show, this involves seein’, and doin’, and experiencin’ things that don’t require a “g” on the end of them, such as shootin’, and rock climbin’, and snow machinin’, and clubbin’ halibut over the head (“let me see the club, you look crazy,” says Bristol to her mom when they do the deed on a commercial fishing boat) and media-critiquin’ and BlackBerryin’, which Palin gets caught doing even in the midst of wilderness adventures.

Described in detail are other reality shows airing alongside “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” such as “Ton of Love” and “The Man With Half a Body.” Read after the jump…

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Lede du Jour: Sarah’s Salmony Slanket

The lede of the day goes to WaPo‘s Hank Stuever for his use of the term “slanket” in describing Sarah Palin‘s FNC ensemble last night:

“On election night, Sarah Palin served as Fox News Channel’s personification of hope – its poetic muse and telegenic Wonder Woman (in no-costume Diana Prince mode), wearing a salmony red dress that looked, on camera, like an elegant, soft Slanket clipped at the collar with a microphone.”

Check out Stuever’s full piece, “Election coverage: Difficult to watch, impossible to look away” here

h/t Ally G

Joy Behar Doesn’t Give a F–k about Beck and Resents Sen. McCain

Joy-Behar.jpg That Joy Behar doesn’t hold anything back.

“Glenn Beck I don’t hate you I don’t give a flying f–k about you,” the talk show maven said on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno Tuesday night about the FNC host, explaining she has been on Beck’s worst person’s list. Behar has her own talk show on HLN and appears daily on ABC’s “The View”.

Behar also went off on Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) for turning down an invitation to come on “The View” after he appeared on the show during the election (funny, he didn’t like dealing with her campaign critiques). “He went back to Vietnam and forgave them,” she said of his Prisoner-of-War experience, “but he will not come back on The View.”

Behar said FNC’s Sarah Palin also won’t come on her show. “She says I was way too hard on her,” Behar told Leno.

The LAT’s “Top of the Ticket” blog kindly alerted us to Behar’s performance early on in the evening. Read the post and watch the must-see video here.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quote of the Day

“I know people at CNN do because we sure do cover her a lot.”
– Democratic Strategist and CNN contributor James Carville on whether he finds FNC contributor and possible presidential hopeful Sarah Palin fascinating. Carville appeared on CNN’s “Larry King” Monday night.


WaPo Has Power in Alaska

WaPo is so powerful that apparently there is more than one Washington Post, at least according to The In a story released this morning, “The Washington Posts” and ABC have released a poll that doesn’t bode well for FNC contributor Sarah Palin.

The The Alaska Standard story bears this painfully bold headline:

It is official – The political career of Sarah Palin has come to an end

The lead:
It appears Sarah Palin’s chances of winning the White House are waning. The Washington Posts reports a new ABC News poll shows the political standing of Palin has deteriorated significantly.

Read the full story here.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

“Let’s talk about the fact that you have Sarah Palin‘s weekend wardrobe.”

Clinton Kelly on TLC’s “What Not To Wear” harshly tells “Lynn”, a woman he and Stacy London are about to make over that her wardrobe needs help. Lynn takes the critique well. Her most frequently used expression is “freakin’ hot.”

Note to readers: We’ll be publishing light over the long holiday weekend, but we’ll be back in full swing on Tuesday. Enjoy the weekend.


This Peppermint Angelfish is so rare that it is considered the “holy grail” of fish and among the most expensive in the world.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

“She is the first female in politics that is good looking. It’s an amazing phenomenon.”
– guest CNBC’s Donny Deutsch on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” talking about FNC Contributor Sarah Palin.

Birthday Shout-Out: Happy Birthday to Politico’s Executive Editor Jim VandeHei. He turns 39 today.

The Coelacanth fish is not typically eaten as it emits a foul flavor. It is said to be coveted by museums and private collectors.


Fishbowl5 With Treacher: Knee to Know

DCTRAWLERohyeah.jpg Sean Medlock (AKA “Jim Treacher”), blogger for the Daily Caller is typically a well-humored guy and says it is what’s helping him cope since being struck by an SUV driven by a State Department security agent. That male employee was not cited, nor provided his information. Instead, Treacher was cited with what he calls a “fact deficient” jaywalking citation in the ER. Treacher was released from the hospital Tuesday after knee surgery that resulted in a pulmonary embolism. He’s cutting down on the ice skating and kick-boxing and is staying in an “undisclosed hotel location”. More seriously, he will have to use crutches and for longer voyages, a wheelchair.

1. How are you feeling since being released from the hospital Tuesday? Surprisingly not-awful. The knee still hurts, but most of the time when it’s still, it’s more of a constant burning sensation than a sharp pain. Dr. Wiesel and Dr. Remington and everybody else at Georgetown University Hospital did a great job of getting me back on my feet. Well, foot. I’m going to be doing physical therapy for the broken knee, which is already helping, and taking blood thinners for the pulmonary embolism that resulted from the knee injury and surgery. They’re going to be monitoring that at least once a week. So there’s still a lot of work to do, but I’m more than willing to do it. As for who’s going to pay for it all…

2. Can you walk around and are you on crutches? Is your boss, Tucker Carlson, carrying your bag and getting you food? Crutches, which I’m trying to master. I can’t put full weight on my left foot for at least three months. I’ve also got a wheelchair, in the unfortunate event that I need to go outside. No plans to do that anytime soon. Tucker’s been busy this week trying to find out who hit me and how the whole thing went down. He and Neil Patel and Moira Bagley and Laura Banos stayed in the ER with me all Wednesday night last week. And everybody at the Daily Caller has been terrific. Almost everybody I’ve talked to has been great, actually. What was the question? I’m on painkillers because a State Dept. security agent named Mike McGuinn hit me with a government SUV.

3. What do you think ought to happen to the State Department agent who hit you? Have they reached out to apologize? Do you plan to sue? Considering Mike McGuinn broke the law when he hit me and failed to identify himself to me or provide contact information, he should be subject to the same laws as everyone else in DC. Maybe that’s because I’m new here. No, nobody at State has apologized. As for suing, I just got out of the hospital and I don’t know yet. Right now I’m getting a lot of advice and I’m trying to sort through it.

Read more Treacherific details, including a word on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, after the jump…

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