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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

Royally depressing?

Prince William giving Kate Middleton the Princess Diana engagement ring seems more depressing than endearing to me. Led to divorce…” — Human Events Senior Editor Emily Miller in a Tuesday tweet.

Radio reporter engages in TSA pat-down humor

“How nice! Just got flowers from TSA officer, thanking me for wonderful pat-down this weekend.” — NPR Host of “Weekend Edition Saturday” Scott Simon in a Wednesday morning tweet.

Roll Call‘s strange-sounding headline

“Incumbent Bean Concedes Illinois House Race”

Politico reporter observes The Atlantic

The Atlantic‘s James Bennet‘s voice tone is strikingly similar to his brother’s, Sen. Michael Bennet. #intellectualdrawl” — Politico‘s Dave Catanese in a Wednesday morning tweet.

McClatchy reporter gets hair trim in Cairo

“At the barbershop in Cairo today, realized my last four haircuts have been in four different countries. I need to travel less.” — McClatchy‘s Shashank Bengali in a Facebook update earlier this week.

Journo struggles with gum on roof of mouth

“J. Taylor Rushing is so busy and tired he can’t scrape the gum off the roof of his mouth. And it’s cherry. I HATE cherry” — The Hill‘s Senate scribe J. Taylor Rushing in a Tuesday Facebook update (by far, the absolute best Facebook update we’ve seen in months.)

The Daily Baller mildly fears for his life

“Hot coffee caused a piece of Nicorette to disintegrate in my mouth, so I swallowed it. Will I die?” — The Daily Caller‘s Mike Riggs in a Tuesday tweet.


“Unfortunate @rollcall headline this AM: Rangel Trial Goes Dark. Why not say fades to black?” — Time‘s Jay Newton-Small in a Tuesday tweet.

Author explores female pols and penises

“And yes, let’s get it out of of the way: Penis enlargements do include Pelosi, Palin, Bachman [sic]. Wait until they get body scanned.” — Author Buzz Bissinger in a dizzying array of bodily tweets this morning. He also wrote, “TSA scanner body search policy? We are Americans. Who the fuck wants to look at our naked bodies anyway.”

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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Stench reminds reporter of D.C.

“Should have added that the dominant smell in this capital is of cattle excrement, but that would have evoked comparisons to D.C.” — McClatchy’s Shashank Bengali in a Facebook update Monday from Juba, in southern Sudan. Bengali was among our “Fishbowl Finest” list of 2010 beautiful journalists.

Juan: good NPR: bad

“Juan Williams handled the NPR crisis beautifully. NPR didn’t.” — The Weekly Standard‘s Executive Editor Fred Barnes in a Monday tweet.

LA conflicted

“There seem to be so many things that are really fantastic and really terrible about Los Angeles.” — RealClearPolitics’s Scott Conroy who’s covering the trail in Los Angeles on Monday on Twitter.

Hiking in San Fran

“Climbed up a MASSIVE hill to get here (in wedges!) And now behold The Fairmont.” –Politico reporter Amie Parnes, who largely covers FLOTUS’s every move, climbing Monday to the site of a First Lady Michelle Obama, Second Lady Jill Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) fundraiser. Parnes added, “My hotel in San Fran is called The Vertigo. And there’s a reason: parts of the movie were shot here.”

Fishbowl’s Finest: Shashank Bengali



Perhaps we’ve saved best for last in McLatchy’s Shashank Bengali, our final beauty in Fishbowl’s Finest for the week. The exotic-looking Bengali has a single beauty tip: “Moving to DC!” he jokes. “I feel most attractive when it’s not 100 degrees.”

Bengali grew up in Cerritos, Calif., a suburb of L.A. His parents were both born in India. His first name translates to “part of the moon.”

He’s a worldly guy. He was McClatchy’s correspondent in sub-Saharan Africa from 2005-2009, and moved from Nairobi, Kenya to Washington in January.

He was “very embarrassed” about being on this list, but graciously agreed to answer our questions. Asked to name his favorite and least favorite features (on himself) Bengali writes the following: “Steven Strasburg’s arm and Jon Stewart’s goatee.” His celebrity crush is Top Chef Judge and food critic Padma Lakshmi. Other random details: He’s 5’7″, approximately 140 pounds (he suspects) – and single.

The FishbowlDC Interview With Shashank (NOT Shawshank) Bengali

shashankpic.jpgSay hello to Shashank Bengali, a D.C.-based reporter for McClatchy. He recently relocated to Washington from Nairobi, Kenya where he was the McClatchy correspondent in sub-Saharan Africa. Now a national correspondent, he admits to a little crush on FLOTUS. His first name translates to “part of the moon.” And, yes, people have mistakenly called him “Shawshank.” He says, “I’m used to it. It’s a great movie.”

If you were a carbonated beverage which would you be? I lived in Kenya for four years without ever getting malaria, so I guess I’d be tonic water. The British brought very few good things to their colonies but gin-and-tonics were a home run.

How often do you Google yourself? I write for a wire service so I check about once a week to see where my stories got picked up. Yeah, that sounds legitimate. Use that.

Who is your favorite working journalist? Hendrik Hertzberg

Who would you rather have dinner with – First Lady Michelle Obama or Bestselling Author and former V.P. candidate Sarah Palin? I have a little crush on the First Lady and I think she’d be a lot more interesting. But my boss would want it to be Palin. Every word she says is worth about a million page views.

When did you last cry and why? The only time I’ve ever teared up at a movie was watching “The Namesake” at the E Street Cinema a few years ago. I thought it captured the whole dynamic of Indian immigrants and their first-generation families so beautifully. I called my parents and told them to see it, and I was all emotional about it. They thought it sucked.

What word do you routinely misspell? Labyrinthine

What’s the name of your cell phone ring? Classic Phone. It’s the same BlackBerry ring that everyone else on the Metro and in our newsroom has. I should really change it.

Who is your favorite active journalist? Is “active” different from “working”? We share an office with Hearst so sometimes I ride the elevator with Helen Thomas. After the career she’s had I can’t believe she actively comes to work every day. She’s kind of amazing.

What swear word do you use most often? Snow

What word or phrase do you overuse? I f–king hate snow

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