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It has to be said: No one — and I mean, no one — chews gum with as wide of a mouth as CBS’s Jim Axelrod.

Other things we noticed while at the White House today: Were you one of the reporters who refused to wait in line to gain access to the White House? The New York Times’ Sheryl Stolberg tried the line for five minutes (“This is the line for people with hard passes?” HARD PASSES? O-kaaaay…”) before saying to-hell-with-it and skipping ahead…

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C-SPAN’s Steve Scully also didn’t last long in line before making his way to the front of the gate. American Urban Radio’s April Ryan (who has wedding planners on speed dial…) even climbed up part of the fence to alert the security to let her in.

Matt Lauer: Per usual, acts like he owns the place (and, to be fair: He probably does).

Some photogs were none too happy with the “three yahoos” standing on ladders in the front row of the press section. “I mean, I know they’re Italian press and all but…” moaned one U.S. photog.

Loads more photos after the jump and be sure to check out the Mason-ator’s photos here.

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