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Right Wing Blogger Plays the Victim

After calling out The Daily Caller‘s Jim Treacher on his deceptive spin on a news story, he wrote in to play the victim.

In a post Tuesday, we described how Treacher wouldn’t acknowledge that he was running the spin cycle by tweeting that President Obama “Talks iPod on Radio as Hurricane Hits.” The radio hit Treacher referenced had been pre-taped and aired the day Hurricane Sandy hit shore.  We chalked the whole thing up to Treacher being blindly ideological in opposing Obama and noted that he “couldn’t make his way out of a right-wing box even if he were being chased inside by a left-wing State Dept. vehicle.”

While walking to a CVS in February 2010 Treacher was hit by a State Deptartment car, resulting in a broken knee. Treacher’s accident was covered by us at least six times in the past. He blogged about it at The Daily Caller and they sent out email updates on his recovery. Now, however, it seems he’d rather we not talk about it.

“‘HA HA YOU GOT HIT BY A CAR,’” Treacher wrote in a sarcastic email after reading our post. He must no longer see the humor in things… Read more

Have You Ever Paid For Sex?

In the spring there were reports of Secret Service agents retaining prostitutes in Colombia. Now Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) has his own pay-for-sex scandal playing out, according to The Daily Caller. In both cases, the prostitutes were allegedly stiffed (meaning they weren’t paid).

Assuming the reports are true, it’s a little odd the customers wouldn’t pay up. U.S. senators and Secret Service agents aren’t exactly living at the bottom of the economic food chain.  Many journalists, however, are. And if Washington really is what everyone says — Hollywood for ugly people — paying for sex might be a necessity.

That brings us to a Fish Poll. Have you ever paid for sex? Answer in the poll below. We’ll post the results tomorrow.


Featured in Features

Today we’re checking up on what’s Washington’s feature and lifestyle stories…

Local gay author scared to write at night profiled by MetroWeeklyLee Hayes, a gay author who lives in Brandywine, Md., tells Will O’Bryan for MetroWeekly that he’s scared to write his scary stories at night. “The house kind of creeps me out,” he says. ”I’ll just have to write in the daytime.” Hayes typically writes novels with gay themes but his latest is a super natural thriller without any apparent gay undertones. Unless you count the most phallic animal possible making appearances throughout the book: snakes. “If you don’t like snakes, this will help you get over your phobia,” he says.

Slate contributor wants you to contemplate dying– A cheerful Oliver Burkeman, who writes for The Guardian, has an article in Slate in which he encourages people to think about death this Halloween. “Newer studies … suggest that what’s crucial is how you remind people about death,” he writes. “Do it more gently and subliminally, and in the context of topics other than terrorism and war, and it makes people more compassionate, happier, and healthier.” He adds, “There’s no need to spurn the pumpkin-carving or the zombie costumes. But wouldn’t multigenerational graveyard parties provide a meaningful complement to that?” Um, sure, why not?

A timely sexy-women slideshow from The Daily Caller– On Sunday night, much of the Northeast was terrified, wondering whether their homes would be flooded or their relatives and friends killed by Hurricane Sandy. But late that night, The Daily Caller took to the gutter and published “Sexy Sundae II: Beautiful Women Eating Ice Cream,” a follow up to “Sexy Sundae.” It’s a simple slideshow of scantily-dressed women licking ice cream cones. “Not even the impending doom of Hurricane Sandy can stop us from bringing you Sexy Sundae,” the post says, bylined by Scoop Delacroix, the pub’s secretive byline.

See our last pick after the jump. It concerns hanging up Halloween tights once and for all…

Read more

WTF With Matt K. Lewis

The Daily Caller‘s Matt K. Lewis is a respectable politics and media blogger by any standard, but reading his new columns in The Week forces one to ask: WTF is going on with him?

Each week for the past three weeks Lewis has published a short musing for the magazine. But never on the same day of the week and with no apparent theme. He tells FishbowlDC that in addition to his gig at The DC, he’s now a regular columnist (though he’s being somewhat loose with the term “regular”).

In his first column, published on Oct. 19, Lewis wrote about “the incredible shrinking manufacturing industry.” It concerned the presidential election and the candidates’ stances on the manufacturing industry. That’s timely. But the next week, things got weird…

Read more

Punchable Journos and Sexy Women

The Daily Caller has been running some interesting slideshows as of late. On Sunday night, they prepared everyone for the looming work week by showing sexy women and Donald Trump licking ice cream cones. We don’t know how Trump got lumped in with sexy women, but so be it. The slideshow bore the byline Scoops Delacroix, which has belonged to a variety of reporters at the publication.

Two days earlier, Features Editor Taylor Bigler ran pictures of “The Most Punchable Faces in Media.” And on Saturday they ran “The Most Punchable Faces in Media Part II.” Some journos who made the hit lists: WaPo‘s Ezra Klein, Politico‘s Dylan Byers, Keith Olbermann, BuzzFeed‘s Ben Smith and their own Tucker Carlson and more…

See the shows here and here and here.

Daily Caller Gets a Sports Writer


Sports writing is picking up in D.C. And The Daily Caller is jumping into the mix by adding Andy Hayes, brother of The Weekly Standard‘s Steve Hayes, on as a columnist. Based in Brookfield, Wis., Hayes will write a twice weekly football column.

One will be a picks column predicting the weeks games and the second will be a fantasy football analysis column.

Hayes debuted his first Daily Caller column Thursday. recently opened up a D.C. office. And the Washington Examiner, as we reported Thursday, just added another sports columnist, Thom Loverro, to its lineup.

More on Hayes after the jump…

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Matt Labash Comes Out of the Closet as S.E. Cupp

The writer formerly known as Matt Labash. This is LaCupp.

The Daily Caller has an unusual phenomenon going on – that columnist Matt Labash is actually also the female columnist S.E. Cupp.

There’s even this spectacular photograph that blends them into one frightening looking sort of sex pot man/woman to prove it. Labash/Cupp is calling itself LaCupp. “No, I’m not completely done with the hormone regimen,” Labash writes.

Read his (er, her) heartfelt admission here.