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TWT Names New Editorial Page Editor

After Brett Decker quit his job as TWT Editorial Page Editor in November 2012, the paper slid former controversial Editor Wes Pruden into the job. But just temporarily. True to their word, they’ve finally named a new editor to their opinion pages — it’s David Keene. He was appointed Sunday, according to a release distributed this morning. Previous editorial page editors included the now deceased Tony Blankley and Tony Snow.

Most recently, Keene stepped down as president of the National Rifle Association. He is also a former GOP presidential advisor to Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and candidates Bob Dole and Mitt Romney. He was also an aide to former Vice President to Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew.

But for anyone who feared (or hoped) that Pruden might drift back into retirement, it just isn’t happening. “The Times also announced that Editor Emeritus Wesley Pruden, who came out of retirement to reorganize the opinion pages in January, will remain in a full-time capacity directing and producing editorials,” says the release. He will also continue writing his twice-weekly column.

See a few flowery quotes from TWT CEO Larry Beasley (a.k.a. Evil Santa)… Read more

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Earth to TWT’s Wes Pruden: Female Associate Editor is Not a ‘Stenographer’

Until last week, Mary Beth Baker was an associate opinion editor for The Washington Times. But according to TWT‘s temporary Opinion Editor and former Editor Wes Pruden, she was little more than “the stenographer.”

What is this, the 1950s? Is Pruden trying out for AMC’s Mad Men?

A former female TWT employee referred to Pruden as a “sexist fossil” and snapped that of course Pruden thinks she’s insignificant; she’s a woman, he’s a man, and that’s basic TWT policy.

Baker’s duties were hardly those of a stenographer… Read more

TWT Seeks Editorial Page Editor With Interpersonal Skills

In today’s edition of TWT there is an intriguing ad for a new editorial page editor and editorial writer on page A4. Wes Pruden, formerly TWT‘s controversial Editor-in-Chief, was brought back in to temporarily get things in order after the relatively recent departures of Editorial Page Editor Brett Decker and Deputy Op-ed Editor Anneke Green.

The ad reads: “Qualified candidates must have  excellent interpersonal skills, a huge drive to succeed, an outstanding work ethic, character, integrity and professionalism, and be a team player.”

This directly contradicts the sentiment in Green’s resignation letter from December in which she went after the bosses for their lack of professionalism. Read more

TWT Execs Want To Train You to Kill

Here’s a fun one.

This morning, TWT Chief Digital Officer (whatever that is) John Solomon‘s company, Packard Media Group, LLC, which powers TWT Editorial Page Editor Wes Pruden‘s site, Pruden & Politics, sent an advertising email to Pruden’s mailing list.

Subject line: Vicious SEAL Team hand-to-hand secrets — cancelled.

This is apparently the last “heads up” Pruden’s listees and a handful of “other Tea Party members” will receive about a video that is about to be permanently canceled. “I’m not screwing around here,” warns Bob Pierce, President of FightForce/TRS, who sounds rather violent himself.It’s the SAME set of wicked ‘end-it-now’ tricks used by likes of our U.S. Navy SEALS and Israeli Special Forces.

Forget the belts. Or long hours of practice — busy soliders don’t have time for all that, he says. The video, which costs only a $7.95 shipping fee, promises to teach you to control and dominate any violent situation you might find yourself in with anyone of any size. After just one watch!

Purchase the video and Pierce claims you will learn the following:

1. How to properly use your knee cap (to inflict maximum damage)

2. The punishing “nose bridge” (inflicts mind-numbing pain)

3. The thumb rake (blinding)

4. The Israeli Special Forces bone crusher (can shatter specific delicate bones)

The testimonials are fabulous. Read more

Incest Desk: TWT Op-ed Editor Promotes Outside Media Site of TWT’s Head of Digital

Plump the pillows and freshen the fine linens. This one’s a real incestuous mess.

Sure, Wes Pruden, TWT‘s newly rehired opinion editor owes a fair amount of good will to TWT‘s newly reinstalled “Chief Digital Officer” John Solomon for supporting his syndicated column and helping to secure his return to the publication.

But at the expense of TWT?

In a move that boggles the mind and perplexes the soul, Pruden is promoting Solomon’s other journalistic venture, The Washington Guardian, while both men are working full-time at TWT. Although TWT and the Washington Guardian are presumably separate entities,  TWT occasionally prints Guardian stories. Guardian reporters have even worked out of TWT‘s snaky office building off New York Avenue. In a letter sent by email on January 10, Pruden urged friends to support The Guardian, describing it as “A news outlet keeping them honest in Washington.” Where’s CNN’s Anderson Cooper when we need him? It’s not as if  The Guardian is new, but Pruden presents it as if it is.

Our favorite incestuous line: Pruden writes, “As a bonus, I’ve arranged for Pruden & Politics followers to get a daily newsletter from the Washington Guardian with its top stories.” Whoa! What? What about TWT‘s top stories? Has he forgotten he works there now?

We reached out to Pruden on the matter and received no response.

See the letter…

Read more

Incest Desk: TWT’s Wes Pruden Slaps ‘Special Friend’s’ Column on Cover of Op-ed Section

Something new to whisper about in the TWT newsroom.

In his first week back on the job, Wes Pruden has put his longtime “special friend” Suzanne Fields‘ column on the cover of the opinion section. This is an unusual move and another example of, ahem, raising the quality of journalism on the op-ed pages he’s now overseeing, as was stated in a recent press release. “I wouldn’t say the Suzanne Fields column is any worse than the other stuff they have put out,” said a former TWT staffer. “But this is Wes’s prerogative. If it’s mediocre, then it’s the mediocre replacing the mediocre.”

Fields’ column never gets much traffic, but her continued publication was always guaranteed because of her relationship with Pruden. In recent years, her column never went away, but it was always buried inside the section on page 4. The cover is reserved for big names and big stories by the important people involved in the stories of the day — the Speaker of the House, presidential candidates, former Secretaries of State. But perhaps more importantly, TWT‘s opinion front page is a space generally reserved for original content exclusive to the publication, not syndicated columns available in other publications like Fields’ column.

Staff has often referred to Fields’ column as “filler.” Four opinion editors, including the late Tony Blankley, have been restrained by the “Pruden-Fields Rule”, in which then-TWT President Thomas McDevitt insisted that no one can cut Fields’ column because of her “special relationship” with Pruden. McDevitt is now TWT Chairman.

We reached out to McDevitt for comment… Read more

It’s Official: John Solomon Returns to TWT in Digital Role With Ian Bishop as Deputy

This just in…

As we hinted at earlier this morning, TWT has created two new digital positions: Chief Digital Officer and Digital Editor. Those positions will be held by former TWTer and currently a TWT consultant, John Solomon, and Ian Bishop, formerly of the New York Daily News.

As the release states, Solomon was formerly Executive Editor through 2009. But what they don’t say is as important as what they do, such as that he was pushed to resign, and let’s just say it wasn’t so he could spend more time with his family.

Nonetheless, a cheery quote from COO John Martin on his return. “John is a leading media innovator for creating new digital channels to expand the delivery of content and marketing communication. We are fortunate to have him back at The Times to focus on developing new products, new revenue streams, and new partnerships,” said Martin in a release.

In turn, Bishop will be Digital Editor. And in other surprising news, Editor Emeritus Wes Pruden, Editor-in-Chief until 2007, will be returning to oversee a restructuring of the editorial page and Commentary section. He will continue to write his twice-weekly column.

President and CEO Larry Beasley (a.k.a. “Evil Santa”) weighed in on Pruden. “Our readers know Wes for his witty political commentary, but he also has a keen sense of how to lift The Washington Times’ opinion pages to a higher level to provide intellectual leadership on such issues as free enterprise, strong defense, and traditional American values,” said Beasley in the release.

Of course, Beasley never mentions the dirty little secrets behind the real reasons why Pruden was allegedly forced into retirement. They involved allegations of racism and sexism in the organization under his management. For instance, Pruden once wrote in a TWT opinion piece that… Read more

Morning Reading List, 01.15.09


Good morning Washington.

Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line or let us know in the tips box below.

We’ve got your morning mix of media Muesli after the jump…

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The Man Who Just Won’t Go Away

Love him (read: Washington Times haters) or hate him (read: Washington Times lovers, Fran Coombs, Wes Pruden, etc., etc.), George Archibald‘s raison d’etre (read: Bugging Washington Times lovers) continues: His longtime blogged about book, “Journalism is War” (which Archibald says will be published by Anomalos Publishing in October), at the very least now has cover art:


Coombs: Leaving

(earlier: “BREAKING: John Solomon To Replace Pruden At The Washington Times“)

A source tells FishbowlDC that the Washington Times’ Fran Coombs — whom many thought would replace Wes Pruden as executive editor — announced that he is leaving the paper during today’s 4 pm news meeting. He didn’t say where he was going.

Supposedly, it’s so Solomon can pick his own managing editor.