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We’re fighting a cold, so bear with us…

as our DayQuil just finally kicked in and we’re feeling mammalian again.

We should be up to full speed within the half hour.


One of the Best

Writer’s Digest has again named, FishbowlNY’s parent, one of the best websites for writers.

We’re glad for the honor.

A final Passover hand-off…

Note to readers: It’s a slow Tuesday, thanks to the Easter / Passover break.

We’re taking off now to to visit the relatives in Brooklyn for the final two days of Pasover, but you’ll be in the able mitts of Ben Fritz for the next 48 hours.

Until Friday, tah!

Claude Brodesser

Damn it Jim, I’m a Journalist not a Blogger

As you might have guessed, I am not Claude, who is apparently back east and unplugged for the holidays, though if pictures surface of him Jell-O wrestling in Lake Havasu, I for one would not be shocked.

Like yesterday’s guest blogger, I also have the horrifying distinction of having shared desk time with Claude at Variety, though that was during a far off time known as the 20th Century. While I have been writing about the entertainment industry for too many outlets to for nigh on a decade, this morning is my first time bloging — as I am sure most of you can tell.

Up until Tuesday, I thought blogging was what you do with the Scientologists while you are holding tin cans on the Hollywood Blvd — though apparently I wasn’t as far off as some people.

What’s my name? I would tell you, but I am convinced that you would extort me for my entire collection of vintage Washington Bullets trading cards. You people have become so hard to trust ever since you all started wearing a monocle.

So call me Bones — and I shall play the cynical and overworked McCoy to Claude’s chest-puffed Kirk. Only I’m slightly less hemorrhoidal.

I said slightly.

Don’t just Seder… POWER Seder

When Claude told me he needed a fill-in on this blog so he could do something called a “Seder” during which he couldn’t work, I was naturally suspicious. A religious thing where a bunch of people get together to eat stale bread and wine that tastes like the bug juice they serve at camp while waiting for a mysterious stranger who never arrives? Sounded like a Scientology thing to me.

Turns out, however, it’s real. And it’s why nobody in Hollywood was returning my calls last night (at least that’s I choose to tell myself). In fact, as Nicole LaPorte revealed in the New York Observer, it’s kind of a big deal with some people in Hollywood:

Certain Hollywood Seders are the stuff of legend. When Roman Polanski was shooting Chinatown and wanted to return to his native Poland in order to celebrate Passover, the film’s producer, Bob Evans, intervened and threw one of his own. The Kiddush was read by Kirk Douglas.


These days, the Passover invitation of note is issued by music mogul Guy Oseary, who lives in Beverly Hills. Guests have included Madonna (Mr. Oseary’s former partner at Maverick Records), comedian Chris Rock, Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and “It” director McG.

Now I don’t know much about Jewism Judaism (just looked it up… who knew?!), but I have to admit I’m extremely suspicious of any religion whose sacred texts holds up McG as the “It” director.

But I do have to admire Nicole’s cajones in writing this article. Now not only is she risking retribution from Spielberg, Katzenberg, and Geffen, but every non-goy in Hollywood as well. (or should that be “every other non-goy…”?)

I am a human being!!!

This blog will call me “guest editor,” but I swear I am more than just my temporary position.

Filling in for Claude today, next Wednesday, and Thursday will be me.… Ben Fritz. I’m here because I sat next to Claude in the Variety newsroom for a year and he was able to see every website I surfed and thus gathered enough incriminating evidence not just to get me to be his guest blogger during made up holidays like “pass over,” but to write a positive review of “The Business” podcast on iTunes every day for the next three years.

When I’m not writing about box office and animation and the Internet and video games for Variety (and scoring free video games in the process — but I swear I do it for love of reporting!), I’m writing for the satirical entertainment news site Dateline Hollywood and writing/producing video for our resident fake film critic Woody Wittman, about whom Claude recently said “[Woody] does for morning show movie critics what Borat has done for foreign correspondents.”

Of course now I owe him another year’s worth of iTunes reviews for that.

Names Change, Companies Fade

So, there’s no longer any such thing as “Time Warner Books,” and instead it’s Hachette Book Group. (We envision all kinds of mispronunciations by New York messengers, cab drivers, cleaning ladies, …)

And last week, when we called the Fairchild Publications’ main number, the helpful front desker answered “Condé Nast.” Guess maybe that’s maybe kind of official, too.

About FishbowlNY

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Alex is a Brooklyn-based writer and editor. Her work has appeared on Guanabee, Racialicious, Jezebel and Sadie Magazine as well as within the pages of Surface and Playgirl. She hopes to continue covering topics as diverse as ethnic identity, celebrity baby names and, of course, New York media as long as the internet will have her. She is currently working on a novel you will never read.

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Dropping Into the ‘Bowl

dylan.jpgToday marks my first official day as editor of Fishbowl NY, and rest assured, this will be one of the first and last posts “about” me. But here goes: Before taking mediabistro’s managing editor, media news slot, I was at FOLIO:, the revered magazine about magazines located in historic South Norwalk, CT (or, as I like to call it, “Brooklyn Way East”), where my focus was on amping up its online news coverage, traffic and always-indefinable “cool” factor. I plan to do the same, and much more, here.

In its relatively short history, FishbowlNY has been home to some of the finest writers I know, including Elizabeth Spiers, Rachel Sklar, current co-managing editor Aileen Gallagher and the omnipresent Greg Lindsay, among others. Shaq-sized shoes to fill, I realize. To me, this blog is as much yours as it is mine, so please drop me a line early and often with news, feedback, gossip, classified documents. You know, the real good dirt.

One final note: I have always held that my three dream jobs in the NYC media world would be, in no particular order: staff writer for The Onion or Daily Show; a beat reporter for the New York Mets (circa ’86); and working for mediabistro, a great group of people I’ve admired for a long time.

So here I am, with plenty of game, a mean crossover and hopefully great things ahead.

The Winds of Change

Whoa – looky what happens when you’re off and blogging about Canada. It’s true, I will be swimming out of the Fishbowl at the end of the month. I’ve enjoyed my time here immensely and it’s not over, especially since Frank Rich has a few things he’d like to say about showtunes. If you think I’m joking, then you obviously haven’t read this blog.

So no maudlin goodbyes until next week, but plenty of fishy fun between now and then. Okay then, we’ll see you tomorrow. Now git.

Winds of Change [The Scorpions]