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Archives: July 2005

We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl…

Fishy-fis.gifThe Fishies love blog synchronicity, which we have previously defined as occurring when you mention something totally randomly on your blog twice in one day. Today that happened with Pink Floyd (because who rocks harder than the Fishies?) and also with the word “twinkie,” in the context of Britney Spears’ voracious appetite and, funnily enough, Lachlan Murdoch, about whom we received an anonymous email. Our tipster wondered what was next at the New York Post “now that the Tattooed Twinkie is jetting off to Oz.” We think “Tattooed Twinkie” is an awesome nickname. And, we didn’t know he had a tattoo. Where is it and does anyone have a picture? Mmm, Twinkies are fluffy and delicious. In any case, we skipped the Fishies last week and we’re sorry, so that means we’ve got a special double issue for y’all coming up over the weekend. We’ll be back Monday with lots of good stuff, as we like to think we always are. Did that sentence make sense, and do we care? Of course not! It’s Friday! Whee! Have a great weekend.

Update: Fishies, fishies everywhere, or at least after the jump.

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Kinsley uncut: too hot for Romenesko!

mku.jpgThe LA Weekly has posted an uncut version of Michael Kinsley’s response to Nikki Finke, which starts, “I knew that Nikki Finke is an idiot, of course, but I had no idea that she was such a fuddy-duddy.”

I have to say, it pains me to see Fishbowl’s two favorite media figures snapping at each other like this. Maybe the LAT Editorial section should host a wikitorial they could write together and find common ground.

You want a blogger with a slow hand…

Ladies and gentlemen, please give us a hand.jpg…actually, no, you don’t, but unfortunately that’s where FishbowlNY is at right now: we’ve developed a touch of carpal tunnel and various doctor-types and chiding friends have advised us to go a little easy on the keyboard. Sorry that posting has been lighter than usual – it’s only temporary! Please don’t leave us, we can’t bear to be alone.

In the meantime, check out the handy link below for information on carpal tunnel syndrome and repetetive stress disorder. Forewarned is forearmed – and who couldn’t use four arms? Especially when two of them are all gimpy.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Fact Sheet

Related: “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” in music:
“I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight” (Sung by Fishbowl’s Arm-Nerves)Cutting Crew
Love Can Move Mountains (But It Sure Helps To Have Arms That Work)”Celine Dion
“Doctor! Doctor! (Do I Really Need To Wear This Geeky Arm Brace?)”Thompson Twins
“Love (Of Blogging) Hurts” Nazareth
“These Arms of Mine (Are Starting To Feel Kind of Tingly)”Otis Redding
I Wanna Hold Your (Wasted, Useless) Hand” – The Beatles
Comfortably Numb” – Pink Floyd

Speaking of payola…

jd.jpgL.A. Observed points out this Page Six item about Janice Dickinson. When confronted with a story about her bad behavior at her gym, instead of the usual no-comment-from-a-publicist, Dickinson gave the Post a juicy quote in return for a rather obvious plug for her upcoming project.

“I’ve got a lot of [bleeping] enemies. I’m confounded. Maybe people are trying to make me look like Naomi Campbell, but I’m not Naomi Campbell, I’m Janice Dickinson. I’m sure there are a lot of really angry ladies there because I do have an amazing body . . . There’s a lot of angry, jealous bitches.” Dickinson is currently rehearsing for her one-woman show, “What Would Janice Do?,” at Hollywood’s El Rey Theater from Aug. 29 to Sept. 1.

Thanks, Page Six! We’ll all be there!

Hilburn: Radio payola settlement won’t change the music

In his LAT Critic’s Notebook, Robert Hilburn makes two important points about Eliot Spitzer’s settlement with Sony/BMG, dousing some water on the supposition that freed from the shackles of petty bribery, radio will be really, really great.

1) While songs might get a shot at airplay via record companies paying off program directors, they only stay on the air if audience response is positive. Which means a payola ban won’t really affect what’s on the airwaves that much.

2) A payola ban might actually be welcomed by those big mean music conglomerates:

My suspicion is many record company executives are privately pleased by the payola settlement because they see the practice as throwing money down a sinkhole, in many cases.

The only reason moguls haven’t quit on their own is the fear of what might happen if their rivals continue to play the payola game – a risk they can’t afford to take in today’s ultra-cutthroat environment.

So, payola settlement: good for record companies, a wash for radio listeners, bad for radio station employees who, if they want free swag, are all going to have to go work for glossy magazines and media watchdog blogs. (Note to Beverly Hills 213: where the hell is my Burke-Williams gift certificate? My puppies are aching.)

Rita Bumps Tucker: Situation Goes Late-Night

tucked off.jpgTucker Carlson becomes the second MSNBC stalwart to be displaced by Rick Kaplan’s new favorite Rita Cosby as the network announces that Rita Cosby: Live and Direct will be premiering on Monday, August 8th at 9 pm – Tucker Carlson’s timeslot. Ouch.

The Situation With Tucker Carlson will be moved to 11 pm, bringing MSNBC’s total of first-run prime time programming hours to six. Per the press release, Rick Kaplan’s excited about bringing a live show to the west coast’s 8pm audience; we can assume that Tucker’s excited about going head-to-head with The Daily Show and reruns of The O’Reilly Factor. Or not.

After weeks of critical reviews and dire predictions (Alessandra Stanley, anyone?) – not to mention a pretty impressive advertising juggernaut (including commercials for Tucker during The Daily Show, which was pretty bold), this is not a vote of confidence for team Tucker. Then again, the show’s been running for a grand total of a month and a half. Anyone remember when Jon Stewart played opposite Gillian Anderson and a large fluffy dog in Playing By Heart?

Point being, these things take time. Cosby will be bringing a fan base to her show, and frankly it would have been cool to see what a woman could do with that late-night slot. I would have guessed that people would have tuned in specifically to see it, and Scarborough Country viewers would have stuck around to check it out. Instead, Kaplan panics and yanks a fledgling show, dumping it in an end-of-day timeslot up against two juggernauts, and puts all its money on Rita. Yeah, mid-August is a good time to see how that one plays out.

Update: Tucker and everyone else at MSNBC disagrees with me. Okay then.

The New Yorker: Wrong, but still sexy

Brit &  K-Fed.jpgHarvard-educated fact-checkers notwithstanding, this week’s New Yorker was not that innocent of goofing up a fact in its “Talk of the Town” piece, “The Britney Option” by Adam Green. Fortunately over at Lindsayism, not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman Lindsay Robertson is a Slave 4 your fact-checking purposes and couldn’t help but notice the error:

…my eagle-eye was drawn immediately to a glaring factual inaccuracy. However, my superior knowledge of the topic is not something about which any New Yorker reader would want to gloat:

“By selecting a link embedded in each message, subscribers would be led to a recorded message, either from Spears herself…or from one of the members of her entourage, among them her personal assistant, Alicia, and her bodyguard, Big Rob.”

Britney Spears’ personal assistant’s name is “Felicia”, not “Alicia.”

To Brit’s credit, she’s also not named “Jessica Rodriguez,” which I think we can all agree excuses any number of Twinkies she may consume. In the meantime, New Yorker, don’t be sad. We all make mistakes. Chin up, you’re stronger for it.

Breaking: Lachlan Murdoch resigns from News Corp

Rupe and Lachlan.jpgFamily drama alert! Lachlan Murdoch, son of and heir-apparent to media scion Rupert Murdoch , has resigned his position as deputy COO of the Fox-and-Post-owning News Corp, effective at the end of August. This means that younger brother (and more under-the-radar) James Murdoch, the head of UK stellite outfit BSkyB, is now poised to step into the top spot when the 74-year old Rupert steps down.

According to The Guardian, Rupert was very “saddened” to see Lachlan, 33, go. Wonder what the conversation around the dinner table was like around that. The NYC-based Lachlan plans to head back to Australia with his wife, Aussie model Sarah O’Hare (who did some very good pratfalls in that movie about models with Freddie Prinze Jr.) and their son, Kalan.

Murdoch has six children, with three involved in the family business; his daughter, Elisabeth, lives in London and is responsible for scouting out “American Idol.” Clay Aiken, say thank you.

Lachlan will remain a director of News Corp and will continue to advise the company in various areas (presumably newspapers, where James doesn’t have much expertise). No word on what Lachlan will be doing back in Australia, although who knows what may be – his dad started News Corp from the bud of The Adelaide News, bequeathed to him by his father. And he wasn’t starting out with Lachlan’s salary of $1.8 million (with a $2.34 million bonus) last year.

In the meantime, we will bring you all the speculation on the Murdoch succession as it happens. For now, we wish Lachlan, Sarah and Kalan – the family with the most “A”s in it ever – the best of luck back down under. Wear sunscreen.

Lachlan Murdoch resigns from News Corp [Guardian]
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Lachlan’s Farewell Note to News Corp Staff [MediaMob]

Kinsley responds to Finke

Michael Kinsley has responded to Nikki Finke’s good-riddance column in a letter to Romenesko. An excerpt:

… Finke peremptorily attaches her own odd views to the entire city of Los Angeles. If the Times or I were to portrayed the citizens of Los Angeles as Finke does in her article — humorless, easily upset, provincial, intolerant (not to mention demagogic and deranged) — Nikki Finke would be the first to throw a fit.

Looking forward to the inevitable Finke response.

We didn’t even have to look at the byline…

…to know that this one was by Gina Kolata. Sigh.

Study Says Echinacea Has No Effect on Colds [NYT]

Gina Kolata: Everything you think you know is WRONG [FishbowlNY]