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Archives: July 2006

Observer Owner Jared Kushner: $100,000 In Political Contributions Since 1992

jared_kushner_contributions.jpgJared Kushner, the new owner of the New York Observer, may have “worked to develop a separate and distinct identity” from his imprisoned father Charles, but it appears the donations he and other members of the Kushner family made to political candidates have been indistinguishable.

According to the Center For Reponsive Politics, since 1992 Jared Kushner has made over $100,000 in political contributions — some 45 — to various causes and candidates — including the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer — under the auspices of at least eight different companies, including BP Devolopers, LP; Kushner Companies; Imperial Gardens; Pheasant Hollow Associates; Quall Ridge Associates; Marine Garden Associates; Florham Associates; Long Brook Associates; 66 WMP Associates.

It’s unclear whether or not these contributions are included among those listed in a 2002 Bergen Record article — “Paying for power: The Kushner network” — the second result you get by Googling “Jared Kushner“:

A close review by The Record of Kushner’s donations in the last five years shows just how grand his largesse really is: In that time, Kushner, his family, and business associates funneled at least $3.1 million to political committees and politicians.

Kushner’s four children gave almost $300,000, some even before they were old enough to vote. On a single day in March last year, Kushner’s contribution network gave $237,000 to the state Democratic Committee.

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Mel GIbson –Zoned Out?


Mel Gibson’s wild ride and the ensuing coverage has brought Harvey Levin’s TMZ to the attention of the MSM that previously had no idea such a site existed. But, even though the LA Times tried to explain it all for their shut-in readers, the meaning of thirty mile zone seems to have evaded number of writers. Thirty mile zone has nothing to do with Hollywood in the 30s (Xeni Jardin, in BoingBoing) and a lot to do with union regulations. (Below-the-line crew can get extra pay for working on location–ie. more than 30 miles from home to set.) Back in the 60s, when the term originated, the center point was at Beverly and La Cienega, but now it’s a wherever the shoot takes place.
How can the hometown newspaper not know this?
The Times predicts that Mel’s drunken ravings spell curtains for his career, but Anne Thompson in the Hollywood Reporter takes a less heated view.

25-Year-Old NYU Law Student: ‘I Own The New York Observer’


Via the New York Times:

Jared Kushner, the 25-year-old son of a wealthy New Jersey developer who was sentenced to prison last year, has bought The New York Observer, paying what one person familiar with details of the sale said was nearly $10 million for a majority stake in the weekly newspaper.

Arthur Carter, the current publisher who nearly sold the paper to Robert De Niro‘s Tribeca Film Festival group before the deal broke down, will retain “retaining some interest and will be offering the new owner strategic advice.”

Give senior editor and Off the Record columnist Tom Scocca the quote of the week:

Mr. Scocca also said that Mr. Kushner was not particularly tainted because of his father. “Every pile of money that is enough to buy a newspaper is disturbing if you look closely enough at it,” he said. “But I don’t think he has any reason or need to protect the existing press barons from scrutiny. This is an exciting move.”

Developer’s Son Acquires The New York Observer [NYT]

Newsweek Chooses Oliver Stone Drama Over Real-Life War In World Trade Center Cover

3 Billionaires Seek Rebound Relationship

24621253.jpgIf the Tribune Co. breaks up with the Los Angeles Times the local paper won’t lack for suitors.

Philanthropist Eli Broad, music and movie mogul David Geffen and former supermarket magnate Ron Burkle have sent separate letters, expressing interest in buying the paper.

So far, the Trib is playing all pre-breakup Denise Richards/Charlie Sheen, saying no split is imminent, so back off Sambora. But people on the inside know that he’s still carousing and she’s still drinking and, let’s face it, the magic’s gone.

Former Mayor Richard Riordan said, “It would be in the best interests of Tribune and the best interests of Los Angeles if a sale was completed.”

We agree. What could possibly go wrong when billionaires with no newspaper experience buy their very own Fourth Estate?


The Week in Media Video: Colbert Slams GMA | Fox Accused of Negotiating With Terrorists | Perry Farrell Launches Lolla Lives

Colbert Gets Marvel Comic Treatment


Above, the mock-up comic book cover that Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada prepared for an appearance on Thursday night’s Colbert Report, where he brought Stephen Colbert up to speed on Civil War, the “Marvel Comics Event” that pits superhero against superhero to explore the permeable boundary between homeland security and personal liberty:

“Before the show, Colbert came into the green room and set the tone for me. First he gave me the warmest welcome, shook my hand and told me he’s a huge Marvel fan…As he left he gave me the wag of the finger and said, ‘You know how the show works?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘Remember, I’m an idiot,’ I told him that I was one as well and then he went off to do the show.”

Marvel Chief Brings Comics to Late Night News [GalleyCat]

ICM Tidies Up By Throwing Agents Out


Nikki Finke just posted the story behind the story of the bloodbath at ICM. Quite a number of agents were pushed out in order to make room for the Broder staff. According to Nikki:

But, unfortunately, several ICM’ers won’t be making the move: Scott Arnovitz, Nancy Etz, Tanya Lopez, Steve Simons, Babbette Perry, Stacey Lubliner, Jill Gillette, Patty Detroit, and Nancy Josephson, ICM’s co-president who was pushed out during the merger, I’m told. That’s sad; she was a continuation of ICM history as the daughter of one-time owner Marvin Josephson.

The new offices in Century City will be around 100,000 square feet, and there’s just no room. Sorry.

Breaking: James Brown Son-In-Law, Hip-Hop Entrepreneur, New UN Ambassador Wanted In Rape Case

james_brown_chip_lumar_rape.jpgD. Anthony “Chip” Lumar, this week named as a UN ambassador along with Russell Simmons, is wanted for rape in Atlanta.

Via Atlanta’s WSFB-TV:

ATLANTA — The son-in-law of entertainer James Brown is a wanted man in Fulton County. An arrest warrant has been issued for Darren Anthony Lumar — a prominent Atlanta businessman.

Darren Anthony Lumar is the managing partner of Pinnacle International Partners located in the SunTrust building. Today, a Fulton County judge issued an arrest warrant for the man recently inducted as a UN Goodwill Ambassador. He was a no-show in court Thursday where two former employees said he raped one of them and wrote bad checks to both of them.

EARLIER: Russell Simmons To Be Named U.N. Goodwill Ambassador

5’2″ Homeless Model-Apple Store Memoirist’s MySpace Page Hacked?


Our favorite 5’2″ model-turned-Apple Store memoirist, Isobella Jade, informs us that her MySpace was hacked:

I got this email today from a marketing solutions group saying how someone hacked into MYSPACE and deleted some accounts and I checked mine and YUP it is gone. I am curious if you know about this. How come myspace isn’t protecting themselves? Maybe this is just a glich and I wasn’t constantly on Myspace, but still that is kind of weird that my whole account is gone gone gone. My friend said his account is gone as well … so I am curious do you know about this?

A Rupert Murdoch-led conspiracy? That faint sound you hear is of a 5’2″ homeless model in heels banging out another memoir chapter in the Soho Apple Store.

FishbowlNY’s Isobella Jade Coverage:

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