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Archives: December 2006

Time Out, Art Director Part Ways Over ‘Creative Differences’


Matt Guemple, who has directed Time Out New York‘s look and feel for nearly two years and 100 issues as its art director, is leaving the magazine Wednesday, citing creative differences as the reason for his exit. He is returning to freelance.

Reached by phone at TONY‘s offices, Guemple told FishbowlNY that a global brand-wide redesign, initiated in January, is almost complete, and has made his job “less … similar than it was before.”

“It’s kind of a ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ thing — it was time to leave.”

Adds Guemple: “I’m looking forward to some fresh challenges and since the redesign kind of negated my original job description … it just made sense to part ways. Time Out will get the apartment and the furniture. I get the cat.”


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  • Have a Great On-line Idea That Can Make a Lot of Money, Like Chad Hurley Did?–Get a Rich Spouse


    If you have a killer app. or a surefire idea for a on-line thingie–you might want to start power-dating. Chad Hurley, the YouTube guy, might have had a great idea, but he also married the daughter of James Clark, who founded or co-founded Silicon Graphics, Netscape and Healtheon. According to the Time piece, Hurley said:

    Basically I have never wanted to mix money and family, so we haven’t talked much about it,

    FBLA joins you all in thinking “yeah, right.”
    ValleyWag mentions some other unions that proved useful, but gave no contact info on who’s rich and available.

    Britney Continues Along Paris’ Career Trajectory

  • AP
  • Anna Wintour’s Vogue Documentary? | Keith Olbermann Wants $4M Contract From MSNBC | Maxim Raids Vanity Fair | News Corp.’s Snooze-Fest


    • Anna Wintour: Vogue, the documentary? [WWD]
    • Maxim: Raids Vanity Fair. [Page Six]
    • HuffPo: Hires AOL vet as CRO. [AdAge]
    • LAT Photo Co.: Sues “self-styled gossip gangsta” Perez Hilton over
      unauthorized photo use. [LAT]

    • Ex-Newsday Publisher: To prison on child porn charges. [Newsday]
    • Nora Ephron: On being Time‘s POY. [HuffPo]
    • News Corp.’s: Holiday party a snooze. [Gawker]
    • Keith Olbermann: Wants $4 million a year from MSNBC. [B&C]

    Onion Holiday Party: David Cross Brought His B-Material

    With the blogsphere up in arms about the Onion‘s Annual Obligatory Party, we were a little afraid. Would this be like a fashion show where PETA members stand outside with paint cans, assaulting fur-wearing patrons, but with disenfranchised Gawker readers subbing for animal lovers?

    Arriving at Union Hall, were pleasantly surprised to note no open hostility. A $15 donation to 826NYC got us in and one drink ticket good for a bottle of Bass. After snacking on hors d’oeuvres and owning the bocce court for the better part of an hour, we moved downstairs to the performance area. David Cross brought his B material, knowing this crowd would laugh at anything. We collectively obliged, but were disappointed nonetheless. Someone told us that Sloan sounded “a lot like Nirvana.” This couldn’t have been less true, although we did learn that the Canadian quartet is skull-crushingly loud.

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    Joy Behar Likens Rumsfeld to Hitler, No One Asks Her How She Knows

    Joy Behar was met with boos and gasps from The View’s studio audience when she described Donald Rumsfeld as “Hitlerlike”. FBLA is a little surprised that Behar actually knew Hitler, and more surprised that the View’s audience knows who Rumsfeld is. Or maybe they’re just sick of the Hitler simile–when everyone’s like Hitler, no one is.

    Greg Gutfeld Urges Readers to Join Celebrity March to Mecca


    Greg Gutfeld, the thorn in the paw of the Huffington Post, claims to have received a press release on The March to Mecca.
    From the press release:

    Human Rights Watch,, ACT-UP, the Huffington Post and David Geffen are proud to present the March to Mecca, a celebration of peace that calls all gay brothers, sisters and people undergoing sex-reassignment to march to the holiest of holy cities, Mecca, the capital city of Saudi Arabia’s Makkah province on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2007.

    FBLA suggests you click fast, as this post could so easily get forgotten. It’s already off the front page.

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    Monday Morning Meta Media Mashup


    A weekly meta-roundup of our favorite (mostly) New York media pundits, what they’re saying, why they’re saying it, and an all-important grade, subjective and arbitrary — just like their columns!

  • Glamourpuss” | Forbes | James Brady

    James Brady,’s resident media gusher, gives Glamour editor Cindi Leive the classic James Brady treatment: reverential, awkward. “We had lunch recently at Circo, the casual younger Manhattan spinoff of Le Cirque. Tallish, slender 39-year-old Cindi arrived in a black blazer over a starched white shirt with romantically flowing collars.” Trust us, it only gets better from there. GRADE: C

  • TVNewser’s Stelter is Online Journalist of the Year” | Marketwatch | Jon Friedman

    Our pal Jon Friedman latches onto the unstoppable wave that is the TVNewser/Brian Stelter/21-year-old wunderkind profile: “Stelter is the rarest kind of media blogger. He is respected for his knowledge of the industry and the serious subjects that he writes about. Stelter provides useful information to an adult audience. Plenty of other bloggers get their kicks by cranking out mean-spirited gossip.” OK, fine, Jon, we’ll take your face off our logo. GRADE: A

  • The Media Landscape, Not Content With Unbundling The Album, Now Continues To Unbundle The Song
    ” | BusinessWeek | Jon Fine

    Let’s face it: our favorite guitarist-slash-BusinessWeek media columnist’s blog, Fine On Media, is really a thinly-veiled platform for Fine’s unfulfilled dream of being a rock critic. (Not, we should add, unlike FishbowlNY.) As such, Fine gets in a pair of 70s rock references (Foghat, Grand Funk Railroad) early while deciphering the message in New York Times‘ music biz columnist Jeff Leeds‘ piece on the impact of ringtones on the music industry, among other things. We’re pretty sure Fine’s ringtone, by the way, is something from the Japan’s burgeoning noise-rock scene. Perhaps Melt-Banana? GRADE: B+

  • Time For A Change” | Washington Post | Howard Kurtz

    Howard Kurtz takes a look at the state of Time under Richard Stengel for his Monday column, reporting that Stengel has just hired a quartet of big-name journalists as columnists (Michael Kinsley, the former editor of Slate and the New Republic, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, former Time managing editor Walter Isaacson and David Von Drehle). Kurtz says Stengel “is abandoning the old Henry Luce approach — a small army of faceless reporters and researchers feeding tidbits into a Cuisinart in New York — in part because that may no longer be economically viable.” But hiring big-name columnists is? We’re a tad confused, and it’s not just the Cuisinart analogy. “In the age of blogging, it isn’t easy to keep a weekly magazine fresh.” There, we agree. GRADE: B+

  • Looks For The Best of Los Angeles — In Its Own Belly Button

    laComIcon.jpgWe love best-of lists. We always expect to learn something new. Something strange. Something cool. We don’t expect to see a roundup of stuff that appeared on one Web site. The self-reference is so bad on this list, we wonder if the person who compiled it was paid in company scrip.

    Incoming NYT Op-Ed Editor: ‘It’s Becoming Likely’ That Times Will Call For Troop Withdrawal From Iraq

    Incoming Times op-ed ed Andrew Rosenthal answers an interesting question posed by C-SPAN’s Michael Lamb:

    Lamb: Do you think you’ll eventually call for us to get out of Iraq?

    Andrew Rosenthal: Wow, should I answer that question?

    Lamb: Absolutely.

    Rosenthal: I think its becoming more likely. I mean I don’t know what George Bush is going to say. We’ve been going through this very odd spectacle this week of all these meetings and I’m not quite sure what to make of it. We actually wrote about it this week. I mean, are we really supposed to believe he just started thinking about it this week? What are these meetings about? Are we supposed to believe the Army just started thinking about it this week? I mean it’s crazy. It has to be true that he’s just going through this for some crazy public relations stunt.

    It depends on what he says — if he comes up with a plan that could lead in some reasonable period of time to an orderly withdraw than that’s one thing. If he sticks to these fictions about achieving victory and all the other things that he keeps talking about then we may have to change. It really does depend, I mean, we’re going to withdraw our troops from Iraq and we’re going to do that without initiating a fully functioning government that serves as a beacon of hope for the Middle East. I mean, it’s interesting and very instructive to go back and look at last year’s strategy for success in Iraq strategy included: defeating terrorists, establishing full democracy in Iraq, an independent army, and an Iraq that is part of the international economic system, I don’t know what that means. Are they supposed to join the IMF or the WTO? I don’t know what the heck that means. And this kind of burgeoning democracy throughout the Middle East, well, none of that’s going to happen, I think that’s pretty clear — at least not in George Bush’s timeframe.