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Archives: December 2006

Huff and Puff to Rachel Sklar

sklar.jpgWanna do your best Arianna Huffington impersonation for someone who actually knows her? Then call in this afternoon at 3 p.m., when Blog Talk Radio does a blog radio interview with Rachel Sklar. A former FBNY’er who now edits the HuffPo’s Eat the Press site, Sklar will wax philosophic about “the current state of the media blogosphere,” or so says the press release.

FHM To Throw Party With Sopranos Stars Before Getting Whacked

FHM, the laddie import which yesterday announced it will be closing its U.S. ops, is going ahead with plans for its party at Pacha on Saturday — hosted by Sopranos stars and velvet rope regulars Jamie Lynn Sigler and Robert Iler.

Quite a fitting way to bury a magazine.


  • FHM Done
  • Blogging Officially Over, Part 2

    flogging.jpgIf bloggers are writers who work in their underpants, what are fake bloggers? Apparently, they’re over-paid ad execs.

    Yet another case of flogging (that’s ‘fake blogging’ to you, Mr. Safire) has been uncovered — this time involving the viral marketing firm Zipatoni to promote the Sony PSP.

    That anyone failed to get that the blog was a joke, with it’s over-the-top “street” language, is kinda sad. But sadder, still, is the fact that Sony spent money on a flog to begin with. This is no subservient chicken. This is … this is just lame.

    MediaPost reports:

    The blog,, was supposedly authored by an amateur hip-hop artist “Charlie”–whose cousin, “Pete,” craved a PSP under the tree.

    Written in faux hip-hop and Internet lingo, the phony blog, which went live at the end of last month, quickly raised suspicions. Last week, some readers conducted a WHOIS search, which unmasked the site’s registrars as Zipatoni.

    Sony Wednesday released a statement acknowledging that the blog was phony. “Sony Computer Entertainment America developed as a humorous site targeting those interested in getting a PSP system this holiday season,” it read. “We’ve now added a posting that provides this clarification to consumers visiting the site.” The company did not comment further.

    Also on Wednesday, the authors admitted they created the blog as a marketing tool. “As many of you have figured out (maybe our speech was a little too funky fresh???), Peter isn’t a real hip-hop maven and this site was actually developed by Sony,” the author wrote. “Guess we were trying to be just a little too clever. From this point forward, we will just stick to making cool products, and use this site to give you nothing but the facts on the PSP.”

    In fact, making cool products is a good way to drum up attention for them. FBLA wonders how much Zipatoni got paid to come up with that idea? And were they in their underpants at the time?

    Bloggging Officially Over: Tucker Max Gets Sit-Com Deal.

    How To Be Cool

    Stephen Colbert To ‘Shred-Off’ In Guitar Solo Duel With Decemberists


    Stephen Colbert, host of the Colbert Report and who FishbowlNY has always pegged as a closet death-metal fan, has accepted an offer from indie rock band the Decemberists — hey, why not, December’s a slow month for fake news — to an on-air guitar-solo contest. Colbert had accused the band of stealing his concept for an MTVu contest and, well, again, it’s December:

    “Put down the pen, Colbert, and pick up the axe! Let’s see what kind of a man you really are,” said the band in a statement, adding “Let’s SHRED!”

    Decemberists’ Chris Funk will face off with Colbert “in a blood-frenzy of guitar mayhem and pyrotechnics” on December 20.


  • Colbert: ‘I Falsely Construct The News’
  • NBC: F*ck The FCC


    In three words, that’s essentially what the Peacock network thinks of the FCC’s findings — which cite Cher‘s “Fuck ‘em” on Fox’s Billboard Awards and Bono‘s “Fucking brilliant” at NBC’s Golden Globes — and go against the FCC’s “own standard, common sense, conventional wisdom and ordinary usage.”

    Fox, by the way, agrees with NBC.

    In court documents, NBC says “no reasonable observer could actually conclude that Cher was exhorting the audience to have ‘sexual activities’ with those critics, or that her comment related somehow to sexual organs.”

    And even if she was, would anyone actually listen?

  • Profanity: NBC Says FCC Is Violating Its Own Indecency Standard [B&C]
  • Someone’s Goin’ Be Rick James, Bitch–Super Freak, the Movie


    Super Freak. a film about the wild life and punkadelic-funkadelic times of Rick James is in the script stage, according to Variety. Jennifer Klein is producing, Shelton Turner is writing, and the whole thing is funded by a Texan with a lot of money.

    Dave Chappelle had tried to get a bio-pic off the ground, but the James estate squashed that. Can’t think why.

    Ousted LAT Editor To NYT?

    That’s what Dean Baquet‘s “confidantes” say, according to today’s Los Angeles Times. Baquet, along with publisher Jeffrey M. Johnson, became the poster guys for the newspaper industry’s burgeoning newsroom-boardroom struggle when the pair opposed editorial cuts floated by the paper’s Chicago owners. Rumors have Baquet potentially returning to the LAT, althought “prospects of a return are fading.”

    New York Times executive editor Bill Keller, in a statement: “We have not offered Dean a position.”

  • Baquet could be eyeing spot at New York Times [LAT]
  • LAT in 90 Seconds

    Babel.jpgAnd the Nomination Goes To… The Golden Globes noms are out, and leading the pack is a movie no one saw.

    davidg.jpgHe Showed Them The Money: David Geffen has laid out a cool $2 billion, all-cash offer for the LAT. (Which, dear reader, you already knew). So far Tribune Co. isn’t biting. Apparently, they’re still holding out for the pony Eli Broad promised.

    malecow.jpgEnough With The Talking Animal Movies, Already: Seriously. Enough.

    FBLA EXCLUSIVE: Neal Pollack’s Views on the LA Times


    FBLA believes that all things come to those who wait. (And good things come in small packages.)
    Devoted readers will recall our series on What To Do About the Los Angeles Times, and how in the first installment, writer Neal Pollack had declined to participate. We admit, that rejection stung and we lashed out. Here now, his views:

    If you don’t subscribe, how often do you buy it or read it online?

    I read it online every day and buy it two or three times a week to read at coffeeshops, restaurants, or while waiting on an errand.

    Read more

    LA Times Recycles Old Scorsese Interview–Breach of Ethics or Tribune-Thrifty?


    The LA Times must be taking this competition thing with the NY Times a little too far. Page Six is reporting that Paul Lieberman used stale quotes from Martin Scorsese in yesterday’s story on The Departed director. The quotes came from his interview with Scorsese that ran on Feb. 27, 2005, when The Aviator was nominated for Best Picture.

    Leslee Dart, Scorsese’s power-publicist was not amused:

    I think this is at best dubious ethics.

    Is Dart right? Or is this just budget-friendly way getting the most out of very expensive material? Are the Tribune over-lords deeply committed to recycling more than just coffee cups?

    Or is the Times signalling to a certain someone with celebrity pals that if he buys the paper, reporters won’t pester his friends for interviews and such? Hmmm.