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Archives: September 2007

Pat Saperstein/Denise Hamilton–Read ‘Em and Eat

09denise copy.jpg
Pat Saperstein and Denise Hamilton team up for a read ‘em and eat tour of Los Angeles. The pair drove around and ate at the places Eve Diamond, Hamilton’s journo/detective character, frequents. What a cool idea!

We can see that Esotouric might have some competition.

Trade Opens, Misses Chance to Be First Blog-Fight Movie

Kevin Crust reviews Trade, which looks pretty forgettable. Tactfuly, he mentions that the film is based on Peter Landesman’s NYT magazine cover story, but leaves out all the Blogitopia argle-bargle about the accuracy of the story, the threatened legal actions, and all the rest of it.

Frankly, that aftermath should have been woven into the movie. While movies about journalists range from the sublime (His Girl Friday) to the gripping (All The President’s Men) to the godawful (I Love Trouble) the great blog movie has yet to be made.

FBLA thinks that the part of Slate’s Jack Shafer could be played by Carson Daly.

Si “Not Terribly Happy” With Portfolio

Something’s going on at Portfolio:

Conddé Nast Chairman S.I. Newhouse Jr. sat down Wednesday with Portfolio Editor-in-Chief Joanne Lipman to take a very serious look at every page in the upcoming November issue of Portfolio, his $100 million pet project.

When the meeting was over, a flurry of Newhouse-dictated changes ensued, and that had some staffers concluding that Si was not happy with the original incarnation of Portfolio issue No. 4.

“He was in the weeds,” said one source. “He’s never asked for re-dos before. It suggests the old man wasn’t terribly happy.”

LAT In 90 Seconds

32843243.jpgGeorge Clooney: Today must be our birthday. Thank you, LAT, for running this photo. There is even text to go with it!

32847396.jpgInteresting LAT Paragraph of the Day: In this interview with Jason Schwartzman, the actor reveals that much of the filming of the Wes Anderson pic Darjeeling took place “in the crowded compartments of a moving train with weekends spent in his pajamas, watching movies in bed with Anderson.”

32847595.jpgThree Is A Charm: Apparently what the world needs is a third cut of Blade Runner. Sometimes you just need more time resources experience to get it right.

Rielle Hunter Shows the Real John Edwards


Out of a couple of thousand (conservative estimate) unemployed film grads loitering around, the only one the John Edwards campaign could find is Rielle Hunter? They met in a bar, which sounds weird, but who knows? She sold him on the idea of webisodes to show the country the “real John Edwards”.

Sam Stein writes about the disappearance of the Hunter-Edwards oeuvre from the web. The Daily Kos readers are very upset with Stein and for good measure, Arianna.

The mini docs. cost the campaign a total of $100,000 and the only one remaining to view has Edwards telling us he’s not a “plastic Ken doll”. Money well spent!

Don’t forget, this is the guy who dumped bloggers Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan when things got too sticky.

Morning Call Time: 09.28.07

Welcome to’s Morning Call Time, the podcast that not only gives you all your entertainment industry news, but tells you how the trades are reporting it… before you get your trades.

In today’s Morning Call Time, South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker take sides with Kenny and Spenny… Madonna faces off with John Cougar Mellencamp and the Beastie Boys… and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson formulates his game plan to defeat Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner.

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How Joanna Coles Saved Fashionweek


Swishy magazine editors in Milan’s Fashion Week attending the Alberta Ferretti show and dinner had to brave a downpour. Forgive FishbowlNY for our unconcealed shadenfreude while we relay the following events with a mirthful smile. Fashionweekdaily reports that at the Piazza Oberdan at the Gucci show (nice work if you can get it), traffic for miles stopped. As the sirens whistled, the editors refused to get out of their cars until the doors to the show opened, for fear that the torrential downpour might ruin their crisp clothes, their smart shoes or — dare to dream — their expensive hairdos (Averted Gaze). Marie Claire EIC Joanna Coles, we cannot fail to note, had a rather unorthodox — and pretty saucy — way of getting the doors opened and traffic flowing. From Fashionweekdaily:

”The Marie Claire editor in chief, not to mention feisty Brit, left her Four Seasons-loaned umbrella by the wayside and stormed towards the venue in her Roger Vivier Belle du Jour flats to gain entrance to the 6:30 p.m. show just as most of the 5:30 p.m. show guests had left. Stopped by the security men, Coles was infuriated, pulling one down to her eye level and saying to him in a strict tone of voice (whether he could understand it or not was another question), ‘You need to let me in. You need to let us all in. I’m from Marie Claire in the U.S. Do you know how many credits we give Gucci every year? This is unacceptable!”’

Shortly after Coles was let in. Then, a few minutes late, everyone else.

Rosie Versus The Ratings


Rosie O’Donnell is using her blog to challenge the alleged ratings grand-slam of Whoopi Goldberg touted by the staff at The View. Rosie’s blog rant about the ”creative use of ratings” by The View staff notes that in the target demographic — 18-49 — the show has fallen 9 percent since Whoopi came on board, refuting the story that was making the media rounds last week. Don Kaplan of The New York Post asked a professional toget to the bottom of things:

”Who was right? The answer is both. O’Donnell posted ratings that compared the first week of this season versus the same week last year – while ABC’s ratings compare the second week of both seasons.

”’I don’t think you can draw too many conclusions from just one week,’ says Horizon Media’s Brad Adgate. ‘The season is a marathon, not a sprint.”’

(image via msnbc)

Brady: Blame Tisch For CBS’ Woes


James Brady of Forbes — but formerly of CBS — meditates on the Rather lawsuit with a healthy dose of twilight-colored nostalgia. Despite being in third place, CBS News does have a glorious history. What happened? How did we come to the point where CBS’ former anchorman, after engaging in an ongoing “manly catfight” with the company’s CEO over the past year, sues the network for $70 million?

Brady lays the blame for the Tiffany network’s woes squarely on the shoulders of Larry Tisch. From Forbes:

”Maybe things began to change when Larry Tisch bought control and began to pare back news. Paley was a rich man who knew the value of beautiful things (his wife Babe was one of the most beautiful women in New York), and knew that news didn’t make the big bucks, entertainment did. But he understood that news was the right thing to do, if not the most profitable, and he insisted the news operation be top quality. Larry didn’t come out of that culture and didn’t understand. The canny Tisch knew the value of money. Period.”

Is Edward R. Murrow presently spinning in his grave?

(image via broadcasting and cable via

Bloomberg LP Sued For Discrimination


The federal government is suing Bloomberg LP. The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission claims that the company discriminated against two women who took maternity leave.

The eve of Michael Bloomberg’s announcement — or final, equivocal non-announcement — of a run for the Oval Office recalls a several years old Michael Wolff New York magazine column on the eve of the former CEO’s first run for the mayoralty. From New York, circa September 17, 2001:

”The column also produced something else — an artifact (or, as we say in the journalism business, a document). A smoking gun of sorts: an actual example of literal hard-ass words. Most often we don’t get to see real CEO hard-assedness, we get a ghostwriter’s version of it (isolated and disputed remarks sometimes slip into the public record through lawsuits and depositions — for instance, Bloomberg’s alleged, and denied, admonition to a pregnant employee: ‘Kill it’).”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg — who still owns more than half Bloomberg LP despite stepping down from day-to-day operations to run for Mayor — refused to comment on the lawsuit. ”You’ll have to talk to Bloomberg L.P.,” Bloomberg was reported to have said by The Daily News. ”I haven’t worked there, as you know, in an awful long time.”

(image via