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Archives: January 2008 TV Partner On Web Project


New York-based Lifetime TV and — which has come into its own during the 2008 elections — are partnering on a web project focusing on California undecided women voters watching the debates of the last few days. Women compose 52 percent of the American electorate and, for the first time ever, a woman has an even money chance on winning the presidency.

FishbowlNY emailed Toby Graff, who heads the partnership, to find out the specifics:

”FishbowlNY: 83% of FishbowlNY voters said in a recent poll that the media’s racial-gender breakdowns of the voter demographics in the Democratic primary are excessive. What would you say to that?

”Toby Graff: We are networks for women so we naturally focus on gender breakdowns. Rather than simple breakdowns though, we are also looking for a deeper understanding — to give voice to issues that matter to women that are often overlooked in the horserace nature of political coverage. Our effort is focused on empowering and encouraging all women to register and vote (for whomever they want), consider running for elected office and speak out on issues that matter in their lives. Our polling shows that women voters want the candidates and the media to focus on issues like education, jobs & the economy, health care, and preventing violence against women.”

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Should Disgruntled New York Times Shareholders Listen To Harbinger Capital?

67% of FishbowlNY voters said that McCain’s victory in the Florida GOP Primary proves that conservative talk radio does not have undue influence over the Republican party. Today’s poll:

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WGA East Plans Large Scale Rally Tomorrow

The WGA strike closes out the thirteenth week at One Life to Live studios on 66th street between Columbus and Central Park West tomorrow, February 1st. WGAE President Michael Winship will be attending the large scale rally and picket line. Last Wednesday, the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers began informal discussions. Both sides have agreed to make no public comments about the discussions until talks conclude. Nikki Finke, though, notes progress.

The Five W’s Plus Business Acumen |Networks Minus Writers Equals Low Ratings |Back in The High Life Again |Designing Murdoch |Black And White And Red Faced Gets A New, Gridskipping Editor

Uber-popular New York food blog Eater has a new editor. We hear that Amanda Kludt, the associate editor of Gawker Media travel blog Gridskipper, has been named as Eater’s new editor. With parent company Curbed Network currently undergoing rapid expansion, we’re sure current Curbed editors Benjamin Leventhal and Lockhart Steele are pretty damn happy to have more time to focus on the business end of things.

No word on start date as of yet. Kludt, in our opinion, is one of the most underrated New York food writers to have come out of the blogosphere. Good move, Eater.

(ObDisclaimer: The writer of this piece was a former Gridskipper contributor/guest editor.)

Montel Williams Headed Off The Air

0131williams.jpgAfter 17 years of syndicated talkshow goodness, the Montel Williams Show is coming to an end. It was a good run… but Montel Williams and his syndicaters figured out a way to make more money out of it. Come this fall, CBS TV Distribution will be offering individual stations the choice of airing a year’s worth of Best of Montel episodes. Williams, ever the class act, told the AP:

“I can’t say thank you enough to those who’ve welcomed me into their homes for the past 17 years. It has been both an honor and a joy.”

Cheers, Montel.

Stealth Advertorials In The New York Times?

0131spindel.jpgWhat happens when the New York Times runs a memoir piece that reads like an advertorial?

You get professional matchmaker Janis Spindel‘s ode to finding clients on the road as told to the NYT‘s Joan Raymond.

Memoir or advertorial? Judge for yourself via these excerpts:

I’m not a recruiter for a Fortune 500 company. I’m a professional matchmaker and have been since founding my company in 1993. I deal only with male clients. And on recent trips to Vancouver, Boston, Charlotte and Seattle, more than 1,000 women showed up in each city to meet with me and to see if they qualified to be matched with one of my men.

I’m always scouting for people. I’ve found that airports and airplanes are great hunting grounds. In fact, I met my first boyfriend at an airport. [...]

My clientele are investment bankers, lawyers, professional athletes and entrepreneurs. They are all very successful, fabulous and picky. They know what kind of qualities they want in a woman, and they hire me to find their perfect partner. It often takes me just a week or two to match a client with the right person. My success rate speaks for itself; so does my sixth sense. In the last 15 years, I’ve been responsible for more than 800 marriages and 1,000 more couples have entered into long-term, committed relationships. [...]

My approach is straightforward. First, I’ll check out the ring finger. If there’s no ring, I’ll say something flattering. Of course, a man’s initial thought is that I’m hitting on him. I consider these meetings pre-dates. I can usually find out more about someone in five minutes than most people can in three months. Most men are receptive, though some find it amusing they spent the flight talking to a happily married matchmaker. [...]

So strike up a conversation with someone. You never know. And if you see a woman cruising the airplane aisles, checking you out, don’t be afraid. It’s not the air marshal. It’s probably me.

What do you think? Innocent feature story or stealth advertorial? Let us know.

(Image via Hilary)

The Guardian: Watch News Corp. And Google In ’08

Fresh in from the Department of the Obvious: A Guardian poll of UK-based media executives and consultants reports that Google and News Corp. (through Europe/Asia Chairman and Rupe Jr. James Murdoch) are the media properties to watch in ’08.

Yeah, Google announced this morning through David Eun that they won’t become a media company… but note that Eun’s definition of “media company” in the linked interview is narrow as all hell. Through their (well-played out) role as a media aggregator and distributor, Google is indeed a media company. So lah de dah.

Best takeaway from the piece? 3% of the media folks surveyed don’t read newspapers at all.

FBLA Contest: George Benson Concert: Question 3


Win two tickets to George Benson’s Tribute to Nat King Cole concert.

An unforgettable, one-of-a-kind acoustic evening with the seductive guitar master as he performs some of Nat’s timeless classics and his own favorite hits.

Today’s Trivia Question:

George Benson’s 2 most recent Grammys were awarded for his collaboration with what singer?

Email your winning entry to–the person with the most correct answers at the end of the week wins the tickets. In the event of a tie, earliest time-stamp wins.

LA PHIL PRESENTS at Walt Disney Concert Hall
George Benson A Tribute to Nat King Cole
Friday, February 15, 8pm

Obligatory Britney Spears Post

We don’t want to but we have to. Britney Spears was rushed by ambulance to UCLA Medical Center, escorted by dozen motorcycle officers, two cruisers and two police helicopters.

Tabloid Baby asks who pays for all this and suggests Harvey Levin should.

And Bonnie Fuller takes time out of her busy day to play psychiatrist and decide that Spears is a histrionic personality. Takes one to know one, as Grannie always said.