pimpin-.jpgLast week the CEO of Craigslist wondered aloud in a blog post why his company was taking so much heat for adult ads, while newspapers like those in the Village Voice Media chain regularly published similar ads without controversy. It’s a good question. We’ve been wondering the same thing.

This morning Village Voice Media responded to the Craigslist post with a self-righteous rant in the form of a press release. Our favorite part:

We will continue to exercise our right to accept legal, adult postings from our users and concentrate on growing backpage.com. We are aggressively building additional technical solutions as well as increasing our manual site inspections to improve the efficiency of removing content that is illegal or otherwise violates our Terms of Use.

Translation: We will continue to make big bucks off of prostitution and human trafficking, while doing everything possible to cover our asses legally.

Read the entire VVM press release after the jump-

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