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LonelyGirl15 Inks Ad Deal

lonelygirl15_062607.jpgAs Atoosa Rubinstein noted yesterday, everyone’s favorite ex-viral video sensation scored herself a lucrative marketing deal. LonelyGirl15 has entered into an agreement with Neutrogena — over the next few episodes of the YouTube series, a Neutrogena-employed “mad scientist” will appear as a supporting character.

At least this pay-for-YouTube-play is transparent, unlike, say, Amanda “Rocketboomer” Congdon, whose shilling for Dupont was discovered in March, to which the the contributor played the “I’m not a journalist — I’m a blogger” defense card.

No one bought it.


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    Above, the mock-up. Below, ABC News president David Westin‘s memo to staff:

    From: Westin, David
    Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2007 9:57 AM
    To: ABCTV News ALL

    Next week we unveil a new version of This is the first stage of an overall redesign that will ultimately transform the site into a news and information website that will be boldly different — both from what it has been before and from what other, similar sites offer. The new version will be simpler, easier to use, and will feature video more prominently than what we’ve had until now. is all about our reporting — both on the Internet and on our broadcasts — and that will remain true. One of the important goals for the new is to use the power of the community created on the Internet to take that reporting to new levels. We will actively seek participation by those with something factual to add. We will solicit from our Internet users the questions they want answered by those in positions of power and knowledge.

    All of this will complement what we are increasingly providing on the “Be Seen and Be Heard” component of ABC News Now — available on digital cable, broadband, and mobile devices for those who subscribe.

    Well before our enhancements to, it has shown exponential growth. In March alone, the site garnered 150 million page views, marking a 22% increase in page views from the previous month. Additionally, the site saw a 13% year-over-year growth in unique users to 11.5 million.

    The new is the product of a lot of hard work, and I thank everyone involved.

    We hope that you will find the new to be a substantial step forward. Improving the site together is an ongoing process, and we encourage your comments through the message boards we’ve created for your feedback.

    Where Amanda Congdon fits into the relaunch remains to be seen. She is, after all, not a journalist.

    Amanda Congdon: ‘I Am Not Subject To The ‘Rules’ Traditional Journalists Have To Follow’


    We’ve been dutifully following the media career of Rocketboom vlogger Amanda Congdon — who is quickly becoming as relevant for ABC as LonelyGirl — including the latest revelation that Congdon has been doing work on the side for DuPont corporation without so-called “full disclosure” — a big no-no not only for ABC but for someone, like Congdon, whose every move is picked apart (however mercilessly) by the blogosphere.

    What’s more shocking, though, is Congdon’s response:

    As I mentioned on my blog Sunday evening, I made these little “infotainmercials” for DuPont. I love how that ridiculous word spread like wildfire… that was my intention. A little experiment that WORKED. ABC and HBO both approved the DuPont spots. And under the “blogger” title, which is what I am, hello? I am not subject to the “rules” traditional journalists have to follow.

    Perhaps not, Amanda, but as a “blogger” you should know that disclosing fully what could potentially be perceived as a conflict of interest is something that all journalists — traditional or not — should do.

    In other words, transparency — wasn’t that your problem with LonelyGirl?

    FishbowlNY’s Amanda Congdon Coverage:

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  • Jeff Jarvis Wants to Remix News War


    Jeff Jarvis continues the war over Frontline’s News War with a cheeky suggestion:

    But what would be truly innovative would be to make all their footage available– something I challenged to do when I was intereviewed–so we can remix it and show them the different story that exists right under their nose.

    FBLA loves this idea. We’d reloop Dean Baquet’s SOTs under Amanda Congdon.

    Breaking: Jim O’Shea Responds to the Frontline Piece

    News War: The LA Times vs. Tribune and Readers Lose

    News War: The LA Times vs. Tribune and Readers Lose


    KCET broadcast Frontline’s series News War last night, as counter programming for American Idol, never guessing that someone could actually want to watch both. This episode, What’s Happening to the News, which examimes the struggles of the LA Times, will repeat this Friday and the website has the whole series.

    The producers interviewed all the right people for the series, and all but five of them are men.

    In this episode, Amanda Congdon is presented twice–once in her Rocketboom days, and now as the fresh new face on She even gets an extended section on the website–the only woman with such a segment. (Maybe she’s supposed to help David Westin get a reasonable return.) Other than a woman in the LAT’s Baghdad bureau (in a burkha!) and Lauren Rich Fine from Merrill Lynch, women aren’t talking about the news business. And judging by the credits, women aren’t working in it either, at least not on this episode. (The first two episodes were written, produced, and directed by Raney Aronson-Rath.)

    Read more

    ABC News Gets All Flushed by Ralph Fiennes


    ABC News (the American Standard of news ) continues on the tabloid trail. FBLA received an email from Natalia Labenskyj alerting us to Ralph Fiennes’ possible sexual addiction. After his romp in an airplane john, he could be either cheeky or compulsive. Dug up from nowhere, sex expert Don Dyson, of Widener University in Chester, Pa. tells us:

    The problem that we have is that in the U.S., we judge sexual behavior harshly

    Not as harshly as we judge stupid-ass, made-up “news” stories. Maybe Amanda Congdon can dress up as a stewardess and show us exactly what happened.

    Anna Nicole Smith’s Death is a Tabloid Moment for ABC News


    ABC News is pumping out the “news” stories the way Oscar Meyer makes hotdogs and from the same sort of materials.

    Forensic pyschiatrist, Michael Welner, takes some wild guesses with a story headlined:
    EXCLUSIVE: What Killed Anna Nicole Smith?
    and then works through a list of questions that all seem to be answered by the phrase

    accident, suicide or homicide

    He also drags in Marilyn Monroe and Ted Binion but leaves out serial dieter Elvis Presley (and with that hair, he must be a fan). And being a well-trained network television expert, he answers the question:

    Is it relevant to know about her psychiatric history? Or is that just old news?

    Very relevant, according to Dr. Welner, thus leaving the door wide open to further speculations that add to ABC News’ slide into tabloid journalism. Maybe Amanda Congdon can dress up in some Guess jeans and act out some “re-creations” of Smith’s life.

    New Rocketboomer Doesn’t Envy Journos In Second Life


    Joanne Colan, a.k.a Amanda Congdon‘s replacement at Rocketboom, gave Howard Kurtz her thoughts on Sunday’s edition of CNN’s Reliable Sources:

    KURTZ: Well, Second Life must be a big deal, because Reuters now has a full-time correspondent covering this virtual world. But I’m wondering if you see more journalists and more politicians getting into this arena?

    COLAN: I don’t envy them. I wouldn’t really want to have to sit there, myself, and spend all my time in Second Life, because it’s kind of tiring. You’re aware of your avatar, you’re juggling how to move around. I’m fairly new at it; I’m not very good — I crash into things.

    Luckily, Kurtz’ avatar appears to have a handle on walking.


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  • Rocketboom Goes Boom: Richard Rushfield Peers At the Wreckage


    Richard Rushfield’s story on the launch, crash, burn and blame of Rocketboom won’t be in the LA Times print edition until Sunday, but you can read it online now. Here’s a little taste:

    In the lingering custody battle over the soul (and wallet) of Rocketboom, the former partners each accuse the other of betrayal, slander, bad faith and, worst of all, old-media values.

    Amanda Congdon and Andrew Baron do seem to have a “can’t live with ya, can’t live without ya” relationship, even it was all business. On ABC, Congdon is just another blonde on the box, despite her signing with Endeavour and getting all sorts of offers–the segments just aren’t as good as the ones she did with Barron.

    Amanda Congdon Tasered

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