homeless-coder.jpgErica Smith, the journalist whom we’ve dubbed the Newsroom Angel of Death has struck again. This time it’s a informative interview with laid off Times staffer Amy Martin and her goal of helping other newly unemployeds redo their resumes and bone up on their tech skills.

Have you found others (co-workers or otherwise) who are reaching out to try to help their peers? Have you come across any helpful advice or Web sites?

Unfortunately, I haven’t been at the Times long enough to really get to know many people outside of the Features department. I think that journalism attracts people who are community-driven by nature, so I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if there are similar efforts happening on other floors. I am trying to set up a software training – probably at my house on the East Side – with some of the other designers down here – and anyone is welcome. I’m going to show some people how to use Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign; another designer is really good with Dreamweaver and has a great handle on the CS3 features that I’m not as familiar with. So we’re trying to put that together.

The whole interview is here.

We saw Russ Stanton speak last night so check back later for those posts.