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FBLA’s Wardrobe-Gate Wrap Up


Here’s a shocker: Sarah Palin doesn’t pay for her own clothes or haircuts. The RNC shelled out $150K for Palin and kin to not look like rednecks…so they would appeal to rednecks. So because one of her Teddy Ruxpin-esque lines is about ‘putting government back on the side of the people’ and the other is denouncing wealth distribution the press has had a collective conniption.

  • Politico broke the story.
  • Marc Ambinder reports that Republicans are disgusted with the expenditure in the wake of such financial chaos.
  • Bill Kristol wrote on September 7th,”A Wasilla Wal-Mart Mom a heartbeat away? I suspect most voters will say, No problem. And some – perhaps a decisive number – will say, It’s about time.”
  • Wonkette has a picture of poor elite Barack Obama with his tired holey shoes.
  • LAT fashion critic Booth Moore writes, “You also have to wonder how it feels, as a woman, to have everyone know that you really have been dressed up and trotted out like a beauty queen for the American public to wag their tongues at. Caribou Barbie indeed.
  • MSNBC wants to talk about tax code and ethics even ‘with all of the important issues facing the country right now’.
  • CQ’s David Corn has our favorite call back:

    And another thing: anyone remember Dick Nixon’s famous Checkers speech?

    I should say this, that Pat doesn’t have a mink coat. But she does have a respectable Republican cloth coat, and I always tell her she’d look good in anything.

  • The New York Times: What’s Not to Love?

    nytimes-logo.jpgMaybe it’s because The New York Times declares itself to be the “paper of record” (and then hires Bill Kristol) that we are all so quick to point out its shortcomings. Or maybe it was the fact they tried to get us to pay for their opinion. Or maybe it was that whole WMD thing. No doubt, everyone has their own reason. Over at VF Daily, a number of men folk are hashing out why it’s just so darn easy to “hate” the Times (and by “hate” we really mean kvetch, because, newspapers being what they are, it’s hard to hate something you’re this dependent on, or even be more than mildly annoyed actually). Some thoughts:

    Jonah Golberg: “The Times is the coxswain, the one setting the pace for the entire culture. Sociologically, it just matters more. Ideologically, it drives me fucking bonkers.”

    Michael Wolff: “Almost in inverse proportion to its own survivability, The New York Times becomes more and more holier-than-thou…You’ve lost your way journalistically, you’ve lost your way from a business standpoint, you’ve lost your way from an authoritative standpoint, and yet you are still so holier-than-thou.”

    Jack Shafer
    : People love to hate their newspaper for the same reason they love to hate their relatives.”

    Alex Pareene: “The Times is responsible for me having a job, basically.”

    David Carr: “The reflexive, baked-in desire to constantly take apart the Times is, I think, the hobgoblin of underemployed and understimulated minds.” Snap!

    ‘Look Book’ Book | Norman Mailer’s Spunk | Ex-NBCU Treasurer Arrested | CNN Execs Take To The Tropics


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    • Norman Mailer: “Still has all the spunk of an angry punk.” [Rush and Molloy]
    • CNN Execs: Take tropical trip while network lags. [Page Six]
    • Was Time Inc. Deal: Done a week ago? [Folio:]
    • Bill Kristol: Media darling — why? [Nation]
    • Ex-NBC Universal Treasurer: Arrested, accused of stealing $800,000. [TV Week]