Well, they’re holding fast on that whole not paying bloggers thing, but at least HuffPo has decided to pay a few more writers for their work. On the same day Arianna Huffington officially completed her $315 million deal to sell HuffPo to AOL, the Huffington Post Media Group, as it’s now called, announced six new additions to its reporting team.

From the release:

Yahoo‘s Michael Calderone has been named Senior Media Reporter, the New York Times’ Trymaine Lee has been named Senior Reporter, the New York Daily News’ Michael McAuliffe has been named Senior Congressional Reporter, and The Daily‘s Jon Ward has been named Senior Political Reporter.  Bonnie Kavoussi, about to graduate from Harvard, has been named Business Reporter, and Lucas Kavner, the founding editor of Unigo, which covered college life, has been named Entertainment Reporter.

HuffPo says these hires will be the first of many “as it expands its original reporting across all sections, from politics and entertainment to health, food, style, kids, parenting, personal finance, and more.”

Press release in full after the jump:

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