And… with the generous support of his fans, 57-year-old stand-up Mike MacDonald looks to have the best possible chance of overcoming his condition.

Per a localĀ CBC-TV report, MacDonald is in need of a liver transplant after coming down with the disease last year in Los Angeles. He is not specifically clear on how he got it, but tells the reporter it could be linked to a SoCal lifestyle that was once drug-fueled.

The comedian’s friend Brittany Anastacio launched an online donation campaign to help pay for the transplant, and in just the first three days, nearly $15,000 Canadian has already been raised. Per the CBC report:

MacDonald moved back to his hometown of Ottawa last summer and is unable to work. He said he is speechless with all the donations to his cause. “It’s restored my faith in humanity. This whole thing has been very humbling,” he said

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