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LAT In 90 Seconds

42299559.jpgGibson on Palin, Finnegan on Gibson: Charlie Gibson was tough on Sarah Palin in the first of their two ABC interviews, but we think Michael Finnegan was even tougher on Gibson: “Gibson, however, mischaracterized her as simply asserting that the nation’s leaders were sending troops to Iraq on a task from God. (snip) Gibson went on to take a second part of her comments out of context.”

palin_500.jpgGibson on Palin, McNamara on Gibson: Mary McNamara had a clearer (we think) take on the whole interview: “Everyone seemed to forget that this is a vice presidential candidate, a public servant who should not be playing hard to get with reporters and whose main job it is to articulate the positions and policies of her ticket. Even Gibson acted as if he feared this might be the one shot the entire Fourth Estate gets, conducting what was essentially a high-level, high-pressure interview with a job candidate who quickly revealed that her skill set is heavy on can-do-attitude, and light on company policy comprehension.”

PH2008091200448.jpgMcCain on Fact-checkers, Rainey on McCain: James Rainey comes to the defense of news organizations like “News organizations and these admirable truth-squadding outfits, including, do not collaborate. But in independent news reports and commentaries this week, they seemed to reach a consensus to say ‘enough’ to the McCain camp’s efforts to demonize Barack Obama.”

Sarah Palin Meets the Press Whether She Wants to or Not

08baby-span-337.jpgSo much Palin! We’re going to do a round-up:

  • She will meet the press! Looks like ABC’s Charlie Gibson has landed the first interview with the Sarah Palin, to take place at the end of this week in Alaska. Perhaps he promised to be deferential?
  • Speaking of the deferential thing. Does anyone else find this appalling? Talk about four more years of Bush. There is an inherent (reverse?) sexism in this, also — as if Palin expects the media to open the door for her and stand when she enters the room.
  • Not even US Weekly is immune to the bias charge. Per the NYT: The celebrity magazine…drew criticism from readers for the cover. A record number of commenters on the Us magazine Web site — more than 6,600, at last count — weighed in, most focusing on the magazine’s perceived bias. Many contrasted the cover of Ms. Palin with a June cover, “Why Barack Loves Her,” featuring Barack and Michelle Obama. “Barack and Michelle in an embrace and a fluff article on their marriage … only to be followed by a picture of our possible future VP with her newborn baby and an insulting and untrue title to the magazine cover?”
  • Also, things are so bad the Times‘s public editor Clark Hoyt is weighing-in: “In our instant-news and celebrity- obsessed culture, Palin went from Sarah Who to conservative rock star in less than a week. In less than two months, she could be elected vice president to serve under the oldest president, at 72, ever elected to a first term, and one with a history of recurring melanoma. Intense, independent scrutiny by The Times and the rest of the news media of Palin’s background, character and record was inevitable and right.”
  • Torch-Passing, TVNewser Style

    stelter_times_061207.jpgFor a couple hours, the back room at Michael’s was transformed into a television news executive bender, a happy hour in honor of our outgoing TVNewser, Brian Stelter [right], and incoming TVNewser, er, ‘Newsers: Chris Ariens, Diane Clehane, Alissa Kinsky and Philadelphia Inquirer TV columnist and Katie Couric nemesis Gail Shister.

    Some of those who showed to fete Stelter and co.: Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, NBC News president Steve Capus, Joe Scarborough, MSNBC anchors Contessa Brewer (ED NOTE: Brewer has yet to visit Dan Abrams‘ party house in the Hamptons) and Amy Robach, Rita Cosby, Gil “Stanley Bing” Schwartz, CBS’ Jeff Greenfield, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin and business correspondent Ali Velshi, MSNBC producer Tammy Haddad, NY1′s Pat Kiernan, former CBS honcho Andrew Heyward, BusinessWeek columnist (and husband to our multimillionaire boss) Jon Fine, Jeff Jarvis, CNN anchor John Roberts, Page Six‘s Corynne Steindler, well-rested Observer columnist Michael Calderone, CNBC senior VP Jonathan Wald, Inside Edition‘s Sarah Rubenstein, Radar‘s Jeff Bercovici, HuffPo’s Rachel Sklar (whose date for the evening was 19-year-old CBS News intern Eric Kuhn), Broadcasting & Cable‘s Max Robins and Caroline Palmer (who, Robins says, is leaving B&C to become Vogue‘s Web editor), CNBC VP Josh Howard, Good Day New York host Ron Corning, Freud Communications’ Lisa Dallos, Marketwatch’s Jon Friedman and the omnipresent Julia Allison, who said she had been up since 5:00AM talking about Lindsay Lohan. Her take: “She should just kill herself already, before she kills someone else.”

    Notable no-shows: Abrams, Katie, Charlie, Greta Van Susteren, Jon Stewart and Stelter supporter and former CNNer Aaron Brown.


  • Original TVNewser Bids Us Adieu
  • Killing Time

    time_hbomb.jpgIn next week’s New York magazine, pg. 46:

    The Time of Their Lives (p. 46) by Joe Hagan

    John Huey and Richard Stengel, besieged by economic forces pulling one of journalism’s most storied institutions toward obsolescence, are blowing up Time magazine in an all-out effort to save its life.

    Hagan, you’ll recall, was called “something of a snake” by ABC’s Charles Gibson last summer. Hagan quoted Gibson in a New York article criticizing Brian Williams‘s trip to Africa with Bono.


  • Gibson: New York‘s Hagan ‘Something Of A Snake’
  • Katie Couric: I Was The Only Skirt At White House Meeting Before Bush Speech

    katie_couric_skirt.jpgFrom Katie Couric‘s CBS News blog comes this missive on the state of women in television news journalism, 2007:

    Last Wednesday, President Bush gave his address to the country about “the new way forward” for Iraq, and lots of journalists—including me, of course—were in Washington to cover it. But before the Big Speech, there was the little-known Big Meeting.

    The White House invited all the network anchors, and some cable anchors, along with the Sunday political show hosts to a meeting with unnamed VERY senior administration officials. (Obviously I know their names, but the agreement was that in order to attend the meeting, we couldn’t reveal the people who spoke to us.)

    And yet, the meeting was a little disconcerting as well. As I was looking at my colleagues around the room—Charlie Gibson, George Stephanopoulos, Brian Williams, Tim Russert, Bob Schieffer, Wolf Blitzer, and Brit Hume—I couldn’t help but notice, despite how far we’ve come, that I was still the only woman there. Well, there was some female support staff near the door. But of the people at the table, the “principals” in the meeting, I was the only one wearing a skirt.

    Are you sure about that, Katie? Russert’s been known to wear a skirt under the Meet The Press desk — particularly during primary season — and we’ve all caught Brian Williams sporting flat-front khaki shorts while delivering the Nightly News. And Schieffer? Forget about it.

  • Katie: A Woman At The Table [Couric & Co.]