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The New York Post Gives Veteran Music Critic Dan Aquilante Awkward Goodbye

Dan Aquilante, The New York Post’s Music Critic since 1985, has decided to call it quits. Capital New York reports that for the next stage of his life, Aquilante has launched a website ( and thought that running an ad for it in the Post would be good idea. Apparently Aquilante was mistaken, because according to him, the Post’s Editor-in-Chief, Col Allan, cut the ad.

Aquilante was natually shocked, so he decided to send Allan a note, asking what happened:

I’m baffled why you’d kill my ad. It allowed readers who have followed me for 30 years at the Post to know where I went. I was also supporting the Post by buying advertising. That’s not something every fledgling company does. But most importantly, that ad was a raised flag that showed that there’s no hard feelings between the Post and I. Obviously I’m wrong, since you must feel hurt by my departure. If you’d like, lets have a drink and talk it out.

Allan hasn’t responded yet.

We guess that’s all there is to say.

New York Post Defends Greg Kelly Coverage

The New York Post just can’t let a bad story die. Today the paper not only reported on Greg Kelly’s accuser shockingly still existing in this world, it defended its coverage of the scandal; specifically that it published the accuser’s name and put her on the cover:

A picture of Maria Di Toro appeared on The Post’s front page Thursday, enraging social network aficionados who believe — despite the findings of a lengthy Manhattan District Attorney’s Office investigation — that she is the victim of a sex crime.

One group even set up a Facebook page called, “Shame on the NY Post,” while others took to media-centric blogs to vent their anger.

We’re pretty sure “media-centric blogs” was a shout out to FishbowlNY, but we just thought the Post was being the Post when it acted so ridiculously. Col Allan, the paper’s Editor-in-Chief, added that all bets were off when Di Toro’s claims were dismissed.

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New York Post Fires Reporter Over Leaks

When Adweek reported that the New York Post was raising its price from 50 cents to 75 cents last week, the news was accompanied by some semi-threatening emails from the paper’s editors asking for better content from the reporters. ‘The editor has already said he will be looking for bylines to see who stepped it up and who didn’t,” one memo said.

These leaks apparently sent the Post‘s editor-in-chief Col Allan “on a rampage” to ferret out the sources, and Adweek is now reporting that Allan has already “fired one of the city’s top police reporters.”

The day after the price increase broke, a handful of reporters were brought into the main office and dressed down by editors about talking to journalists outside the paper, which reportedly happens with greater frequency at the paper.

This is not the first time leaks have caused havoc for the paper. Adweek notes that “several months ago, editors believed that there was a reporter who was feeding stories to the rival New York Daily News, according to sources… The editors went so far as to post dummy stories to the list to see if they were mentioned by other reporters, sources said.”

But dummy stories and editor’s rampages aside, it looks like the leaks keep coming. So brave Post reporters, try to send some inside leaks our way next time around.

Political Editor at New York Post Quits

Gawker is reporting that Gregg Birnbaum abruptly left his position yesterday. The reason he left, well, that’s not so clear. But have no fear! Gawker will speculate:

We spoke to Birnbaum, who confirmed that he is ‘no longer employed’ by the Post. But the backstory, according to insiders, is dramatic. Sources say that Birnbaum got into a huge argument Monday night with Col Allan, the paper’s famously boozy and abusive editor. After the curse-filled blowup—which apparently had something to do with coverage of Obama’s tax plan—Birnbaum left the office.

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Scarce Print Resources Means New York Titles Fighting Over Scraps

s-NEWSPAPERS-large.jpgWe’re not really sure what to make of New York magazine blog Daily Intel’s headline, “Even in Dismal Print Climate, New York Post and Daily News Couldn’t Get Along.” Doesn’t the first part kind of necessitate the second?

The history between the New York Post and the New York Daily News has been mired in bloodshed from the get-go, and the recent economic downturn has done nothing except give the Daily News some room to catch up with Rupert Murdoch‘s title. Obviously: there will be blood. So when juicy gossip escaped that there were talks of a Mort Zuckerman-Murdoch collaboration in 2008, it was easy enough to chalk it up to hot air, though the PR boost gave the duo some room to publicly swipe at each other like Statler and Waldorf in the balcony of “The Muppet Show.”

Zuckerman called the talks — which reportedly continued until a few months ago — “sporadic and occasional” and added “it’s not surprising they have gone nowhere.” Col Allan, the Post‘s top editor, refused to even acknowledge the talks existed, calling them “Wishful thinking at the Daily News.” Aw, get a room, you two!

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–Daily Intel

New York Post And New York Daily News Considering The Unthinkable: Cooperation –Huffington Post

New York Post Joins In Content Partnership With Revel In New York

Our sister site WebNewser has news today that production group Revel In New York will begin providing content to The New York Post‘s online video collection.

But these won’t be your normal Post videos of raw footage of riots or salacious celebrity appearances, oh no. Revel’s M.O. is to focus on individuals, “characters” in the city, and have them take you around New York to their favorite spots.

So why would the Post be interested in this sort of content? Says editor Erle Norton, “We’re excited about giving readers an intimate look into the city and its fascinating people.”

And not just corrupt politicians or Ashley Dupre, apparently.

Press release after the jump

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Fired Post Editor Comes Forwards With Allegations

guzman.jpgRupert Murdoch just can’t catch a break these days: He’s waging war against Google, The New York Post‘s readership is down, and he’s got to deal with this Glenn Beck debacle for calling Barack Obama racist. On top of that there has been this scandal of Sandra Guzman, the editor who was fired from The Post for after speaking out against their cartoon portraying Obama’s stimulus package as a dead monkey, which has raised complaints of racism from the NY Association of Black Journalists, among other groups. (The Post has denied there is any connection between the complaint and her termination.)

Now Guzman has come forward with a 38-page complaint against The Post and its editor in chief Col Allan for not only being racist, but sexist as well. Some of the highlights of the suit, after the jump.

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Liz Smith’s Long Goodbye: ‘I Will Go Bravely On!’

img-bs-top---grove-liz-smith_175110661627.jpgToday is Liz Smith‘s last column at the New York Post. Even if you are not the most regular reader is does seem like just one more sign that newspapers as we know them are not long for this world. Also, somewhat amazing is the fact that she received the news from editor Col Allan (in a letter!) more than two weeks ago, and it was only made public this week. Apparently, the woman knows how to keep a secret when need be! Anyway, Smith is over at The Daily Beast talking with fellow former gossiper extraordinaire Lloyd Grove about her abrupt departure — oh to have been a fly on the wall for this conversation! Here’s a taste:

Lloyd: Now Col sent you a letter. Did he ever tell you anything in person about this?

Liz: No, no one has spoken to me. At the end of January I wrote a letter to Rupert because Col Allan hasn’t spoken to me in a year, so I said I was anxious to re-sign and wanted to go on working and hoped to die with my boots on at my desk and all that stuff. And Rupert didn’t answer. And then Col sent me a very nice letter saying he was sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, and they had economic difficulties, et cetera, and they were not renewing my contract. So I’ve never talked to anybody there.

But I will go bravely on, move on more fully to the and keep up writing the column every day to the Tribune Syndicate, and keep writing for Variety twice a week.

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‘Economic Gales’ Sweep Liz Smith Out of the NYPost

World - G-LizSmithV.jpgYou know times are extremely, badly, very tough when even Liz Smith is falling victim to the Recession! The Times City Room blog reports that Thursday will be the gossip doyenne’s last! Apparently currently nefarious editor Col Allan informed her in a letter earlier this month that her contract would not be renewed due to “unprecedented economic gales.”

Smith says that when her column was dropped down to three times a week last year she protested: “I had meetings with everybody. I carried on. Didn’t do any good. Mr. Allan is firmly at the helm of The New York Post, and I was never under the impression that I was his cup of tea….Oh, yeah, I had a meeting with Rupert. He said he wouldn’t interfere with Col Allan. Well, isn’t he right? Shouldn’t publishers believe in their editors?”

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Rupert Murdoch ‘Personally’ Apologizes for Chimp Cartoon: ‘We Will Seek to be More Attuned’

18_02_2009---17_50_490015a.jpgThere must be some joke here to be made about hell freezing over and monkeys flying. (Anyone know the last time Rupert Murdoch wrote a personal letter of apology for his paper?) Anyway, as sort-of speculated by Michael Wolff the other day it seems that Rupe was not happy about the chimpanzee cartoon. Not sure anyone really anticipated this sort of response so quickly — there’s definitely no ‘sort-of’ about it — however it appears that Rupe hopes to put an end to the controversy before it gets any further out of hand. It remains to be seen whether this will assuage the protesters and it’s interesting to note there is no mention made of editor Col Allan or his future at the paper.

As the Chairman of the New York Post, I am ultimately responsible for what is printed in its pages. The buck stops with me.

Last week, we made a mistake. We ran a cartoon that offended many people. Today I want to personally apologize to any reader who felt offended, and even insulted.

Over the past couple of days, I have spoken to a number of people and I now better understand the hurt this cartoon has caused. At the same time, I have had conversations with Post editors about the situation and I can assure you – without a doubt – that the only intent of that cartoon was to mock a badly written piece of legislation. It was not meant to be racist, but unfortunately, it was interpreted by many as such.

We all hold the readers of the New York Post in high regard and I promise you that we will seek to be more attuned to the sensitivities of our community.