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Wacky Tabloid Weekly World News Turns to LA Paywall Firm

Remember the Weekly World News, that black-and-white broadsheet next to the supermarket checkout that you used to scan regularly before Perez Hilton, TMZ and Radar Online?

Though it was interrupted by a more recent ownership change, it never fully went away. WWN migrated to the Web only in 2009 and has since slowly doubled its monthly way to a current Top 1,000 Quantcast ranking. However, as we all well know by now, Web traffic does not translate into similar-size bank deposits, so the publication has turned to MediaPass, an LA company specializing in paywall solutions, to help monetize the clicks. From tomorrow’s official announcement:

“We are excited to have a brand like the Weekly World News choose MediaPass to distribute their content in a way that will help them instantly generate revenue, but is also fair to their readers and makes sense within the current paradigm of online publishing and sharing,” said MediaPass CEO Matthew Mitchell. “As a digital-only publication now employing our paywall, there’s no reason they can’t generate the kind of revenue they did at the peak of their print existence…”

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Cartoonist Susie Cagle Arrested at Occupy Oakland Protests

Second generation cartoonist Susie Cagle, daughter of Daryl Cagle, was arrested last night, along with dozens of others, during the Occupy Oakland protests. Cagle has been working on an illustrated history of Occupy Oakland, fundraising the project through No word yet if she had a press pass when she was arrested. Her father writes that she was swooped up by police in an attempt to stop protesters from marching to the police station.

If Cagle was simply covering the event, and not an active participant, here’s hoping she sues the police–just like Amy Goodman did after she was wrongfully arrested while covering protests outside the 2008 Republican convention. The media has an inalienable right to cover meaningful news events. They shouldn’t be arrested for doing their jobs.

Daryl Cagle Recounts the Hawaii Newspaper Wars

Last week Honolulu Star-Bulletin bought Honolulu Advertiser, laying off almost half of the newspaper staff in the state and leaving its residents with one daily paper.

The widely syndicated and current San Fernando Valley dweller, Daryl Cagle, recalls his time in the middle of the war between the dailies:

In 1995 I was drawing a syndicated panel called “TRUE!” for Tribune Media Services and one of my subscribers was The Midweek, a weekly free newspaper in that was delivered to every address in Hawaii. The Midweek ran the supermarket ads on Wednesdays, taking a bite out of the dailies; they were upgrading and switching to a new tabloid format and wanted a local editorial cartoonist for their new editorial page, and they gave me a call. That was the start of my late career change to being a political cartoonist.

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Despot With No Backbone Sues Cartoonist to Prove His Point


Our local cartoonist wrangler, defender and syndicator Daryl Cagle brings us a story of a cartoonist being sued for razzing a public official:

Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico, who clings to his communist roots, often sues the media for libel and has been awarded substantial compensatory damages. In 2009, Fico was awarded €92,000 in damages for various libel claims against the press, including €66,000 in a case where a newspaper was unable to prove that Fico had called two journalists “dirty bastards”.

Monte Wolverton drew this cartoon view of the inside of President Bush’s colon.

Editorial cartoonists in America are given broad protections allowing them to ridicule public figures. By choosing to become a public figure, American politicians give up their right to sue cartoonists. I drew President Clinton as the character in the “Operation” game at the time of his heart surgery. One of our syndicated cartoonists, Monte Wolverton, drew an anal-interior view of President George W. Bush after a colonoscopy revealed five small polyp growths in Bush’s colon — cartoons lampooning our leaders’ health issues are common fare in American editorial cartoons.

Being subject to public scrutiny and potential ridicule should be a part of the job for public officials in the civilized world – especially when it comes to spineless despots, like Fico.

Suing the press seems like a weird limbo between totalitarianism and a free press. Not breaking your knee caps just your pocketbook.

Cagle Cartoons Celebrates 10 Years in Biz


Daryl Cagle and his cartoon (and some columnists) syndicate Cagle Cartoons has lasted until the Aluminum Anniversary – 10 years. So buy your favorite cartoonist a beer!

Cagle writes:

It is the ten-year anniversary of our Cagle Cartoons political cartoons syndicate. New syndicates are rarities, and a new syndicate that lasts as long as ten years is almost unheard of. I guess the news is that we’re still here.

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Daryl Cagle Reports From Colombian Cartoonists Conference

Daryl Cagle, ubiquitous newspaper cartoonist, went to Colombia for a conference with South American cartoonists. He posted a report from this blog:

The Colombian cartoonists are a spirited bunch, with crazy one-word pen names such as Mico (monkey), Chocolo (corn-on-the-cob), Matador (killer) and Bacteria.

Mico is also a national TV star; he dresses up like a woman, holds an umbrella and talks about politics with his actor partner on a popular show that he writes each week called “Tola y Maruja.”

Bacteria took his name to honor his mother who died from a bacterial infection soon after giving birth to him. Some of this Colombian stuff is pretty strange.

Cagle also covers the fact that Colombian papers are struggling and their cartoonists get paid very little. It’s like looking into a slightly sexier drug kingpin-riddled mirror.

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Cartoonist Steve Greenberg Commemorates One Year of Unemployment/Freelancing

steveg.pngFormer Ventura County Star cartoonist Steve Greenberg wrote a post on Daryl Cagle‘s Political Cartoonists Index blog he titled “Crappy Anniversary.”

He speaks for a lot of new “freelancers” in this “media adjustment” we’re in:

So here I am, a year out of work. On the one hand, I’m pretty much a full-time editorial cartoonist again (other than whatever illustration and graphics assignments I scrape up), something I hadn’t been since the mid-1980s, and draw nearly every day. The quality is good. And I am pretty much my own editor. There are editors on all the publications and web sites I contribute to, but it’s not like the old days of trying to run sketches by editors in person; I’m very self-directed now. I’ve become an online cartoonist, a niche cartoonist and an alt-weekly cartoonist. In some ways, my visibility has never been greater. I can set my own hours, can run errands anytime and have time to visit my parents (both 87, and needing much more assistance from me).

On the other hand, here in my mid-50s I’ve never worked so hard for so little money. I’m home alone working most of the time, which the dog and cat do appreciate. There are days of battling boredom and depression. The market for outside jobs (when I’m able to look again) is wretched. And when you’re a freelancer, as my friend Scott Shaw wrote on Facebook, you’re essentially always on deadline.

Whole post here.

Cartoonist Daryl Cagle Takes on Huffpo

zyglis.gifDaryl Cagle just let Huffpo have it in a post on his blog:

The Huffington Post, which famously pays nothing to it’s writers, has a ridiculous piece by Jason Notte about “Ten Features That Are Dying with your Newspaper;” included on the list are editorial cartoons and one comic, The Family Circus. Notte writes:

9. Editorial Cartoons: You know those witty, insightful, stinging illustrated summaries of current events that make their way onto the op-ed page? In 10 years, you may be in the minority. If newspaper’s death knell is ringing, editorial cartoonists are pulling the rope. The head of the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists said four years ago that the number of full-time editorial cartoonists in the U.S. had dropped from 200 to 80. For his part, cartoonist and AAEC president Ted Rall has been putting together nearly as many layoff updates as illustrations these days. Remember when censorship was an editorial cartoonist’s biggest worry? Apparently, those were the good times.

This is typical of the Huffington Post’s attitude about the “death of newspapers” as they crow about how they are the next new big thing in journalism – although they operate on round after round of venture financing, without a sustainable business model, stocked with content from volunteers.

Damn. We can smell the burning hair from here.

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Layoffs at San Francisco Chronicle

No shock here. The paper is struggling. The paper is letting people go. Dog bites man. Man this story bites…

From FoxReno:

Sources say they are Rock and Roll Critic Joel Selvin, Political Cartoonist Tom Meyer, Fashion Editor Sylvia Rubin and Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographer Kim Komenich.

Via Daryl Cagle‘s twitter.

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CORRECTION: We received this note,”wanted to reconfirm before i emailing a correction but legendary san francisco rock critic Joel Selvin took a BUY OUT from the SF Chronicle and was NOT fired given the tumultuous times, that kind of mistake could have ramifications and i know you want to be accurate.”