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Morning Media Newsfeed: Nielsen Reveals Ratings Glitch | NBC Crew Quarantined

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Nielsen’s Ratings Problem Is A Total Glitch (LostRemote)
Nielsen Friday announced internal “ratings irregularities” that date back to March 2, 2014 and were “generally imperceptible until [the company] saw high viewing levels associated with fall season premiere week.” TVNewser The company will now reprocess all of the impacted data going back at least to Aug. 18 — for entertainment, news and syndicated shows. TVNewser The company Saturday released updated data for the week of Sept. 22, which was the first week of 2014-15 TV season. As suspected, the inaccurate data favored ABC programs while hurting ABC’s competitors. The restated numbers are being most closely watched for revisions to the primetime ratings as new fall shows had their premieres. In the tight evening news race, World News Tonight With David Muir, had its numbers revised down, but it didn’t change the outcome. Muir’s newscast still won the week in the demo, and NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams won among total viewers. HuffPost Nielsen, the leading global measurement company and provider of television ratings data, said in a press release Friday that “a technical error” resulted in incorrect data over the course of about seven months. WSJ The difference in what was misattributed was less than 0.05 of a ratings point for about 98 percent to 99 percent of broadcast and syndicated TV shows, Nielsen said. The error didn’t affect overall TV viewership numbers, only how that viewership was credited to particular networks. Cable TV ratings weren’t affected by the glitch, it said.

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Morning Media Newsfeed: Redbox Ends Streaming Service | Mukpo Returns to U.S.

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Redbox Ending Instant Streaming Service (THR)
Streaming video service Redbox Instant, a joint operation between Verizon Communications and Outerwall’s Redbox, is shutting down. Deadline Hollywood The statement announcing the shutdown read, “Thank you for being a part of Redbox Instant by Verizon. Please be aware that the service will be shut down on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time. Information on applicable refunds will be emailed to current customers and posted on Oct. 10. In the meantime, you may continue to stream movies and use your Redbox kiosk credits until Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time. We apologize for any inconvenience and we thank you for the opportunity to entertain you. Sincerely, The Redbox Instant by Verizon Team.” Variety Outerwall (then called Coinstar) and Verizon formed Redbox Instant by Verizon in February 2012, with Verizon owning 65 percent of the joint venture. The companies debuted the service in March 2013. Under the most recent subscription plan, the $6 monthly service provided access to 6,000 movies across different devices, as well as rentals and purchases of select titles. GigaOM The shutdown comes after the service had disabled new sign-ups for three months due to a credit card fraud issue, which not only prevented Redbox Instant from acquiring new customers, but also resulted in existing customers with expiring or revoked credit cards being booted from the service because they weren’t able to add any new payment information. Redbox Instant’s catalog was also significantly smaller than Netflix’s or even the Amazon Prime Instant streaming video catalog, and the service never really gained traction with consumers, leading the CEO of Outerwall to remark that both his company and Verizon were “not pleased” with the subscriber numbers. In that context, the credit card fraud issue may have just have been the final straw. Re/code But Verizon is not done playing around with video services. Earlier this year the company bought Intel’s never-launched Web TV business, and while it doesn’t look like it’s going to try launching that one itself, it is planning some sort of video service that it plans on delivering via phones and other mobile devices. Recently Verizon announced it had secured programming rights from Viacom, and promised to say more soon. Meanwhile both Sony and Dish Network say they plan on launching their own Web TV services this year; Sony has also announced a Viacom deal, while Dish has signed up Disney/ESPN, A&E and Scripps.

Read more Founder David Cohn Announces New Project: Circa

Well that was fast. Fresh off ceding control of his startup to American Public Media’s Public Insight Network, David Cohn is already diving into a new project. He calls it Circa.

It’s in stealth right now. But I can say this much – it will start off as a mobile application and the goal is to create a consumer friendly product that keeps people engaged and informed about what’s happening in the world. The problem set is unique and as the details of it shape you’ll see how it fits into the history of my career thinking of journalism as a process, not a product. I’ll be the founding editor helping think through, from top to bottom, the process of consumer driven journalism.

Cohn says Circa is inspired by Ben Huh‘s Moby Dick Project. But that’s about all we know at this point. We’ll press Cohn for more details as the project evolves.

David Cohn Moving On from founder David Cohn has officially handed the reins of his baby over to American Public Media’s Public Insight Network. Cohn stayed on to help APM after they acquired four months ago, but, as of today, Cohn writes on his blog, APM will have complete control over the site.

Only four months ago Spot.Us was acquired by American Public Media to be merged with the Public Insight Network. That deal came after five months of due-diligence from both parties and two months of good faith communication.

It has come to my realization, however, that in its new form Spot.Us is no longer the best place for me. In many respects that’s perfectly fine. I handed over Spot.Us with enough money to support itself for one year. Combine those funds with the capable hands of APM and it’s possible Spot.Us will remain healthy and continue for a long time. I wish nothing but the best for Spot.Us as a platform and community. But for me – it’s time to move on. With this post I’m handing full reigns of Spot.Us over to APM not just in ownership (which already happened) but in terms of direction. This change has been going on in the background for some time and now it’s official. This is me taking a bow and exiting stage left….

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David Cohn announced today that after four years up and running, his experiment in crowd-funded journalism,, is merging with American Public Media’s Public Insight Network. Day-to-day operations of will now be overseen by PIN’s Joaquin Alvarado.

Cohn tells us he’s staying on with, but his role will be largely scaled back–at least in the short term. “I’m teaching at Berkeley’s J-school this year which is more or less full time. At the moment I’m going to be a contractor or consultant with PIN helping to integrate Spot.Us into their larger system. I’ll also be advising on ways that we can scale Spot.Us up, basically explaining visions I always had for Spot.Us but lacked the resources for.

“In the future – I may come on full time at PIN – as my Berkeley gig ends in August. But that is far enough away that I can’t say for sure.” is already fully funded for the first year of the merger with PIN.

American Public Media press release after the jump:

Read more Founder Lands Berkeley J-School Gig founder David Cohn just landed a new gig as a full-time instructor at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Cohn will be “conducting research on economic models of online journalism publications and help to develop business products for supporting hyperlocal news websites” as part of a grant from the Ford Foundation, according to the press release.

Cohn clarifies on his blog that this new venture does not mean the end of

Spot.Us has enough money in the bank to give us a runway of at least one year – possibly more (August was our first break-even month!). That includes salary for myself and our C.T.O. Erik Sundelof in addition to any money we would raise for reporters. In fact, Spot.Us is in PERFECT position to scale up and that’s exactly what we are working on. I will remain an active part of Spot.Us and in the coming weeks we should have some exciting news which will cement it as an ongoing business (elevated from a mere experiment) for at least another two years. So Spot.Us is doing business as usual right now and soon might be doing even more of it!

Cohn says the move will allow him to experiment with funding sources that simply aren’t allowed in the more conservative non-profit model .

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Charting a Brave New Course for Business Journalism

Randall Smith, a Reynolds Center endowed chair at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, recalls how a conversation with David Cohn, founder and director of SF-LA focused, led to the spark for a new business journalism course. He wound up hashing it all out one weekend with Missouri prof Tom Stam:

Our goal was to teach our students about business and to write a lot about it. They would be exposed to the inner most workings of a company: budgets, senior executives and industry dynamics. The project would require a lot of work. Stam recruited two other business professors to help teach, and I found five businesses that either had a new idea or problem that could use help from a highly motivated student team.

Along with, Smith and Stam secured the participation of AP, Silcon Valley start-up Kachingle, the Chicago Sun-Times, and LA’s Media & Policy Center. As Smith goes on to detail, many valuable lessons were learned during this inaugural 2010 graduate course, with some of the MBA and Ph.D. students choosing to shift afterwards to more of a journalism focus.

Read more Unveils New Skin, the non-profit, community-funded journalism endeavor from David Cohn, unveiled a redesign today.

Writes Cohn in a release:

Although it’s the middle of winter, we’ve undergone a website rebirth! Hopefully, you’ll find Spot.Us’ 3.0 design easier to navigate and nicer to look at. We know looks aren’t everything, but it certainly helps to put a worthy frame around the great stories that our community of reporters are producing with your support.

Read more Comes to LA

spotus22.pngDavid Cohn‘s that has been steadily moving along in the Bay Area, is launching today in Los Angeles.

According to Cohn, anyone can go and pitch their idea for an investigative piece and wait and see if people want to donate money for the story.

We’ve posted the press release in full. The new LA site is here.

Crowd-Funded Journalism Comes to L.A. as Spot.Us Partners with USC Annenberg’s School of Journalism

(Sept. 22, 2009) LOS ANGELES – Spot.Us, the community funded journalism project founded less than a year ago in San Francisco, announces it is expanding to Los Angeles through a collaboration with USC Annenberg’s School of Journalism. The USC Annenberg partnership, which will integrate Spot.Us’ innovative news delivery method with the journalism academy and strengthen ties to the local media community, is made possible by additional funding from the the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, one of the original backers of the project. Among other things, the grant will fund local staff to coordinate freelancers and publications in the LA area and further site development.

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LAT Finally Discovers Calls in ‘New’ in A Headline and Wonders Why Print Media is Failing James Rainey‘s column he shines a light on this new thing it’s called a different model for journalism. It’s where readers pay for stories that are pitched on the site.

Really interesting idea. That’s why FBLA interviewed it’s founder David Cohn back in November.

Rainey writes:

God and Google know the old, monopolistic print advertising model will never make a full-scale comeback. So more power to any endeavor trying to push serious journalism into a new era.

Yes, there is a “but.” To wit: The site’s platform outperforms its product. stories simply need to be better. The four I checked out — three written and one a radio report — did not particularly engage, incite or entertain.

Did not particularly engage, incite or entertain? That could be said about a lot of publications. That’s not really the point of It’s a model to pay for investigative reporting. It’s a platform – like WordPress. You can’t say WordPress isn’t journalistic enough because people who use it don’t spell correctly.

That would be ridiculous.