Dominick Dunne’s been in town for the Phil Spector trial, staying at the Chateau Marmont. Kim Masters somehow ran him to ground met him at a Morons’ gathering and got him to spill his own story of revenge. Dunne wasn’t content to just track John Sweeney, the sleazeball who murdered Domininque Dunne in 1982; he had a plan:

He reached out to Pellicano–who was then not at all the famous character that he became–to help him put a contract out on Sweeney’s life.

Dunne says that Pellicano talked him out of it, but tracked the guy around for a while for a fee, and then when Dunne’s earnings dipped, offered to keep an eye on the jerk for free.

Gradually, Dunne’s violent feelings of grief faded, and Pellicano got into troubles of his own.

Sweeney’s changed his name to John Maura and Dunne is to be commended for his restraint.

FBLA, if the need should ever arise, is more likely to pull an Ellie Nessler.

(photo from <a href="dunne.jpgNew England Times)