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Party! Come Raise A Glass With A FishbowlNY Editor

116844321_b41634ff18.jpgIf all the recent layoff news has driven you to drink, then you’re in luck.

Next Tuesday, is throwing a cocktail party at Tribeca Cinemas hosted by yours truly, FishbowlNY editor Amanda Ernst. There will be $5 beer and wine, networking and a chance to commiserate, swap war stories, make new friends or just trade gossip.

Here are all the details:

When: Tuesday, November 10, 6:30 – 8:30pm

Tribeca Cinemas, Lower Lounge
54 Varick Street
at Laight Street
New York, NY

RSVP here

Hope to see you there.

(Photo via Flickr)

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FishbowlNY Editor On The Menu: Layoffs, Glenn Beck and Election Night


FishbowlNY editor Amanda Ernst joined the Morning Media Menu podcast this morning, where she and hosts Jason Boog of GalleyCat and AgencySpy‘s Matt Van Hoven talked about the media layoffs and other big industry news.

Of course, Amanda wanted to talk about news of layoffs at Time Inc. and Forbes over the past two weeks. It’s the same layoff story we heard last year, as companies from all industries plan for next year and cut waste in the fourth quarter, she said. Still, it makes for a pretty uncertain work environment for those across the industry.

Jason wanted to talk about Glenn Beck and his effect on the best-seller list. Seems that every thriller that Beck mentions on his show becomes a best seller, Jason explained. “It’s such a big thing for publishers,” he said. “They are looking for options. Book reviews are closing right and left, and the idea that this Conservative talk show host has become the go-to place for thrillers is really kind of amazing.”

Also discussed: Twitter vs. cable news on election night.

You can listen to all the past podcasts at and call in at 646-929-0321.

Punk Rock Friday On The Menu

mmm_2-3.gifToday on the media- Morning Media Menu podcast, host Jason Boog of GalleyCat and special guest host FishbowlNY’s Amanda Ernst welcomed author Nicholas Rombes to discuss the day’s top media headlines and Rombes’ recent projects.

The first topic on the docket was whether newspapers will be missed once they are — inevitably — gone. Amanda suggested that our children and grandchildren may never know what it’s like to hear the thump of a newspaper hitting their stoop. Nick agreed. “But I’ll miss that tactility,” he said.

The next topic for discussion was the Associated Press‘ decision to track the use of their content online and the ramifications it would have on the Web publishing community. Nick said he didn’t know how the AP’s plan would work but said he was eager to see how it played out.

Lastly, Nick got a chance to talk about his latest project, a book about punk rock called “Cultural Dictionary of Punk.” Nick said he wrote the book to fill in the gaps in past coverage of punk rock, and offers up his title as one that can be read cover to cover or picked up and used as a reference book like an encyclopedia. He also discussed a mysterious contributor to the book, Ephraim P. Noble, and how he convinced his publishers to allow the dissenting voice to stay in his publication. Read more about Nick, Ephraim and the book at Nick’s blog.

You can listen to all the past podcasts at and call in at 646-929-0321.

No Hope in the New Media World

155113__newsies_l.jpgOver on The Big Money, Lesley M. M. Blume — who penned an article about Conde Nast‘s Web struggles — is back with a story detailing the trials and tribulations of “Media’s Lost Generation.” The takeaway: “Today’s journalists… have been left to wonder whether the very idea of ambition makes sense anymore.”

Blume speaks with experts ranging from Michael Caruso (“Today the goals are different. It’s mostly about self-expression.”) to FishbowlNY‘s Glynnis MacNicol (“Right now, the definition of success in the media is not to be unemployed.”) who offer their thoughts on the current state of the rapidly changing industry.

The author quotes one anonymous analyst at a private equity firm who points out that what we, the media, see as successful sometimes isn’t:

“Take the Huffington Post, for example. They don’t pay their writers, and who knows what the value of the company is. That company might not exist five years from now. It’s the big success story, and it’s not successful.”

Well, we never thought about it like that.

Exclusive: Outside Plagued by Layoffs, Late Payments to Freelancers

cover_mar2009_toc.jpgYesterday, we received a tip that in the past six months Outside and Outside’s Go had laid off employees, cut pay of remaining staffers, and was waiting more than half a year to pay some freelancers. After speaking with a half a dozen former Outside staffers and freelancers, we’ve confirmed that the tip is true and the reality isn’t pretty.

In the past six months at Outside, between five and seven people (from a staff of roughly 50) have been laid off, editor Christopher Keyes told us. Three of these layoffs came when Outside’s Go dropped to four issues per year. Furthermore, there have been two rounds of pay cuts for senior staffers — and one for junior staffers — and the company is imposing a weeklong furlough in June, applicable to all employees except sales staff.

“Like every other magazine, we are looking to weather the current conditions,” Keyes said. “We have a five-week production cycle in June, so we are having a furlough. It’s company-wide but salespeople will be working that week.”

Keyes stressed that the pub has always taken a long time to pay writers, but they always get paid. “While it’s true that Outside has a long payment cycle, it’s an independent publication and in 32 years we’ve never defaulted on a payment. There’s no doubt people will be paid.”

While paying freelancers late “has always been an Outside thing,” according to one source, in conjunction with the deteriorating economic climate, “it’s only gotten worse.” Multiple people with intimate knowledge of the situation at Outside reported payments being sent an average of four to six months after publication, with some invoices nine to 12 months past due. One person confirms being owed more than $10,000, and sources say that’s the case for other contractors, as well.

A particular point of freelancer ire is how Outside sends reporters and photographers around the world, with them fronting the cost of those trips for overly long periods of time. One person said the magazine’s failure to reimburse these expenses in a timely fashion puts the writers and photographers in a difficult position, as they can have thousands of dollars on their credit cards for half a year or more. “A lot of people want to work for Outside because they send people all over the planet, but it’s very expensive and freelancers expense everything,” the source explained. “[Outside owner Larry Burke]‘s mentality is, ‘Hey, I sent you to the far reaches of the world, you should feel lucky.’ You can’t do business like that.”

Payment delays are apparently taking a toll on the magazine’s famed freelancing ranks. “Men’s Journal pays better and on time, so why would I even bother with Outside,” said a freelancer who’s written for the two competing pubs.

Several of the sources who spoke with FishbowlNY said that even amid the magazine’s payment delays, they were repeatedly assured that Outside wasn’t in financial trouble, although one person did equate securing payment from the company to “squeezing blood from a turnip.” We also obtained an internal company email indicating that Outside sought investors in March 2008. (It’s after the jump and includes the plea, “It would help to have a warm body in that office.”) [UPDATE: A clarification -- The company was seeking investors for Go only.]

Keyes assured FBNY that Outside is in good financial standing. “I feel really good about our longterm viability,” he said. “This April’s issue is 140 pages, while last year’s was 136.”

Some people we spoke with question the continued publication of Go earlier this year, especially given the battered market. (Best Life, a similarly themed book, folded earlier this March.) Ironically, Go is reportedly paying its writers more quickly than parent Outside — although still months late — but many within the company wonder why the money-hemorrhaging magazine still exists.

Read more Covers Barack Obama’s Inauguration

SenagggtorggBarackObama1.jpgDespite the fact everyone has been telling us DC might be a place best avoided over the next few days, we are going! FishbowlNY has found what appears to be the last bus ticket out of NYC and will be in the nation’s capitol for all the goings-on over the next few days.

Joining us to usher in the 44th President of the United States will be FBDC’s Patrick Gavin (naturally!) as well as FBLA’s Tina DuPuy. Keep your eye on this space as well as our various twitter feeds for pics, posts, and 140 character updates.

Gawker Slims Down for The New Year


Gawker Media is capping off 2008 by selling two of its blogs — Consumerist and the Hollywood gossip site Defamer. Yesterday, two weeks after FishbowlNY broke the story of talks between the two companies, The New York Times reported that Consumers Union, the publisher of Consumer Reports, is buying the customer watchdog blog Consumerist from Gawker Media. In the article, the paper quotes Gawker publisher Nick Denton saying that he’s also “in talks” to sell the Hollywood gossip site Defamer. FishbowlNY has exclusively learned that, later in the afternoon, Denton sent out an email to his site leads revealing that Defamer has actually already been sold. Denton told his top editors that public announcement of the sale will come later today.

Denton put the Consumerist up for sale in mid-November at the same time that he folded his tech-industry gossip blog Valleywag into Defamer was never put on sale, but in his email, Denton says the company was approached about the site a few months ago and has been in talks with the buyer ever since. Denton’s missive did not reveal who will be purchasing Defamer, but that news should come out when the sale is officially announced later today.

Read more

A Noun, A Verb, And Joe Biden for VP: The MSM Scoops New Media

bidenvpgg.pngSo Biden it is. The news arrived late this evening about twelve hours ahead of the much ballyhooed text and/or email we were all supposed to personally receive from Barack Obama informing us of his choice. In the end the campaign was scooped by CNN’s John King, CBS’s Steve Chaggaris, the AP, and Marc Ambinder, in that order. Word has it the official text will arrive sometime in the am.

The VP stakes have become an increasingly prominent story line this week as the conventions gear up and the Olympics slow down. Joe Biden was considered a favorite last weekend, along with Evan Bayh, though the story kicked into high gear tonight as word came down the wire via Andrea Mitchell that both Bayh and Tim Kaine had been notified they were out of the running. Later it was confirmed — making moot some late-game theorizing — that Hillary was also out. This half of FishbowlNY happened to be without Internet on a plane to Denver along with Rachel Sklar and Keli Goff when the news started to break (the last time FishbowlNY was on a JetBlue plane the news of Tim Russert’s death broke).

Anyway, we like Biden — those of you who slogged through the twenty or so Dem liveblogs we participated in over at HuffPo will know that this decision makes us very happy. We have a long-time soft spot for the Democratic senator from Delaware. As for why he got the nod, Ambinder says that “what impressed Obama about Biden is that Biden gets things done. He’s a man of action. He’s not a bullshitter.” The lesson here? If you want to own the story probably best to jump on the send button once the MSM surrounds your super-secret VP choice’s house with camera crews.

Poconos DJ Copies Imus, Gets Fired, Enjoys 15 Seconds Of Fame


ALLENTOWN — A radio station in the Poconos fired its longtime morning DJ on Wednesday for holding an on-air contest in which listeners were encouraged to say “nappy-headed ho,” the slur that got talk-show host Don Imus suspended. Gary Smith, of the “Gary in the Morning” show on WSBG-FM in Stroudsburg, was fired after station management reviewed a tape of Tuesday’s broadcast, said Rick Musselman, executive vice president of station owner Nassau Broadcasting Partners L.P.


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