09court.ms.600.jpgHere’s a nice servicey piece from the today’s NYT should you suddenly find yourself famous and departing from a Manhattan courthouse. The Times has compiled of short history of celebrity exits from 100 Centre St (complete with slideshow!). We’re not sure what brought on the timing of this piece — it’s not like there’s been a recent rash of celebrity arrests or trials. So yeah, apparently a slow news week for everyone!

It takes only a few seconds to get from the courthouse to the curb outside. Depending on the day, time, weather, the severity of one’s offense or one’s prominence, they can be among the most arduous and downright irritating steps a person can take…It is often along this path that fame and curiosity collide with colorful consequences, as celebrities attempt to evade, or occasionally exploit, the ever-expanding hordes of gawking fans, reporters, microphones and cameras.

Yep, all the news that’s fit to make you gag. Anyway, some more highlights after the jump.

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