It’s not just the massive box office for Fast & Furious 6 that reminds of our Brave New Multicultural World. Ahead of Justin Lin‘s gargantuan visceral pull, interTREND Communications made some similar history and is still celebrating post-holiday weekend.

The Long Beach ad firm’s AT&T Web series campaign Away We Happened, propagated in partnership with San Gabriel-based Rezonate Media, was the winner of the first-ever Asian Community award. The Effie has been handed out since 1968 and interTREND CEO Julia Huang was in New York City last week to accept the trophy.

Six-week YouTube series Away We Happened relied on Asian American influencers to spread the word and amassed more than 12 million total views. Along the way, audiences were asked to provide interTREND and Rezonate with direction on where to take the plot next.

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