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Internet Broadcaster Adds 22 More Channels

A sure a sign as any of the Internet’s galloping content reach is the fact that FishbowlLA had never heard of before this morning’s press release.

The company, with offices in Beverly Hills and London, offers a monthly subscription based mix of original and partnered content such as a stream of LA TV station KTLA. Among the 22 new channels being tub-thumped today are:

Frost Cutlery: Shopping network features collectable cutlery, bowies, customized pieces, dealer assortments, kitchen cutlery, swords, and tactical knives.

NASA TV: Provides live coverage of missions and other agency events as well as resources for news media, educators and students, and the general public.

The Pentagon Channel: Broadcasts military news and information for the members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

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A Drop Dead Gorgeous Gossip Trio

Even though is not quite in the same page-view league as TMZ, Radar Online and Perez dispenser, the online gossip site holds a measure of distinction in the crowded field. Its three founders –Ani EsmailianDiana Madison and Nora Gasparian (pictured, l to r) – are all good-looking enough to work both sides of the red carpet.

Comically, the parent company of Hollyscoop is DNA Group Inc., a moniker that mirrors the sparkling, dirty blonde DNA of this ink group. Last spring, the scoopettes spun off a sideline e-commerce website,, which marries bargain-basement fashion items and accessories to the look of a recognizable celebrity.

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Think Your Boss is a Greasy Tool Bag? Not After You Read This Ad

Suddenly all our bosses seem way less douchey when compared to having Joe Francis proof your work. Ick.

From the venerable Craigslist:

Girls Gone Wild Magazine, Business Manager (Santa Monica, CA)

Date: 2010-02-01, 8:08PM PST

Reply to:

Girls Gone Wild Magazine Business Manager

Mantra Films Inc., the producers of Girls Gone Wild, a leading lifestyle entertainment company that spans live events, TV, Video, Magazines, licensing and apparel is looking for an experienced Business Manager for its Girls Gone Wild Magazine. Major responsibilities include creating and maintaining all production schedules related to Girls Gone Wild magazine and its accompanying DVD, including: article deadlines, artwork deadlines, proofreader and legal clearance, final approvals from the editor and the CEO. Responsible for meeting schedule for DVD artwork approval, production and delivery. Obtain and review contracts for writers, photographers and models, and other vendors; process invoices, tax forms, legal releases and clearances. Monitor production and editorial expenses. Maintain organized files of all editorial submissions, contracts, reports, invoices and models.

Maintain and develop circulation, including newsstand sales, subscriptions and comp subscriptions. Help develop new sources of circulation revenue for the magazine. Responsible for planning and carrying out circulation promotion efforts for subscription or newsstand sales.

Liaison for advertising sales; review, approve and maintain contracts from advertisers; supervise remits to advertisers. Help develop new sources of advertising revenue for the magazine.

Successful applicants will be well organized, creative, reliable, hard working problem solvers and enjoy a fun, fast paced environment. Candidates must have 3-5 years magazine or other publishing experience.

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  • 2010 Prediction: Gawker Will Be Sued By Joe Francis

    joe-francis-shirtless.pngThis isn’t so much a New Year’s prediction as a New Year’s fact: Joe Francis and his publicist have already declared war on Gawker for naming him Douche Of the Decade and pinning the term “rapist” (now changed to “alleged rapist”) to the “Girls Gone Wild” entrepreneur.

    Mediaite contacted Francis’ publicist, since the man himself didn’t seem to be taking the case very seriously (he sent the original threat of a lawsuit to Nick Denton with a CC to every major gossip writer in town, and included a shirtless picture of himself) but she assured the Web site that, “Mr. Francis is still proceeding with the suit against Gawker.”

    He plans to file the suit on Monday, after the holidays, the publicist said.

    Though Gawker hasn’t received the papers yet, we doubt they’ll change their stance by then (if the company’s reactions in the face of a suit launched earlier this year by Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart is any indication). Too bad Francis can’t just sue Gawker’s readers, who are the people that actually voted him to the King Douche spot. Maybe he’ll try that next.

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    Joe Francis: Gawker’s Douche of the Decade –Gawker

    Previously: Francis Threatens Suit

    WSJ Wine Column No More|Yes, We Know There Are Fashion Bloggers In The Front Row|Francis Threatens Suit|TMZ Expands|2010 Predictions

    MediaJobsDaily: The Wall Street Journal has canceled its wine column, “Tastings,” leaving one husband and wife writing team out of a job.

    Gawker: For the love of God, please stop writing the “fashion bloggers in the front row” trend piece.

    Daily Intel: Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis has threatened to sue Gawker after they proclaimed him “Douche of the Decade”.

    New York Times: TMZ plans to extend its empire with a sports-centric spin-off site.

    Los Angeles Times: Some 2010 media predictions: Jay Leno will leave primetime, regulators will get tough on the media industry, and Hulu will start charging.

    Joe Francis: Tort Gone Wild

    19francis.2.190.jpgGirls Gone Wild founder/sleaze monkey Joe Francis and his attorneys at Bernhoft Law have breathlessly declared “war” … on the law.

    Francis says he was tricked into doing things he didn’t really want to do and now feels embarrassed, exposed and vulnerable (pay back’s a bitch, ain’t it?).

    At a press conference in L.A. today Francis and his attorneys announced multiple law suits he’s filing/has filed: First, he is suing his former accountant, Michael Barrett for “setting him up,” as the New York Times reports:

    Mr. Francis says that his internal accountant set him up, filing the 2002 and 2003 tax returns in question for Mantra Films and then blowing the whistle to the I.R.S. with the goal of reaping a bounty for turning in a tax cheat. On July 25, Mr. Francis filed a civil suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against the accountant, Michael Barrett.

    Francis is also suing the cops and other officials involved in his arrest and prosecution for child abuse in 2003.

    Ross Johnson of L.A. Strategic (pictured over Francis’ shoulder here) alerted us to Joe’s Declaration of War — in the form of a press release:

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    Shilling for Joe Francis

    Joe Francis.jpgWe know we have readers. We know people come to this site on a regular basis. Lots of ‘em actually. But in the past couple of months that Mediabistro has enabled comments, we here at FBLA haven’t gotten too many. We have lurkers – not comment leavers. We’re fine with that.

    That’s what tipped us off to the following comments about Mayrav’s Joe Francis post this morning. Reader 2567 left this:

    The Truth

    Francis was sold out

    Doesn’t make Francis a good guy. Fact: He’s a dick.

    We shouldn’t put dicks in federal prison for being a dick

    I know the accountant who punked him. He had a plan, took Joe’s shit, and stuck it to him where it hurts.

    Joe, you don’t deserve this

    Really? Joe is a victim? Accountants are known from being vicious. That’s why their pockets are often protected.

    And Lakeshor left this:

    The IRS Gone Wild on Joe Francis
    The latest high profile victim in the governments war against tax deniers and others that don’t pay their fair share. Its is getting tiresome watching the government, using ringleaders (lawyers and accountants) to abuse their clients by giving bad advice and then selling them out for a percentage of the gravy. Of course, do they ever indict the ringleaders?

    Really two ‘readers’ fervently defending a guy who’s fellow pornographers think is a scumbag? Serious? Of all the injustices in the world – of all the victims of circumstance – of all the mistreated and exploited – Joe Francis having IRS issues is not one of them. And no fake comments are going to change that fact.

    In fact that may make our new gold standard for being a super douche: Get shills to plea your case on the internet.

    Girls Gone Wild’s Joe Francis is Outraged

    joe_frffancis_300.jpgBernhoft Law attorneys will make a statement this morning after Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis is arraigned in his felony tax evasion case. Robert Bernhoft, the law firm’s press release reminds us, “previously obtained acquittals on all felony counts for former IRS investigator Joe Bannister (a trial memorialized in Pulitzer Prize-winning David Cay Johnston‘s Perfectly Legal).

    Though you’ll have to wait for mid-morning to get the live statement, you can enjoy the written statements here … particularly our favorite:

    “The truth will reveal that the case against Francis is ‘about an accountant who thinks he should be rewarded for his own mistakes, mistakes that will cost Joe millions of dollars. The IRS says the accountant should get millions and Joe prison for mistakes the accountant made and never told Joe he made. That’s outrageous.’”

    Riiight. Of all the issues about, of and relating to Joe Francis, that’s the thing that’s outrageous.

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    Good Morning FBLA Readers — A ‘Funny’ Variety

    16285.jpgOn the front page of they have a photo gallery titled,”10 Comics to Watch”. Then there are pictures of the performers and random – out of context but not particularly clever or interesting quotes. Are they from their acts? From interviews? Their blogs? Where did they come up with them?

    For example there was a photo of Jon LaJoie and the caption: “If I were to pitch ‘Show me your Genitals,’ I highly doubt they’d put that on television.”

    Lame quote. Unless it was by Joe Francis then ‘lame quote’ would be redundant.

    But then we saw that Ralphie May was also on the list. Not exactly a new up and comer. He was on the first and second season of Last Comic Standing, which aired before myspace existed. And in internet terms (or dog years) that’s half a century ago. And his quote was:

    “If you work with them, a mullet wearer ‘Will come and take the tobacco right out of your hand.”

    A ‘mullet wearer’? Is that really a phrase May used? In 2008?! Really? Is it the quotee or the quoter?

    Sleaze Ball Francis Back In LA


    If you thought you smelled a noxious mix of sulfur and roofies on the breeze last night, that’s because Girls Gone Wild CEO Joe Francis returned home from jail.

    One of his first acts of bizniz? He called TMZ.

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