breitbart.jpgChoire Sicha penned a piece in Radar about Andrew Breitbart‘s new venture into the conservative Hollywood entertainment news ‘market’:

What is more absolutely interesting to America than actors who have opinions about politics? Gosh, not much! (Economic regulation theory, maybe?) So, good news! Andrew Breitbart, the longtime Drudge henchman, is launching BigHollywood, a website for the non-left out in L.A. (Politico hilariously calls the staff “a who’s who of regular writers such as the Weekly Standard’s Joel Engel, Commentary’s next editor John Podhoretz, and novelist-screenwriter Andrew Klavan.” They mean, I think, a “who’s what?” It is run by the guy who ran the “website for L.A.’s conservative Liberty Film Festival.”)

Then Breitbart left the first comment:

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