FBLA sat down with Jordan Osher, Chief Executive Officer of the site Meet The Famous for a little Q and A:

FBLA: So how do you think our pictures of Helen Thomas would fly on your site?

JO: If there’s an exclusive, never before seen photo of Helen with a great story that people want to read about, I think there would be a following. Unlike all the other celebrity blogs and entertainment sites, is the only one that allows everyone to post and share their celebrity photos and stories with the world (and get paid for it!)

FBLA: Isn’t Miley Cyrus awesome?

JO:I think her enormous success speaks for itself. How many people can accomplish what she has accomplished before the age of 18, let alone in their entire lifetimes? We have seen a lot of Miley Cyrus postings on our site and the overall consensus is that she is really cool to her fans and awesome to see live in concert.

FBLA:Where do you think we’d get the better photos – AA meetings or methadone clinics?

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