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In Wake of Self-Plagiarism, ESPN Drops Rick Reilly Column

Rick Reilly will no longer be able to copy Rick Reilly. ESPN has announced that Reilly — who has penned a column for since joining the company in 2008 — “has decided to go part time” and will “concentrate on television duties.” This, of course, is all code for “Reilly won’t stop trying to pass off his old columns as new ones, so we had to cut his writing duties.”

In February, Reilly’s column titled “Don’t act like you’ve been there” featured multiple exact sentences from a column he wrote in 2009, titled “You just won the US Open! Act like it!” The self- plagiarism was so bad we were honestly worried about the guy. It was as if he sat at his desk with both columns open on his computer, and cut and pasted until he had the February piece finished. Actually, that’s probably exactly what he did.

When FishbowlNY aksed ESPN about the similarities between the columns, Josh Krulewitz, ESPN’s VP of communications, told us in February, “We are reviewing the situation with Rick.”

Consider the situation reviewed.

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Rick Reilly Plagiarizes His Own Column [Updated]

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, ESPN’s columnist Rick Reilly loves himself. A lot. As Deadspin points out, Reilly’s latest piece is chock full of self-plagiarism.

Reilly’s new column, “Don’t act like you’ve been there,” is about how he appreciates when athletes celebrate. So is his 2009 column, “You just won the US Open! Act like it!” That’s fine. But the self-plagiarism is so bad that we are actually worried about Reilly’s mental health. If you know the guy, maybe call him?

Here are just a few examples of Reilly’s copy and paste skills.

2009 column:
If I won a U.S. Freaking Open, I’d go absolutely electroshock, three-alarm, bat-guano nuts!

2014 column:
My point is, if I’d just won $1.1 million zops in a PGA Goddang Tour event, forget about my first win in 239 tries, I’d go absolutely electro-shock, three-alarm, bat-guano nuts!

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ESPN Fires Announcer For Sexist Remarks

Ron Franklin got himself in hot water Friday for being rude to female colleague Jeannine Edwards. After being suspended from calling the the Fiesta Bowl on the radio, the sportscaster issued an apology, but his bosses weren’t feeling too forgiving. On Tuesday, ESPN announced that they had fired Franklin.

“Based on what occurred last Friday, we have ended our relationship with him,” said ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz.

While Franklin was out of line – you can read a play-by-play of the conversation here – firing him over this single incident seems harsh. It makes us wonder if Franklin had a pattern of sexist behavior, and ESPN had finally had enough.

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ESPN Announcer Sidelined For Sexist Swipes

ESPN pulled announcer Ron Franklin from Saturday’s radio broadcast of the Fiesta Bowl over some objectionable remarks to a female colleague.

There’s been some conflicting reports over exactly what words were used that got Franklin in hot water – early reports had the fellow calling a female colleague “sweetcheeks” – but the colleague in question, sideline reporter Jeannine Edwards, has clarified the story somewhat.

It all went down at a production meeting on Friday, when Edwards was in conversation with ESPN announcer Rod Gilmore. Ron Franklin joined the conversation, and said to Edwards, “Listen to me, sweet baby, let me tell you something …”

Edwards objected to being spoken to in such a condescending manner, so Franklin replied: “OK, then listen to me, asshole.”

From “sweet baby” to “asshole” – Better? We think so. At least the second swipe is gender neutral.

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ESPN Anchor Suspended For Plagiarizing OC Register Reporter

ESPNEWS anchor Will Selva has been suspended for reading on air, without credit, the opening graphs of a recent column by OC Register reporter Kevin Ding. Ding called Selva out on the Register‘s website last week, drawing extensive coverage in the sports media world.

ESPN vice president of communications Josh Krulewitz spoke to the Register about the incident.

“This is something we take extremely seriously and we’ve taken appropriate action. We looked into how it happened and found that this very bad mistake was made because he should have been more thorough, even on deadline, not because he was intentionally trying to claim someone else’s work as his own.”

Selva released a statement late last week, just prior to his suspension.

“I made a horrible mistake and I’m deeply sorry. I did not live up to my high standards or ESPN’s. I sincerely apologize for my sloppiness, especially to Kevin Ding, viewers and colleagues. In my 15 years in broadcast journalism, nothing like this has ever happened and I will make every effort to ensure it won’t happen again.”

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