You may not have known this–we actually just found out–but all the while the Zell-era Tribune Company was busy hacking away at the staff and credibility of the LA Times, they were doing the same to a few small, alt-weekly properties in Connecticut–the Hartford and New Haven Advocates and the Fairfield County Weekly. The Times has largely staved off further assaults since then. But the slaughter continues in Connecticut, reports the New Haven Independent.

The Tribune Company just laid off New Haven Advocate publisher Joshua Mamis as well as two graphic designers. Neither the New Haven Advocate nor the Fairfield County Weekly have a staff writer, due to previous layoffs. Mamis actually served as the publisher of all three alt-weeklies, none of whom are apparently going to have a publisher in the near future, as that job will now be centralized out of the Hartford Courant‘s office–which Tribune also owns, and has continued to gut. The Courant just suffered major layoffs, and will now be part of an experiment to use non-local Tribune Company Media on Demand (MoD) McContent instead of local reporting.

Horrific corporate memo after the jump:

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