The Seattle based Discovery Institute bills its Center for Science and Culture program on Twitter as a group that “supports research by scientists and other scholars challenging various aspects of neo-Darwinian theory.” Today though, its target is the LA Times.

Joshua Youngkin blogs about some August 29 coverage relating to the California Science Center’s decision not to screen an intelligent design documentary in 2009 entitled Darwin’s Dilemma. This CSC (same initials, oddly, as the Discovery Institute arm) was sued by the American Freedom Alliance (AFA) and recently settled with the organization, but says Youngkin, don’t go looking for an important detail of that settlement in the museum’s backyard newspaper:

It’s disconcerting that the Los Angeles Times omitted from its coverage of this story the significant fact that the Science Center paid $110,000 to avoid public trial.* Worse, despite being made aware of their original omission, the Times has refused to correct the mistake, and furthermore has let us know that it intends no additional or remedial coverage of this newsworthy episode, even though the whole thing went down in the newspaper’s own backyard, right under its nose in (the ironically named) Exposition Park.

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