The May Allure gives readers an inside peek at the very personal world of Lindsay Lohan, via Judy Bachrach’s masterful interview. Bachrach, who recently told collegians to “never follow your editor’s advice”, must have used everything possible in her bag of tricks to get Lohan to spill stuff like this:

“I never passed out in my life! I never vomited from having drinks. Like in public. I would never do that. Well–” she amends, “a few times. Well, everyone does in high school. I’m not saying everyone.”

Bachrach’s tips for successful interviews with celebs include

acting as “their favorite therapist” and talking about yourself to make them feel more comfortable.

So, did Judy get down and dirty about her binge drinking bouts? Fabulous!

Lohan also admires Marilyn Monroe, but we all knew that.