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Kevin Convey Out at The New York Daily News

The rumors that have been swirling about the fate of Kevin Convey have finally come to a screeching halt. The end result? Convey is out as Editor-in-Chief of The New York Daily News. He’s being replaced by Colin Myler, according to a memo obtained by Capital New York.

In the note, Mort Zuckerman, the paper’s Chairman and Publisher, praised Myler. “The New York Daily News is a great institution of American journalism which will only get better under the leadership of Colin,” he wrote.

You might recognize Myler’s name. He was the former editor of News of The World, and during his tenure the paper was involved in that tiny, awkward phone hacking incident.

Great hire Zuckerman!

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The Daily News Drama Continues

As The New York Daily News turns… The latest in the soap opera like action at the paper? Last night Gretchen Viehmann, the Managing Photo Editor, walked out and is rumored to have resigned. The New York Observer cites two sources on this, so we’re guessing this must be true.

There will likely be more staffers leaving the Daily News in the weeks to come — especially if Arthur Browne does end up taking the EIC position from Kevin Convey — but let’s give credit where credit is due. Viehmann allegedly made her departure as dramatic as possible, and FishbowlNY appreciates that.

We just received word from Jennifer Mauer, Director of Communications at the Daily News, that Viehmann isn’t as dramatic as we thought. She did resign, but there “was no dramatic “walk out.’” Viehmann will be with the paper until the end of the month.

Arthur Browne Moves to Deputy Editor at Daily News

The chaos that enveloped the Daily News newsroom last week has settled a bit, leaving Arthur Browne second in command to Kevin Convey as Deputy Editor. The New York Post reports that while things have calmed down, nothing is certain for Convey because, “If Browne is the new Deputy Editor, it’s only a matter of time before Convey is gone.”

Browne has been with the paper for many years, and earned the nickname “Chucky” because of his unique ability to withstand many previous tenuous moments at the Daily News:

Browne has been one of the more resilient editors in Daily News history. He was fired once by Mort Zuckerman when the real-estate developer took over the paper in early 1993, but showed up the next day as the newly appointed editorial page editor.

That sounds more like a George to us than a Chucky.

The Daily News Shuffles Managing Editors

One way Kevin Convey, the Editor-in-Chief of The New York Daily News, is keeping the heat off of him is by issuing sweeping changes at the behest of Mort Zuckerman. According to the New York Post, early this week Convey called seven of his top editors into his office and told them that there were going to be changes on the Daily News’ masthead, and from now on there would be only three Managing Editors.

The new Managing Editors that were named in a memo Convey sent around later included Senior Executive Editor Bob Sapio, Senior Managing Editor of Digital Scott Cohen and Senior Editor of Convergence Adam Berkowitz. The odd changing of titles has led to a bit of chaos at the paper:

Since two of the editors, Sapio and Cohen, already had titles that suggested they were above the rank of managing editor, the memo was rather perplexing to insiders. Also, the inclusion of Berkowitz seemed to confirm fears throughout the newsroom among the old guard print reporters that their status was being diminished and the digital side is being given more clout. ‘There is a real battle internally between old media and new,’ said one source.

With movement at the top of the Daily News, we wouldn’t be surprised if there are a lot more changes on the way.

Rumors of Daily News Changes Circulate Again

(Via NY Daily News)

Kevin Convey, the Editor-inChief at The New York Daily News, has been under the gun since April, when word first leaked that Mort Zuckerman was feeling like making some changes.

And now, according to the New York Post, that gun is getting closer to being fired (pardon that pun): It’s being said that Convey is going to be replaced by Daily News veteran Arthur Browne, the paper’s Editorial Page Editor.

Convey lasted about seven months after the first rumor of his demise was mentioned, so maybe this is all baseless, but we’ll keep you posted.

Live Chat with Daily News EIC Happening Now

Kevin Convey does live chats with Daily News readers fairly often, and they’re always pretty fun to read. Head over now if you’ve got a question for him. Below are a few choice cuts from the session so far.

Whats the future of the Daily News? Where do you see the paper in 5 year? 10 years?

The paper will still be here and thriving, I’m sure. But the Daily News will be much more of a digital brand, as will every other newspaper in the world.

What time does the actual printing of the papers begin?

Our first edition editorial deadline is 9:30 and we start printing shortly thereafter.

Why does the paper cost more now? Because the Post did it?

The paper costs more now for three reasons: it costs more to produce; we haven’t raised the price in more than a decade while the cost of everything else has risen; and because declining ad support requires that readers make a greater contribution to the cost of the product. What’s more, the paper has been repeatedly improved over that time. What other product that costs 75 cents contains so much vital information? Can you even get a cup of coffee for 75 cents? (If so, please let me know.)

New York Daily News Was Tipped on Bin Laden Hours Before News Broke

Kevin Convey, Editor-in-Chief of The New York Daily News, says that the paper received a tip about three hours before President Obama broke the news that Osama bin Laden was killed.

Convey told Adweek, “We got a tip around eight, nine o’clock, from an FDNY source, that [bin Laden] was dead.” As you know, most of the media didn’t even begin to guess that the big news was about bin Laden until right before Obama’s announcement at 11:40 pm. That lead time, according to Adweek, seemed to allow the Daily News to prepare a large section on the news for the next issue:

The idea that such closely guarded information could leak out early to a newspaper is incredible, but in any event, it gave the paper running room to prepare what ended up being nine inside pages of coverage in Monday’s final edition when it went to press around 1:30 a.m.

The only question left to ask is if the firefighter source suggested the page one headline. Probably not, right? He or she would have made it “Burn in Hell!”

Mort Zuckerman May Be Ready to Replace Kevin Convey at the New York Daily News

Time for some newsroom gossip!

We hear from Gawker that the troubled New York Daily News owner Mort Zuckerman may already be looking for a replacement for editor Kevin Convey, who only came on board last July after prior Daily News editor Martin Dunn abruptly left.

We also hear from Gawker that Daily News isn’t making money at the moment, that Zuckerman wasn’t happy about Convey putting Donald Trump as “Sideshow Don” on the cover (though we at FishbowlNY were thrilled!) and that the Daily News is so cheap that Adam Lisberg, the Daily News‘s City Hall bureau chief, quit because of it.

Yes, that’s a full serving of Daily News-related, anonymously-sourced gossip. We will refrain from commenting on the above, only to reiterate: we thought the “Sideshow Don” cover was a stroke of genius.

Highlights From Kevin Convey’s Chat

Earlier today we told you about the online chat Kevin Convey, The Editor-in-Chief at The New York Daily News, was conducting. Now that it’s over we’ve pulled some of the better questions and answers for you to enjoy (or hate, whatever).

How long will print newspapers last? Forever? Will there always be some demand for them?

I think that there will always be newspapers in some form. But I also think the old model of advertisers fully subsidizing the paper for readers is severely broken, perhaps beyond repair. So readers in all likelihood will have to pay a larger share of costs in the future.

Do journalists of the ‘internet generation’ approach the idea of story differently than older journalists? Is there a difference in their ability or willingness to be patient?

I don’t think so. I think the beating heart of every journalist is about the same. The methods change, for sure. Look at this old dog tweeting and chatting, for example. But I don’t find much of a difference among younger journalists in the patience department. Journalists in general a re a pretty impatient lot. They want to change things.

Read more

New York Daily News Editor Holding Online Chat Today

The New York Daily News is taking advantage of the social media with an online chat. Editor in Chief Kevin Convey will conduct the live chat on this afternoon from 1 to 2 p.m.

A spokesperson for the newspaper says it’s easy enough to join the chat room. To participate, readers can simply visit the aforementioned website and click on the link at the top of the homepage or go directly to

The chat is a part of Convey’s goal to connect with Daily News readers; it follows the recent launch of his Twitter account @NYDNKevinConvey and a series of listening breakfasts he has hosted around the city in recent months. Convey was named Editor in Chief of the Daily News in September 2010.