Orange County Register reporter Peter Larsen got the jump on yesterday’s popular “Sling Baby” Doritos commercial with a weekend feature about its maker, Huntington Beach native Kevin T. Willson (pictured).

For the past three years, Willson and his two OC producers have cracked the finals of Doritos’ popular “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. In 2010, his “Casket” spot aired during the big game, and this weekend, once again, he was one of the top two vote-getters with a 30-second bit about a grandmother and grandson conspiring from a back porch to get hold of a prized bag of Doritos chips. Per Larsen’s piece:

“We have no idea every year,” Willson said by phone last week from Indianapolis [about which two of the top five Doritos finalists make it to air]. “You’re sweating it out and it’s very stressful and an incredible feeling.”

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