Stop and think, for a moment, what you might be doing in the future at age 86. Pining for the days when people didn’t have digital news streams downloaded to a chip in their head while sleeping? Struggling to remember where you put your dentures? Both?

DocSeverinsenWe ask because only a very few of us are going to be lucky enough to: a) make it to that age; b) look as good as the octogenarian on the right; and, c) still be working and receiving accolades like this one for Severinsen from Bob Saar in The Hawk Eye after a recent performance in Burlington, Iowa:

The Doc Severinsen Big Band gave the old building [Memorial Auditorium] new life, as though it had been waiting 80 years for them to show up…

Quite simply, this band is the best musical crew to hit a Burlington stage in decades. We’ve seen great shows at Steamboat Days, The Washington, the auditorium, the Blue Shop, but none have reached the soaring heights of Doc Severinsen and his band.

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