081013_r17787_p465.jpgFor the past few weeks rumors have abounded that The New Yorker was preparing a “hit piece” on Arianna Huffington. Since the term “hit piece” is not something we normally associate with The New Yorker we had our suspicions as to how hard-hitting it was actually going to be. Still, word on the street was that New Yorker scribe Lauren Collins had been doing some digging, so who knew!

Well turns out all the concern (anticipation?) was unnecessary. Collin’s profile is a mostly flattering one (Huffington is “one of the Anglophone world’s most nimble and ubiquitous communicators”), revealing very little about the woman behind the online media empire (full disclosure: we worked at HuffPo for a short time and continue to make intermittent appearances). So, the question on everyone’s mind now appears to be, were there perhaps some things that Collins missed (like, is it strange there’s no mention of Huffington Post CEO Betsy Morgan)?

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