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FBLA Trolls WeHo – Finds Journos


We went to Patrick Range McDonald‘s birthday party in West Hollywood on Saturday. Here we are pictured with McDonald (in the middle) and Variety’s Ted Johnson.

Other notables at the party include Michael Weinstein, founder of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Mike Gatto, attorney and politico at Mayer Brown, Miki Jackson and John Walsh, who host Neighborhood Point of View (the cable access show), Japhy Grant, editor of, Rick Jacobs, founder of Courage Campaign, Christine Pelisek, staff writer at LA Weekly, Daniel Heimpel and Max Taves, freelancers at the Weekly Jill Stewart, deputy news editor at LA Weekly David Hernandez, longtime gadfly and public access producer Sabrina Venskus, environmental attorney, B. Daniel Blatt, blogger at, Tom Whitman, nightlife promoter, Nick Velasquez, Rocky Delgadillo‘s spokesman, writer Luke Thompson and Jim Hoffmaster, character actor.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was, of course, invited but didn’t show. Which was both disappointing and expected…just like his stint as mayor.

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Nominees For Best Oscar Spoofs

Each year, funny (and not-so-funny) writers compete for the best mock Academy Award speeches, film clips and Red Carpet interviews. Here, we present some of the finest:

Best Picture: Luke Thompson presents a kinda funny, kinda uncomfortable play off of There Will Be Blood.

Best Recap of Ridiculousness of Awards: Upright Citizens’ Brigade reminds us that all the hype is … just that.

Best Celebrity Interview: 23/6 has a funny Red-Carpet spoof. Best line: “As a celebrity, I can talk to owls.” (Sorry, they didn’t provide an embed link.)

Luke Thompson: The Colossus of Comic-Con


Luke Thompson, the tri-colored wizard of the OC Weekly, writes about the color of Comic-Con and gets a Todd Nauck- drawn cover, to boot. He had such a good time:

It’s 1:30 a.m. late Friday night/early Saturday morning, and I’m lying on a sheet of cardboard in the back of a minivan headed God-knows-where amid sliding packages of toys, many of them mine that I’ve hauled around all day in addition to the laptop slowly gnawing its way down into my shoulder.

Janine Kahn played Boswell, and followed the geeky trail. She seems to have had fun:

I hop aboard a pedicab driven by a college boy from Russia. He pedals his furry white legs off, and I almost feel guilty for the burger I wolfed down for breakfast.

This was art director Joey Santos’ last cover for the OC Weekly–he’s joined the LA Times. Bet he won’t have as much fun there.

Wiener & Pals Recall the Good Old Days at the LA Weekly—It’s All Jill Stewart’s Fault

3227_mt_rushmore copy8.jpg

In The Nation, Jon Wiener, the UCI prof and John Lennon expert, bewails the new era or rather the passing of the old era at the LA Weekly. He has reinforcements from Tim Rutten, Kevin Roderick, and Harold Meyerson, and to summarize: it’s all Jill Stewart’s fault.

Matt Welch, on book leave from the LAT, isn’t so sure about that or most of Wiener’s other assumptions. Bob Norman makes the point in a letter to Romanesko.

Wiener emailed Jill Stewart a pretty general question in March:

My basic question: the departure of Harold and your arrival seem to signal a major political shift in the paper. Is this correct?

And Stewart replied:

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LAFF: Not Over Yet


If you couldn’t get to everything at the Los Angeles Film Festival, reading Luke Thompson is the next best thing.

Craig Kennedy also weighs in.

Eugene Hernandez watched our pool chat, and should have been up on the sofa, himself. Jeffrey Wells was busy watching the crowd. Anne Thompson was rather more expansive.


LA Film Festival: Luke Thompson Recommends



Luke Thompson is willing to drive up from OC, where he’s working for the OC Weekly, and lets us in on his plans for the LA Film Festival.

My must-see section of the festival is always Darkwave. This year, they’ve got Crispin Glover starring in The Wizard of Gore, my friend Ti West’s second feature Trigger Man (his third will be the upcoming Cabin Fever 2), and some Russian film about drowned ghosts. I’ll be there for all three.

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Luke Thompson Puts Up His Dukes in OC Weekly


Luke Thompson, late of LA and now at the O.C. Weekly, might have found his natural metier. He learns self-defense from an anti-immigrant group in Garden Grove, and while not a true believer, Thompson is a good sport. He writes:

At this point, it seems fair to wonder, given that the Minutemen are primarily obsessed with the border, why one would need pepper spray to fend off dehydrated Mexicans crawling through the final stretch of a desert crossing? Before the question can be asked, however, Hardine makes it clear that the main focus of the class is protecting oneself at protest rallies. What do you do if a disgruntled local throws a frozen soda can at your head or tries to snatch your “Tancredo for president” sign? We’re about to find out.

FBLA thinks the OC Weekly should just turn Thompson loose to join another Southern California subculture every week.

Also in the paper, Gustavo Arellano has a wonderful piece on 40′s major leaguer, Jesse Fores, the pride of La Habra.

Luke Thompson Joins The OC –The OC Weekly.


Luke Thompson is joining the OC Weekly as a staff writer, and it looks like he’s moving to Santa Ana. Thompson’s last piece for the LA Weekly must have wow’ed the editors.

And we all know what that means.

Luke Thompson Reports on the LA Times Reporter Reporting On the LA Times


In the LA Weekly, freelancer Luke Thompson takes a hard look at the LA Times’ Jim Rainey’s reporting on the Tribune Co. various woes with the LA Times. Thompson surveyed a number of local media watchers, most of whom didn’t envy Rainey’s position.

Ken Reich, permanent thorn in the paw of the Times, thinks Rainey is underplaying the drop in circulation. Rainey thinks he’s being picked on, more or less. But here’s our favorite part:

Rainey was equally feisty when the Weekly called to arrange a photograph, declaring, “Why don’t you ask Nikki Finke to draw my stick figure?” then refusing to be photographed.

Journalists writing about journalism. It’s a koan.
(And is “draw my stick figure” a euphemism for some sex act?)