nypost126.jpgIt seems that The New York Post has become somewhat of a target for employee discrimination suits of late. The latest, filed last week in federal court in Brooklyn, has been brought by longtime Post photographer Mary McLoughlin against the city tab.

McLoughlin, who worked at the paper from 1976 until taking disability leave last year, claimed she was discriminated against because of her age and injuries that she sustained while on the job, which limited her ability to complete certain assignments and travel for her job. She also alleged that she was discriminated against because of her sex, and treated differently from her male counterparts. The complaint also names her boss, photo editor David Rentas, as allegedly perpetuating the harassment.

“While she has worked feverishly to adhere to the new requirements placed upon her, it is clear that her younger counterparts are favored by Mr. Rentas and she is being asked to do more than others while she is being treated in a disparate way due to her age and gender,” the complaint states.

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