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Tonight’s Matt Zoller Seitz Book Signing Has an Extra Twist

TheWesAndersonCollection_CoverThe lure of a modest prize may not be enough to cause a costumed stampede. However, even if just a few denizens of West Hollywood and beyond take up Book Soup on the dress-up challenge, tonight’s event starting at 7 p.m. PT could prove interesting for visiting author and New York magazine TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz:

Come dressed as your favorite character from a Wes Anderson film for your chance to win a $50.00 Book Soup gift card! Runner-up prizes will be awarded too. This contest is open to individuals.

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Read New York’s ‘Year in Culture’ Issue Just for The Arguments

New York’s “Year in Culture” issue, which hits newsstands this week, is fantastic. We haven’t made it all the way through yet, but from what we’ve read, you need to buy this issue. You should also subscribe to New York, but we’ll yell at you about that later.

The Year in Culture issue is great because of the arguments you can have after reading it. While the features are excellent — we recommend the piece on Timbaland by Jessica PresslerNew York’s critics also selected the year’s best in pop, movies, TV, art and more. Here’s an example of what could happen after you’re done reading the 10 Best TV Shows list:

You: “Can you believe New York’Matt Zoller Seitz picked Breaking Bad as the third best TV show of the year? I heard he has a drinking problem.”

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Matt Zoller Seitz Named Editor of

Matt Zoller Seitz is taking over as editor of Seitz joined New York as its television critic in January of 2012. He will continue in that role while overseeing content, and contributing reviews, personal blogs and more to In a post, Seitz explains his vision for the site:

This is my promise to you: as long as I’m editor of this site, not a week will pass without your reading or seeing something here that shows you movies and life from a fresh angle, and makes you want to join our conversation.

Before joining New York, Seitz was the television critic for Salon. His writing has also appeared in The New York Times, The Dallas Observer and more.

New York Names Television Critic

New York magazine has named Matt Zoller Seitz its new Televison Critic. Seitz was most recently the Television Critic for Salon, and prior to that he worked as a critic for various publications, including the New York Times and the Dallas Observer.

At New York he will produce reviews for the magazine and Vulture,’s entertainment vertical.

“TV is in many ways the great popular art form of our time, and so the position of TV critic at the magazine and Vulture is crucial,” said Adam Moss, New York’s Editor-in-Chief. “Matt’s passion for the medium and sharp writing make him the perfect hybrid critic, to provide both rapid commentary online and more lengthy, considered reviews in print.”

The Great HBO ‘Tits vs. Breasts’ Debate

You know you’re reading summertime journalism when the great issue of the day is “tits vs. breasts” on television. Over the holiday weekend, LA Times TV critic Mary McNamara wrote a piece decrying HBO–in particular its show Game of Thrones–for its unnecessary depictions of naked people, particularly topless women.

Wrote McNamara:

[M]aybe it’s time to tone down the tits.

I write the word knowing it is going to render my editors and readers apoplectic — why not use the less crude “breasts?” Because I don’t mean breasts. Breasts are what you see on cable during a lovemaking scene or when a character is caught unawares or when, as in the season finale of “Game of Thrones,” the last of the Targaryens rises, naked and miraculous, from her husband’s funeral pyre with three baby dragons clinging to her.

Tits are what you see in a strip club or a brothel, when conversations or action between men, which usually have nothing to do with said strip club or brothel, are surrounded by nameless and silent women lounging or gyrating about in various stages of undress.

That piece was followed up today with a ferocious defense of defrocked sweater puppies by Salon TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz, who called McNamara’s editorial “a tediously moralizing strain in American criticism, one which insists that all sex and nudity must be dramatically “justified,” even if it occurs on a TV series based on a highly sexual series of fantasy novels that take place in a male-dominated world in which women fight tooth and nail for power, and achieve it.”

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Salon TV Critic Trashes New CBS Procedural

Reading the pop culture musings and reviews of Salon TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz is always a pleasure. This week, he goes to town on the mid-season CBS offering Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, calling it a new low for the Eye Network’s “crime time” line-up.

Seitz wonders right off the bat if the same contractor builds all the serial killer lairs shown on CBS’ unending stream of procedurals, and if so, whether there are bulk discounts. He laughs off the ridiculous dialogue spouted by Forest Whitaker‘s sidekick Janeane Garofalo and ponders yet another lazy element of this week’s debut:

The episode’s fixation on cliched signifiers of “childhood innocence” feels nearly as creepy as the perp’s assaults. One of the victims gets snatched while going to a store to buy ice cream. (On TV, kids are never kidnapped while buying Vitamin Water or falafel; it’s always ice cream or lollipops or some other “kid” food.)

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